Jared Loughner Is A MURDERER-OWN IT


JARED LOUGHNER IS NOT A “GUNMAN” or  “TROUBLED MAN,” who killed 6 innocent people.  He held a 9mm Semi-automatic gun  in his hand and killed 6 people and wounded 14  


Jared Loughner is a cold-blooded KILLER.  THERE ARE EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS.

3 Chics is not interested in his mental status, Arizona gun laws provided this killer with his second amendment right to bear arms, and that is what he did. 

It’s interesting now that the media choses to highlight this killer’s mental status by bringing forth witnesses who claim he was “troubled, acting strange, violent, and deeply disturbed.  Well why didn’t they lock up this mofo?

Jared Loughner went into a Safeway store in Arizona and opened fire on a public crowd and SPECIFICALLY targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

So the media can STOP with this bullshit of trying to justify why Jared Loughner shot and killed 6 people.  And it doesn’t matter whether he is cooperating or not with the sheriff, There are witnesses who saw this man shoot and kill innocent people.

Notice the media is trying to paint Jared Loughner as insane, literally trying to make the case for his insanity plea. 

But you’re not slick media,, ***MSNBC***You can’t escape the fact that you propped up Sarah Palin and her hate-filled, violent rhetoric.  So now you want to cover up said fact, and still continue propping up this woman, to cover your own culpability

Hold up that mirror and take a good look at yourself  MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and DO NOT call for civil discourse from the blogosphere and Twitter, ***CHUCK TODD***when you will NOT own up to your culpability in showcasing the drama and violent rhetoric that has claimed 6 lives.

And yes Sarah Palin is  just as culpable.  The media help to create and foster this atmosphere of hateful rhetoric, and now they want to minimize the fact that hateful rhetoric is not a factor in that heinous shooting and senseless killing in Arizona.

And Arizona, the State of Hate, own it, own the fact that your laws support the gun-toting freedoms to the extremes.  OWN IT!




When asked by the judge whether he understood his legal rights, Loughner responded “yes.”

Continued prayers for Congresswoman Giffords, the wounded, the dead, and their families.

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  2. alpha says:

    When i was in class with Him the language he used was similar to the 3chics. He had absolute selfrightousness opinions. He often would reply to someone’s else opinion by telling them to shut up. Very similar to Fox News Bill O’Reily.

  3. Bag thought to be Loughner’s contains type of ammo used Saturday


    Tucson, Arizona (CNN) — A bag that is believed to belong to Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner contains the same kind of ammunition as was used in Saturday’s massacre, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday.

    “We got ammunition in there and it matches the type used in the incident,” department bureau chief Richard Kastigar told CNN’s “John King USA.”

    Kastigar said that other items in the bag “tell us that there is a relationship between what’s in the bag, what happened Saturday, what his movements were leading up to that time.”

    Kastigar would not elaborate on what else was in the bag but said “it gives us some indication to where (Loughner) was and what he was doing.”

    The bag, discovered on Thursday, has been transferred to FBI custody for further analysis, according to Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jason Ogan.

    Police say Loughner’s father, Randy, recalled that his son was carrying a black bag the morning of the shooting that left six people dead and another 13 wounded.

    The bag was the subject of an argument with his father just hours before the attack, according to Pima County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Chris Nanos.

    The bag was found when a teenager walking his dog spotted it in a “wash,” or dry river bed, near where Loughner’s family lives on Thursday morning, Nanos said.

    The teen then turned it over to a neighbor, who called police.

    “We certainly believe this is the bag,” Nanos said.

    On Wednesday, Kastigar said Loughner was carrying the bag early Saturday when he had a brief discussion with his father in the Loughners’ front yard.

    “The father asked him questions similar to ‘What are you doing? What is that?’ and Jared mumbled something back to his dad, and his dad said he didn’t understand what was said,” Kastigar said. “It was unintelligible, and then Jared left.”

    The elder Loughner got in his vehicle and tried to follow his son, but could not find him, he said.

    The bag will be tested for DNA, fingerprints, hair — anything that might link it to Loughner. Investigators also likely will show it to Randy Loughner to see if he recognizes it, Nanos added.

    Several boxes of 9mm ammunition and receipts were found in the bag, a law enforcement source said Thursday.

    The source did not indicate where the receipts were from, but CNN has previously reported that a law enforcement source said Loughner purchased ammunition at a Walmart store.

