White House Science Fair- First EVER!

President Obama addresses science fair winners at the White House

You can read about the winners here. in the White House press release.

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4 Responses to White House Science Fair- First EVER!

  1. CareyCarey says:


    I saw your hat get tipped @ Jack & Jill, so I thought I’d see what moved you up to the big house :-).

    After arriving, I noticed a clip (work to do) by the Isleys. Jackie Wilson did one called Work Baby, Work Out….. or something like that.

    Anyway, I have one that speaks to my visit. It’s also by the Isley Brothers. It’s called “Hello It’s Me”. You’re probably too young :-) to have slow danced on this one, but here it goes

    HERE: http://careycarey-carrymehome.blogspot.com/2010/10/hello-its-me-isley-brothers-1974.html


    • Ametia says:

      Hi careycarey. Welcome to 3Chics, and thanks for stopping by.

      Don’t know about the big house, but we’re happy to have our home here. folks let us pop in and visit them periodically.

      LOL@” probably too young” Au contraire, dear heart. 3Chics are familiar with Jackie Wilson’s tunes and the Isley hit “Hello it’s Me.”

      Thanks for the link, and do come by again.

    • Hello, CareyCarey! Welcome to 3Chics!

      I’ve slowed danced a time or two to the Isley Brothers. And what can I say about Barry White! Hey Now!

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