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“Oh Happy Day” is a 1967 gospel music arrangement of an 18th century hymn. Recorded by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, it became an international hit in 1969, reaching US #4 and UK #2 on the pop charts. It has since become a gospel music standard.

Edwin Hawkins’ funk style arrangement of the hymn “Oh Happy Day” has a long pedigree: It began as a hymn written in the mid-18th century (“Oh happy day that fixed my choice”) by English clergyman Phillip Doddridge (based on Acts 8:35) set to an earlier melody (1704) by J. A. Freylinghausen. By the mid-19th century it had been given a new melody by Edward F. Rimbault and was commonly used for baptismal or confirmation ceremonies in the UK and USA. The 20th century saw its adaptation from 3/4 to 4/4 time and this new arrangement by Hawkins, which contains the repeated refrain only (all of the original verses being omitted).

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  1. Will Republicans Take Control Of Congress In Midterm Elections? Michael Steele, Tim Kaine Debate GOP ‘Wave’

    WASHINGTON — The Republican Party chief on Sunday forecast a wave of anti-Democratic voting on Election Day while his Democratic counterpart said a strong get-out-the-vote effort would hold back losses and help keep Congress out of GOP hands.

    Nine days before elections that will decide whether President Barack Obama will face a Republican Congress, party chairman Michael Steele said he has seen a groundswell and energy behind GOP candidates as he has traveled around the country.

    “I think you are going to see a wave, an unprecedented wave on Election Day that is going to surprise a lot of people,” Steele said.

    Steele said he believes “absolutely” that Republicans will gain the seats needed to become the majority party in the House and thus oust Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. He was less certain that Republicans will take over the Senate.

    Tim Kaine, the Democratic National Committee chairman, expressed confidence that Democrats would retain power in both chambers. He argued that early voting and turnout at rallies for Democratic candidates are evidence that the party’s “ground game” will prevent the disaster some are predicting for the party.

    I’ma let a HP commenter tell you….

    “The only “wave” the GOP and/or Teapartiers have to ride is one manufactured by the bought and paid for media outlets. Bought and paid for by a teeny tiny percentage of extremely rich people/cor­porations. IF you believe that our nation’s governing bodies — legislative AND judiciary — should be all about the highest monetary bidder, then you have no place in a democracy, do you? Go and live in a rightwing dictatorship where money rules everything, where your rights are only semi-guaranteed by the amount of bribery you can afford.

    It has been proven time and again that the Tea Partiers are funded by a corrupt and corrupting handful of people/corporations and that Tea Party “members” are a very very small percentile of the overall US population. It has also been shown effectively that even diehard GOP voters are (this year) a small minority. It is only the whipped up drama and “close race” BS of the media that creates this alleged “wave” against Demos and Progressives. So cut the BS. No one with any sense is believing any of it anyway.”

  2. A Citizens United Conspiracy – Were Supreme Court Justices Involved?

    It’s time to demand answers to the most troubling questions since the Nixon Era.

    The New York Times is reporting that the billionaire Koch Brothers (pronounced like the soft drink) regularly convene secret conclaves of industrialists aiming to prevent government from regulating business. That wouldn’t be unusual, or even unexpected. But the attendees also include two Supreme Court justices, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, and three news agencies which never report on the meetings.

    In 2009, the Supreme Court found that a video demonizing candidate Hillary Clinton was protected speech – and also ruled that corporate political donations were protected, private, and unlimited. The court – by a vote of five to four – gutted the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law. Justices Scalia and Thomas voted with the bare majority. Thomas even wrote that the ruling didn’t go far enough. Arguably, no decision in modern times has given such a big political advantage to the rich. Now that we know Supreme Court justices attended Koch’s political planning meetings, it is time to ask some important questions…

    What if the purpose of Citizens United’s video wasn’t to damage Clinton, as claimed by the producers, but to give a conservative Supreme Court the opportunity to overturn campaign finance reform and open the floodgates to unlimited, secret funding in time for the 2010 election?

    And what if the funders of Citizens United knew that the conclusion of the SCOTUS was reasonably forgone, because they had been privately told how at least two Justices would vote on such a case?

  3. Supremely Bad Judgment

    In the wacky coda to one of the most searing chapters in American history, everyone remained true to form.

    Anita Hill reacted with starchy disgust.

    Ginni Thomas came across like a spiritually addled nut.

    Clarence Thomas was mute, no doubt privately raging about the trouble women have caused him.

    And now into the circus comes Lillian McEwen, an old girlfriend of Thomas’s.

    Looking to shop a memoir, the 65-year-old McEwen used the occasion of Ginni’s weird phone message to Anita — asking her to “consider an apology” and “pray about this” and “O.K., have a good day!” — to open up to reporters.

    If “the real Clarence” had been revealed at the time, he probably wouldn’t have ascended to the court, McEwen told The Times’s Ashley Parker. Especially since the real Clarence denied ever using the “grotesque” argot of the porn movies he regularly rented at a D.C. video store.

    In her interviews, McEwen confirmed Thomas’s obsession with women with “huge, huge breasts,” with scouting the women he worked with as possible partners, and with talking about porn at work — while he was head of the federal agency that polices sexual harassment.

    Years later, some of the Democrats on that all-male, all-white Senate Judiciary Committee told me they assumed there must have been a consensual romance between the boss and his subordinate. McEwen assumed so, too, because Clarence took Anita with him when he changed agencies. Hill has made it clear she felt no reciprocal attraction.