    “There are other things in the bag, but I’m not going to discuss the specifics,” Kastigar said Thursday. “We need to substantiate through others who might have been involved with what is in the bag how (things) got there.”

    Investigators believe Loughner spent the night at a Motel 6 the evening before the shooting, Nanos said.

    Authorities would not say how they discovered that information, but say they recovered a credit card from Loughner after the shooting.

  4. Ametia says:

    Investigators probe Loughner’s finances; Giffords continues recovery
    By Sari Horwitz and William Branigin
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, January 12, 2011; 3:50 PM

    TUCSON – Federal and local investigators are trying to determine how Jared Lee Loughner came up with the money to buy the weapon and ammunition he allegedly used to kill six people and wound more than a dozen others, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in a shooting spree that was captured on a supermarket security camera, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.
    Giffords (D-Ariz.) continues to recover in a Tucson hospital from a gunshot wound to the head, and she is becoming “more and more spontaneous” as sedatives are decreased, a doctor said Wednesday.
    About 21/2 hours before the attack, authorities said Wednesday, an Arizona state wildlife officer stopped Loughner for running a red light but had no reason to search the vehicle and allowed the young man to leave with a warning. The stop occurred several miles from the supermarket where the shooting later took place.
    The officer from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, which has law enforcement authority, made the stop because Loughner ran a red light right in front of him, authorities said. At the time, Loughner was running errands, some of them associated with the subsequent shooting, law enforcement sources said. They said one of the errands involved a stop at a Wal-Mart to try to buy ammunition.
    Authorities also disclosed that the shooting was captured on a security camera above the front door of the Safeway supermarket where Giffords was meeting constituents Saturday morning.
    “While the video of the shooting was not perfect, it was pretty close,” one law enforcement source said. The source said the video shows Loughner rushing forward, with his Glock at his side at first, and moving toward a table where Giffords was standing to one side of the Safeway’s front door.
    Law enforcement sources confirmed Wednesday that on the morning of the shooting, Loughner’s father confronted him outside their home as he was removing a black bag from the trunk of a family car. Jared Loughner grabbed the bag and ran, and his father gave chase in his truck, the Associated Press reported. Law enforcement sources said the bag remains unaccounted for.
    As investigators pressed ahead with the probe, President Obama headed for Tucson on Wednesday afternoon to attend an evening memorial service at the University of Arizona and deliver remarks on the tragedy.


  5. From a commenter @ The Raw Story:


    Hate speech is lushly rewarded. The prominent noisemakers advocating the killing of liberals, feminists, gays, foreigners, judges, legislators, presidents, are all well-paid. Some of that money comes from the networks that employ them, thus from the advertisers who feed on the hate speech audiences. And some of the money comes a few billionaires who have funded this propaganda campaign for decades.

    I read recently that many people considering careers in public service are looking elsewhere, afraid of this induced violence. And that’s the goal: Drive reasonable people out of government, so the reigns of power can be held by corporate fascists. This a campaign to destroy our way of life. The Koch Bros want you enslaved. The Walton family (WalMart) wants you to make just enough to buy their cheap crap (made by Chinese slave labor) and no more. Polluters want you to eat their shit. And they pay plenty to convince you to vote against your own interests.

    Hate pays. Fear pays. Incitement pays. Sedition pays. Follow the money.

  6. Alleged Sarah Palin Stalker Stoking New Fears In Alaska


    Shawn Christy, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania teenager who has had a restraining order issued against him by the former Alaska governor, is causing anxiety in the Frontier State with reports that he has planned a visit to Wasilla.

    TMZ reports:

    19-year-old Shawn Christy has told family members he plans to travel to Wasilla in the hopes of removing the restraining order issued against him last year after Sarah and her close friend Kristan Cole proved he sent them threatening emails and letters.

  7. Ametia says:

    From JJP commenter missopinion

    ” Besides, saying someone is mentally disturbed for killing anyone is like um duh! No shit. Do stable well rounded people kill innocent 9 year olds? Do they try to assassinate political officals? Is this on the To Do List of a sane person?

    That entire conversation seems to me to be pointless. Perhaps its necessary to talk about it bc there is a serious mental health problem in this country. But the way they say “oh he is mentally unstable” but if he were a muslim we would hear HOURS AND HOURS of the debate on the radical musilm.

