Double, Double, Toil & Trouble: Spell Is Cast on Jan Brewer’s Voice

Folks, take a look at why Arizona is going to HELL in a witches cauldron!

Jan Brewer’s Opening Statement for the Gubernatorial Debate…OMG, It’s a Train Wreck!

LOL!  Paging, Larry, Barry, and Terry; we have a failure to communicate.



The largely Arizona Hispanic population can articulate better than this woman, and she’s advocating the schools teach only English. 

The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.  Don’t be a fool, stay in school!

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21 Responses to Double, Double, Toil & Trouble: Spell Is Cast on Jan Brewer’s Voice

  1. Ametia says:

    Brewer: No more debates – period Ummm… wonder why?

    Posted: Friday, September 3, 2010 12:00 am
    PHOENIX – Arizona voters won’t be seeing any more debates between the top gubernatorial contenders.
    Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer said Thursday she has no intention of participating in any more events with Democrat Terry Goddard. She said the only reason she debated him on Wednesday is she had to to qualify for more than $1.7 million in public funds for her campaign.
    “I certainly will take my message in a different venue out to the people of Arizona,” she said.
    Brewer said she has been in elective office for 28 years, and Goddard has held office for nearly that long. “I think it’s pretty defined what he stands for and what I stand for.”
    Anyway, Brewer said, she believes the debates help Goddard more than they benefit her.
    “Why would I want to give Terry a chance to redefine himself?” she said.

    Dear Jan,
    The whole purpose of a debate is for you to put forth who you are and what you stand for, Jan Brewer. Clearly you can’t do it. You just spew down with Obama care!, and I did good for Arizona with that racist immigration bill, and I’ll do what’s right for some Arizonians, but not all.”


    P.S. Learn how to speak English correctly; your grammar sucks!

  2. Ametia says:

    Brewer Linked To Private Prisons Housing Illegal Immigrants
    New Questions Raised About Lobbyist Advice
    Morgan Loew, CBS 5 Investigative Reporter

    POSTED: 10:03 pm MST August 31, 2010
    UPDATED: 11:58 am MST September 2, 2010

    PHOENIX, Ariz. — Gov. Jan Brewer’s campaign chairman and policy adviser is also a lobbyist for the largest private prison company in the country.

    Chuck Coughlin is one of two people in the Brewer administration with ties to Corrections Corporation of America. The other administration member is communications director Paul Senseman, a former CCA lobbyist. His wife still lobbies for the company.

    According to campaign finance records, CCA executives and employees contributed more than $1,000 to the governor’s re-election campaign. The company’s political action committee and its lobbyists contributed another $60,000 to Brewer’s top legislative priority, Proposition 100, a sales tax to help avoid budget cuts to education.

    Caroline Isaacs from the American Friends Service Committee, which advocates for social justice issues, said the money is evidence of influence the company has on the governor.

    Isaacs said private prison companies have been buying influence in Arizona politics for years. The number of private prisons and jails operating across the state shows the result of that influence, he said. Currently, there are at least 12 for-profit prison, jail and detention facilities in Arizona.

    Isaacs said the state has something else that attracts these companies.

    “The other Holy Grail, if you will, of private prison construction is immigrant detention,” Isaacs said.

    Jan & Aparois are evil.

  3. rikyrah says:

    ok, admit it…you were LYAO.


    she hadn’t been asked ONE FRIGGIN’ QUESTION.

    and, it was like, they had given it to her written in CHINESE.

    • Wow! That was horrible. I’m sure she wanted to crawl into a hole & hide!

    • Ametia says:

      Jan’s open statement was written in Spanish.. Se if she would’ve advocated for Az schools to teach Spanish, she would have mastered her opening statement!

      LOL and the media is excusing her this morning. “It could happen to anybody” Yes, that’s true, but this woman had a 16 sec laspe into nothingness, and then when she returned to the land of OZ, she spewed her talking points, dodged questions and reporters. Nothing to see here folks, move along….

    • Ametia says:

      The media continues excusing this mediocre, dimwitted woman. You know it’s because she’s white. Condi Rice, Maxine Waters could never get a pass with a debacle like this. NEVA!

      Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle are cut fromt he same cloth of white priviledged female mediocrity. And what do the white female media pundits news folks, and elected Repubs say about them? ***crickets***

      • The media continues excusing this mediocre, dimwitted woman.

        Exactly. And they totally ignore Palin’s ignorance but play it up as if she’s equal to the President. Real journalism died a long time ago. It’s been replaced by who can get the best ratings.

      • Ametia says:

        nothing but a SIDESHOW of clowns and dunces.

      • If this had been anyone else, their campaign would have been over faster than you could blink.

      • Ametia says:

        “Gee, You’re So Inarticulate” – On the (non) Burden of Being White… Tim Wise
        Posted on September 2, 2010

        Painful to watch, but necessary: this is evidence of the clearly low standard that white folks set for ourselves when it comes to elected office. No person of color could be this damned incapable of stringing words together and get elected to anything. But for us? No problem…In Brewer’s case, for someone who is so inept at the English language, she has some nerve sweating Latino migrant labor from Mexico, that’s for sure…Bottom line: The real sign of white supremacy’s demise will be when black and brown folks are allowed to be as utterly mediocre as white folks and still gain positions of power and influence.

        Y’all remember Jan “has did” what is right for Arizona. Ugh! It’s “Has done,” Jan; it’s has done!

    • Ametia says:

      Hat tip SG2-via HuffPo

      Arizona Governor Admits She Was Wrong About Beheadings

      PHOENIX — A claim by Arizona’s governor that rising violence along the U.S.-Mexico border has led to headless bodies turning up in the desert came back to haunt her during a stammering debate performance in which she failed to back it up.

      Gov. Jan Brewer, who gained national attention defending the state’s tough new immigration law and warning of increasing border bloodshed, has spent the time since the gubernatorial candidates’ debate earlier this week trying to repair the damage done from her cringe-worthy contest against underdog challenger Terry Goddard.

      “That was an error, if I said that,” the Republican told The Associated Press on Friday. “I misspoke, but you know, let me be clear, I am concerned about the border region because it continues to be reported in Mexico that there’s a lot of violence going on and we don’t want that going into Arizona.”

      SG2 “No, you lied, Jan Brewer!”

  4. Roschelle says:

    This was almost too painful to watch. I’m mean….seriously?

    On another note – great site you ladies have going here!

  5. Ametia says:

    Governors debate takes an ugly turn

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