President Obama TCB On Jobs: Addressing America’s Infrastructure

Barack Obama

Carolyn Kaster / AP
President Barack Obama waves to media as he walks across the South Lawn of the White House after stepping off of Marine One in Washington, Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Obama Gives Barn Burner In Milwaukee- Full Video
3CHICS couldn’t resist posting this 1 minute special excerpt
Obama: Special Interests ‘Talk About Me Like A Dog’ 
(Call out the whining titty babies and the MSM-**looking at all the Obama bashers**  Because if you’d actually invite folks on your networks to give a balanced veiwpoint of this President, he wouldn’t be standing before a crowd stating the OBVIOUS.  Because the MSM only puts on the “Dogs” who talk about the POTUS like a DOG.


Bring it PBO!  the GO -NO-GO-PARTY cannot OBSTRUCT and expect no push back  Go ‘GET’EM, Mr. President, American workers are depending on you.
 President Obama’s prepared remarks, as released by the White House:

Hello, Milwaukee! Thank you to the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and to all of my brothers and sisters in the AFL-CIO for inviting me to spend this day with you – a day that belongs to the working men and women of America.  I want to acknowledge your outstanding national president, a man who knows that a strong economy needs a strong labor movement: Rich Trumka; Dave Newby, president of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO; and our host, your Milwaukee Area Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer, Sheila Cochran, who I hear has a birthday tomorrow.
I’m proud to be here with our Secretary of Labor, a daughter of union members, Hilda Solis; and our Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood.  And let’s hear it for the folks at the forefront of every fight for Wisconsin’s working men and women – Senator Herb Kohl; Congresswoman Gwen Moore; and your outstanding mayor, Tom Barrett. Your other great senator, Russ Feingold, was here with you earlier, standing with you and your families just like he always has, but he had to head to his hometown of Janesville to participate in their Labor Day parade.

So it is good to be back in Milwaukee. Of course, this isn’t my first time at Laborfest.  I stood right here with you two years ago, when I was still a candidate for this office. During that campaign, we talked about how, for years, the values of hard work and responsibility that built this country had been given short shrift, and how that was slowly hollowing out our middle class.

About how some on Wall Street took reckless risks and cut corners to turn huge profits, while working Americans were fighting harder and harder just to stay afloat.  And about how the decks were too often stacked in favor of the special interests and against working Americans.  Read the rest here.

PBO  to GOP:    “IT’S ON  LIKE:

LOL!  Loved how PBO addressed John Boehner and his delusions of taking over House Majority!  I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is HOLLERING!!!!

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16 Responses to President Obama TCB On Jobs: Addressing America’s Infrastructure

  1. Ametia says:

    H/T Crooks & Liars
    September 06, 2010 12:30 PM
    Richard Trumka Reminds Us of What Republican Obstruction Has Done to the Economy
    By Heather

    Republicans seem determined to take this country into a ditch if it means them winning the mid-term elections. They’d be less likely to be rewarded for it if we had a few more like Trumka on the television not allowing our media to give them a pass for their behavior and having Republicans come on the air day after day and claim that the stimulus failed completely and we just need more tax cuts to revive the economy without being challenged.

    CROWLEY: Mr. Trumka, tell us what the president has done right, first of all, in trying to deal with this economy. And where do you think he’s gone wrong?

    TRUMKA: Well, first of all, he did the stimulus package. You know, let’s remember what he inherited. He inherited a banking industry or an economy that that was about to fall off the end of the cliff. He inherited a recession.

    So he’s brought us back. He’s brought sanity back to the financial system here. He has brought the economy back somewhat. He’s created more jobs in this recession than George Bush did in eight years as president with a surplus. So he’s done that.

    CROWLEY: But 62,000 jobs last month is not enough.

    TRUMKA: Oh, of course it’s not enough.

    CROWLEY: Right.

    TRUMKA: We need between 400,000 and 500,000 jobs a month.

    CROWLEY: So you think the stimulus package was a good idea and you think it saved us from going off the cliff?

    TRUMKA: I do. It was too small at the time, and everybody knew it was too small, but it was all they could get passed because of Republican opposition.

    Watch the video here:

  2. Ametia says:

    America is BROKE. It’s broken economically, structurally, psychologically, sociologically, spiritually, it’s just plain BROKE. And the GOP don’t have any ideas or the inclination to HELP FIX IT!

    Remember, the GOP had 8 years of BREAKING AMERICA, and stand to lose their superiority complex and power hold if America gets a much needed make-over.

    Jobs, a thriving economy, affordable healthcare, a strong infrastructure, educated citizens, why the GOP can’t have that! Keep the sheep sick, poor and dumb.

    Wake the fuck up America! Don’t let the FEAR, ignorance, complacency, bigotry take you to your grave. Vote GOP= DEATH OF AMERICA

    • Remember, the GOP had 8 years of BREAKING AMERICA, and stand to lose their superiority complex and power hold if America gets a much needed make-over.

      It took 8 years of George Bush’s incompetence to run this country into the ground & the GOP stood idly by and let it happen. President Obama is trying to bring us back from the muck but yet the GOP is fighting. They don’t give a damn about this country. They have no ideas, no plan, no solutions but they’ll fight the person that does have a plan tooth & nail because it’s a black man getting things done. Wake up America! It’s your future at stake here!

      • Ametia says:

        Every bit of THIS:
        ” They have no ideas, no plan, no solutions but they’ll fight the person that does have a plan tooth & nail because it’s a black man getting things done.”

        And yet, POTUS forges ahead…

  3. The President stated the GOP talk about him like a dog. Well, it’s because they have nothing else but the……. he’s black meme!

    Just keep working it, Mr President! You have my vote!

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, our President knows what they are saying about him, he knew his opponnents going into this presidency. He know how they think and how they react. They have NO Stratergy other than to attack him personally. The rethugs know they can only scream “smaller government” for so long, before their sheep see they have NOTHING because they have voted against their own best interest.

      He SOCKED them good, the Rethugs are the party of NO NO NO NO NADA!!!
      They are: ALL .FOR. THEMSELVES.

      Keep moving forward, we’re supporting you Mr. President! Thank you!

  4. LOL! Loved how PBO addressed John Boehner and his delusions of taking over House Majority! I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is HOLLERING!!!!

    That’s what I’m talking ’bout!

  5. Ametia says:

    The GOP had betta get ready, because the President has only just begun. LOL He was STRAIGHT up clowning these clowns.

    I love how the president keeps using the metaphor of the shifts on a car.
    GOP= R for reverse/backwards
    Dems= D for Driving this country forward.

    It’s funny, powerful, and true.

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