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Tracy Chapman (born March 30, 1964) is a singer-songwriter, best known for her singles “Fast Car“, “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution“, “Baby Can I Hold You“, “Give Me One Reason” and “Telling Stories“. She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist.

Tracy Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was raised by her mother. Despite not having much money, her mother recognized Tracy’s love of music and bought her a ukulele at the age of three.[2] Tracy Chapman began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of eight. She says she may have been first inspired to play the guitar by the television show Hee Haw.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. Ametia says:

    G.O.P. Leaders Vow to Repeal Health Care Law
    Published: November 3, 2010

    Fresh off their sweeping victories in the midterm elections, Congressional Republican leaders on Wednesday said that they would use their new majority in the House and bolstered ranks in the Senate to pursue a vision of smaller government and lower spending, as well as the continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts, which are due to expire at the end of the year.

  2. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: Federal Reserve to pump $600 billion into economy
    November 3, 2010 2:24:21 PM

    Fed policymakers announced dramatic, unconventional steps Wednesday afternoon to try energizing the recovery by buying vast quantities of Treasury bonds by the middle of next year.

    For more information, visit

  3. Lisa MB says:

    Good morning, Divas!

    I love me some Tracy Chapman. Thanks for adding a little soul to my day. xo

  4. Ametia says:

    Boehner crying. And drunk?

    BWA HA HA HA I’ll bet the bartender got a hefty tip from this orange muthafucka!

  5. Ametia says:

    Rise and shine my peoples, let’s give our President our hugs and prayers for a job ell done this past year, and for all the continued successes ahead.


  6. Ametia says:

    I see MSNBC is sucking up to Rand Paul & the Republican Teabagger Party. No surprises here. Matthews: “Paul is the real thing.” Yes, a real bigot!

  7. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Beautiful People! :-)

    • Good Morning, Ametia, Lisa & 3 Chics!

      What a night. White people mad because a black man in the White House. They couldn’t contain their feelings. This is a racist ass country.

      • Lisa MB says:


        Hit me this morning that folks are pissed off because they have waited TWO YEARS for the economy to turn around, or the wars we started to end, etc…

        Blacks folks been waiting TWO+ CENTURIES to just be considered equal. Folks who sat home pouting yesterday in protest will have lots more to cry about now.

      • Ametia says:

        Hi Lisa. Folks who screamed about changed, but they don’t really want President Obama leading the charge. White folks (Dems) and Indies sat home yesterday. We know they did, and so do they.

        We need to go to bootcamp and work on 2012 for our president. Screw the PL, GOP, Indies, and teabaggers!

      • Tell it, Lisa.

        Please tell these slackers something. The President needed US to help him not hurt him. He told us from the beginning that he couldn’t do it alone. Now here we are! Some were too worried about their own selfishness instead of banning together to stand behind this President. The time many spent bashing the President about “I didn’t get mine” could have been used to GOTV. No, they wanna be keyboard warriors and want things laid in their lap without the hard work.

        The Civil Rights Movement wouldn’t have ever happened if folks didn’t get down in the trenches and work for it. They had the battle scars to prove it. Ain’t a damn thing easy & no one is going to give us sh*t. Through hard work and determination with sufferings only did the Civil Rights Movement become a reality. If the keyboard warriors don’t want to get in the trenches… hell with them.

        Note to the tea party:The republicans may control the House but Dems control the Senate and the President has a veto pen mofos!

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