    How about we have a conversation on the radical white men of this country. “

    Yes, miss-opinion, how about we have a conversation on the radical white men of this country. We’ll need to bring other folks to the table for this conversation, besides other white men, Until then….. White men get to push the meme of POC being the other, the criminal, the violent, while they continue reaking havoc and destroying our country.

  8. Ametia says:

    MSNBC & CNN pundits have been given their scripts.

    “Sarah Palin is not responsible for the Arizona shootings.”

    • She created the atmosphere for it. Why does this bitch get a pass?

    • Ametia says:

      Ed Shultz said it at the top of his show, now he’s going to come back with the crosshairs map and spin it for sista Sarah, but naw, it’s not her fault, folks!

      I could smack these mofos.

    • Ametia says:

      Doesn’t sound like this guy was crazy to me. He was pretty clear in court today, yet the talking meatheads are still trying to push the mental illness meme.


      All white dudes pushing the mental illness issue. No John King-CNN Jared Loughner is a murdering TERRORIST, that’s who the fuck Jared Loughner is.


  9. Ametia says:

    It’s About Condoning Political Violence, Not Whether Loughner Was a Tea Partier
    On January 10, 2011, at 12:56 pm, In Media, News, Politics-States, By Leanne

    From the moment the news of Saturday’s Tucson massacre broke, there have been people on the extreme right rushing in to claim a lack of responsibility. Just as quickly, there were people on the left rushing in to blame the tea party and various well-known rightwing figures for the tragedy. I’ve even seen some calling for the authorities to name Sarah Palin as an accessory.

    All of this misses the point.

    Today, Politico has posted an article with a title clearly concocted to maximize the hit count: “Tea party’s message: Don’t blame us.” In the fourth paragraph of the three-page post, writer Kenneth P. Vogel tells us that the Tucson Tea Party immediately sprang into action, poring over its email and membership lists looking for any evidence that shooter Jared Loughlin was one of them. They found no record that he had ever participated in any way in the local tea party.

    This also misses the point.

    “I know our people and there’s nobody that would fit the profile that would do something like this, especially since we knew right away that many people had been shot,” Trent Humphries, co-founder of the Tucson Tea Party and a frequent critic of Giffords, told POLITICO. “This was obviously somebody who was crazy. To shoot someone anyway is crazy, but to do it indiscriminately like that, you knew that there was something else attached to this.”

    Not. The. Point.

    In a healthy society, people disagree on issues without questioning the sanity or patriotism or humanity of their political opponents. We can no longer do that in this country. In a healthy society, people feel societal constraints that govern their approach to discourse. People expressing rage merely because of a lost election should be an outlier and a clear example of inappropriately extremist behavior that is roundly condemned by people on all sides of the argument. We don’t do that anymore.

    These days, a sitting congresswoman can suggest that the incoming presidential administration is going to round up conservatives and place them in internment camps. In a healthy society, this public official would face criticism from the bulk of the country and probably some form of censure from her fellow party members. She didn’t.


  10. Ametia says:

    Alleged AZ Shooter Jared Loughner Charged With Murder, Held Without Bail
    Glynnis MacNicol | Jan. 10, 2011, 5:01 PM

    Alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner made his first appearance in court today where he was charged with one count attemp assassination of congress member; two murder; two attempted murder and was held without bail.

    Judge said all southern circuit judges have recused themselves; set prelim hearing for 1:30 pm Mountain Time Jan. 24; same ctroom

    Defender Judy Clark objected to all Arizona judges involvement in Loughner case and US Attrn involvement b/c of relation to Roll

    Loughner says little in courtroom, just answers procedural questions. Public defender Judy Clarke pats him on back.

    Loughner appears in court in khaki jumpsuit, handcuffs with chains around waist and leg chains; bruise on right forehead

    Lougher held without bail; judge calls him “danger to society”

    Washington Post reporter David Nakamura was tweeting from the courtroom. You can read his account below (in reverse chronological order).