  4. Steele: ‘I’m familiar with foot-in-mouth disease’

    Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said on Sunday that he can relate to candidates whose campaigns have been pockmarked by poor publicity over gaffes or misstatements.
    “Folks make mistakes,” said Steele during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, “Lord knows I’m familiar with foot in mouth disease.”
    Some GOP candidates — particularly those who are relative political novices propelled to victories in their party primaries by Tea Party forces — have faced criticism over statements made during televised debates and appearances over the course of the 2010 campaign. Last week, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell appeared to be unfamiliar with the language of the First Amendment; Colorado’s Ken Buck equated homosexuality with alcoholism during a debate last Sunday on Meet the Press. Nevada’s Sharron Angle faced ridicule after telling Hispanic students that “some of you look a little more Asian to me.”

  5. The Ongoing Self-Degradation of Virginia and Clarence Thomas

    No one—not even her life partner, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—can say for sure what possessed Virginia “Ginni” Thomas to call up Anita Hill’s office at 7:30 AM on a Saturday and leave her ballsy, passive aggressive “request” for an apology:

    Good morning, Anita Hill; it’s Ginni Thomas. I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand why you did what you did. OK have a good day.

    Some have suggested that Thomas, who in 2009 founded the Tea Party propaganda clearinghouse Liberty Central, woke up feeling pissy about a critical New York Times front-pager that had run the day before.

    Others have called it a midterm election stunt designed to drive traffic to, Ginni’s site where you can watch videos featuring black Tea Partiers, learn about her love of race-baiting Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and buy foam “Liberty Crown” headbands.

    Whatever the catalyst, one thing is clear: Thomas played herself and her conservative lifetime appointee of a husband with that little call to Hill, the Brandeis University law professor and author who 19 years ago became a feminist icon because she calmly, publicly detailed how her old boss sexually harassed her. Hill’s now calmly, publicly detailing how her old boss’ wife is harassing her anew.


    And we—OK, I—are saying things like, “Ginni: Don’t forget that your husband, for all of his standing, is still an emotionally stunted black man from rural, Jim Crow Georgia, who remains trapped in the self-hate white supremacy foisted upon him. Your foolishness has made him that much more vulnerable to ridicule from all sides.”

    And, Ginni: “Consider how all those years of being the stand-by-your-man spouse have made you something more insidious still. You’re a harasser yourself.”

    And, finally: “Ginni: Don’t mess with a black woman who has already made it clear—in her testimony, in her op-eds, in her memoir, in her body of work—that she’s not afraid to speak her truth. You’re out of your depth. So just fall back.”

    You better preach, Akiba Solomon!

  6. Hat tip:

    Coming up…

    President Obama will go on a four-city blitz right before election day over the final campaign weekend

    He will hold major rallies in three of the cities — Bridgeport, Cleveland and Chicago — and do a canvassing event in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

    Vice President Biden will accompany him to Cleveland. On Nov. 1, the Monday before election day, First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign in Las Vegas and Philadelphia, officials said.

    Obama is also expected to make additional stops for specific candidates.

    The events are:

    Saturday, Oct. 30


    · Philadelphia, PA: Moving America Forward GOTV Canvass Kickoff Event
    · Bridgeport, CT: Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally
    · Chicago, IL: Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally

    Sunday, Oct. 31

    Obama and Biden:

    · Cleveland, OH: Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally

    Monday, Nov. 1

    Michelle Obama:

    · Philadelphia, PA.
    · Las Vegas, NV.

  7. Actor takes on a town hall critic

    LOS ANGELES – Actor Jamie Foxx on Friday criticized the woman who told President Obama that she was “exhausted” from defending him and even turned the moment into a campaign chant.

    “I saw a lady on television who said to President Barack Obama that I am exhausted – I am exhausted from defending you. Can you believe that?” Foxx said Friday at a get-out-the-vote rally at the University of Southern California, referring to a woman who challenged the president at a CNBC town hall. “He’s only been in office for a year-and-a-half, two years,” Foxx yelled. “You cannot get exhausted.”

    The actor, emceeing the event sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, then led the crowd in a chant of, “We’re not exhausted.”

    Get her, Jamie! Get.Her.

  8. Michael Steele: ‘I Don’t Know That’ Anonymous Donors Are A Problem

    Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele continued the GOP’s defense of the current campaign finance system, arguing on Sunday that there was no evident problem of anonymous special interests affecting the 2010 elections.

    In an appearance on “Meet The Press,” Steele accused Democrats of baselessly insisting that foreign money had made its way into congressional campaigns (allegedly through the Chamber of Commerce), telling the accusers to “put up” the evidence or “shut up.”

    I don’t know what they’re talking about. No one’s produced one shred of evidence that any of that’s happening. When President, then-candidate Obama was asked to disclose some of his donors because there was suspicion of there being foreign sources of money to his campaign, they refused to do it. So don’t give me this high and mighty, holier-than-thou attitude about the special interests flooding the political marketplace. The Democrats have been dabbling in those areas. And clearly disclose it. If you think there is something out there, disclose it Nancy [Pelosi], disclose it anyone else who has got that evidence. Don’t just make the charges… give the evidence. Put the evidence out there.

    Huh? Are you kidding me? Stop your buck-dancing! Full disclosure, Michael!

  9. Go Opulent! Go!

    Congrats! Whoo Hoo!

  10. dannie22 says:

    Good morning all!

    Did Ametie go to the rally yesterday?

    • Good Morning, Dannie & 3 Chics!

      I’m not sure if Ametia got a chance to go or not. She had some other prior engagements. I do know Opulent got a chance to go and shook the President’s hand. The AP captured a photo of Opulent & her friends.

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