    Loughner lawyer Judy Clarke is not admitted to Ariz bar; is member of Calif bar; said she will file proper papers by end of week

    US Attrn Dennis K. Burke said he is in consistent communication with Attrn Gen Holder: “devoting all neccessary resources…”

    Loughner formally charged with one count attemp assassination of congress member; two murder; two attempt murder — could get death penalty

    Loughner had shaved head; appeared slight–maybe 5-feet-8, thin; was calm while standing before judge; answered softly
    Judge Anderson adjorns hearing after 17 min with the words: “Good luck to you, Mr. Loughner” Loughner left ctroom with US Marshall

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/alleged-az-shooter-jared-loughner-held-without-bail-2011-1#ixzz1AftnAP6c

    • Ametia says:

      I want to see what sentence Jared Loughner will get for his crimes of murder.

      remember the DC snipers?

      The Washington sniper attacks took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others critically injured in various locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. It was widely speculated that a single sniper was using the Capital Beltway for travel, possibly in a white van or truck. It was later learned that the rampage was perpetrated by one man, John Allen Muhammad, and one minor, Lee Boyd Malvo, driving a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, and had apparently begun the month before with murders and robbery in Louisiana and Alabama, which had resulted in three deaths.[1]

      In September 2003, Muhammad was sentenced to death. One month later, Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection.

  11. Ametia says:

    GTFOH Dylan Ratigan. Stop trying to make this about President Obama. Look to at yourselves and where ayou in the MEDIA have opened Pandora’s box of drama and theatrics for ratings and profit.

    Our President’s LEADERSHIP is just FINE.

    • Ametia says:

      Been watching MSNBC most of the day. home with the flu. SMGDS

      The pattern of these cable networks when tragedy strikes.

      1. Blame anyone accept the media’s role in perpetuating the violence & killing

      2. Highlight the White perp as a troubled man, instead of the guilty criminal
      Highlight the Black perp as a violent criminal-It’s automatically expected doncha you know.

      2. Bring on family members of loved ones who died.

      3. Call on teh POTUS to make everyone feel better about how sick Americans are

      3. Call on Depak Chopra to give us a spiritual jolt of HOPE and HEALING, and plug his latest book in the process.

      4. REPEAT 1-3

  12. Ametia says:

    Inexplicalbe Edits on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. Scrub, Sarah, scrub…


  13. Ametia says:

    The killer is due to appear in court within the hour. Death penalty?

  14. Ametia says:

    MSNBC Denies Report That Keith Olbermann Will End ‘Worst Person’ Segment
    by Tommy Christopher | 11:48 am, January 10th, 2011

    The tragic shooting in a Tucson area Safeway that killed 6 individuals and put Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition has caused significant ripples in the political media. Amid fingerpointing about “violent rhetoric,” Countdown host Keith Olbermann led the charge with a “Special Comment” calling for an end to such discourse. According to one report, it appears that Olbermann is putting his money where his mouth is, and permanently ending his “Worst Person in the World” segment, but MSNBC tells Mediaite that no decision has been made.

    From AllYourTV’s Rick Ellis:

    Sources with knowledge of the decision have told AllYourTV that MSNBC host and commentator Keith Olbermann is expected to announce on Monday’s show he is permanently dropping the “Worst Persons In The World” segment from “Countdown,” effective immediately.

    A spokesman for MSNBC told us that the “report isn’t correct….no decision has been made,” and referred us to Olbermann’s Twitter feed from last night:

    W/that & news we’ll have an announcement about “Worst Persons” on Monday’s show, I thank you all for your support this terrible weekend.


  15. Ametia says:

    From CPL@ JJP:


    Sorry trolls, and apologists trying to excuse what happened in Arizona Saturday as being the actions of a “Lone Nut with a Gun.” The last time a “lone nut” went off – hell, there’s never really a “lone nut” and as a blogger, I absolutely REFUSE to let off the gunman who shot down a U. S. Congresswoman and an innocent nine-year old girl as being a “lone nut”.

    Sean Hannity, Bill O’ Reilly, Michael Savage, et al – everytime you called for someone who’s views you disagreed with; you have the blood of a Federal Judge, possibly a United States Congresswoman and an innocent nine-year-old girl on YOUR HANDS.

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer – just STHU. You contributed to this mess with the passage of SB1070 – asking Latinos, most American-Born, for their damned papers, and denying needed health care, in creating the state’s own Death Panels.

    You in the MSM – you allowed Senator Country Last to bring out Sarah Palin and like a bad case of acne, that heffer will not go AWAY. “Don’t ReTreat – Reload” are the words that the shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Jared Lee Loughner, heard as he pulled the trigger Saturday.

    It is similar words that the following yahoos heard with their attempts to “take their country back.” My colleague, Jill Tubman did her homework, and I’m sure she won’t mind me repeating the timeline that breeds this senselessness because many of you “Fear a Black Planet”. Why, just this morning, we got word that Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, got threatened that he’s next:

    Read the rest here: http://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/2011/01/you-dont-get-off-that-easy/

    Keep it coming folks, because the MEDIA and the real culprits don’t get it.

  16. CPL says:

    I knew there were reasons why I never started watching “The View”.

    BabaWaWa had most to do with it, especially after dissing Star Jones, and hiring lackeys like Whoopi and Sheri Shepard.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL@ lackeys like Whoopi and Sheri. True dat, and Whoopi led the charge on Huck Finn discussion, saying how disgusted she is that folks want to censor it. You should have seen Elizabeth Hasskkkleback, and Babs grinning and nodding. uggh!

  17. Ametia says:

    Joe Klein On CNN Targets Fox News And MSNBC
    by Matt Schneider | 1:21 pm, January 9th, 2011

    Time columnist Joe Klein appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources and pulled no punches attacking cable news channels and their personalities. Predictably Klein continued his assault on what he perceives to be Glenn Beck’s craziness, but surprisingly also went after MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

    Klein thinks much extremism is encouraged by Rush Limbaugh and Beck claiming “Glenn Beck traffics in the most crazy and ridiculous conspiracy theories . . . when you have a respected figure promoting views like that . . . it makes things a little more heated.” Unexpectedly, Klein doesn’t have a problem with Fox News host Sean Hannity saying “you know what you’re going to get, he’s a right-wing guy, but he isn’t crazy.” Although overall he’s still not a fan of Fox as Klein concludes “I’ve used that very word – ‘crap’ – to describe what appears on Fox News.”

    Yet in case you think Klein is just a liberal with the usual complaint about Fox News, Klein proves his fairness by also taking on MSNBC. After a recent appearance on The Ed Show where he tried to explain the complexities about the war in Afghanistan, Klein reveals about host Schultz, “the guy writes down on a piece of paper ‘get out now’ and holds it up in front of the screen – that’s so stupid and it’s so unworthy and . . . it’s one of the reasons why people hold us in lower regard than they do lawyers”

    Only Fareed Zakaria’s CNN show and the BBC received praise from Klein for showcasing intellectual and sophisticated television journalism.


  18. Ametia says:

    From Fieldg Negro:

    Giving new meaning to the term “red states.”

    So the shooter from Arizona was a xenophobic racist. (I guess there was something to that 2009 memo). No surprise there. He was also crazy. No surprise there. He was also able to purchase a handgun in spite of all the signs pointing to him being mentally unstable. No surprise there. This is, after all, NRAmerica.
    Something else that isn’t surprising: the wingnuts are now all claiming that the shooter was a democrat. “He was a godless leftist who read the Cummunist Manifesto.” (He liked Mein Kamp as well but that’s beside the point in wingnutland.) This all, of course, means nothing. (For the record, there is as much if not more evidence to prove that his ideology and influence is more right leaning than left.)

    Still, Jared Lee Lougher’s political and ideological leanings are irrelevant. As usual the wingnuts are missing the point. This is not about a deranged individual named Jared Lee Lougher going on a shooting spree. This is about the leaders of a movement (insert tea party here) and of a major political party calling for citizens to rise up against the government to regain political power. The rhetoric on the right came from the top. (“You lie!”) It’s about a major political figure on the right putting the congresswoman’s face in her “cross hairs” with the image of the scope of a rifle for special effect.

    Read the rest here: http://field-negro.blogspot.com/

    • CPL says:

      We need to write a song about this and call it “OWN YOUR MESS”.

      Ain’t no need to say this boy is batshyt crazy – but everyone that tried to shoot something all say they were listening to Beck, O’Reilly, Savage, Hannity and Neal Boortz, or getting their information from Fake Noise.

      Repeat, Rinse and Spit – Jared Lee Loughner is your POSTER BOY, Rethugs!

      OWN HIM! -You don’t get off that EASY. And the MSM needs to stop trying to spin this like a broke-down MayTag – they dont’ have the Maytag Repair man anymore to fix this shyt.

      • Ametia says:




        24/7 IT’S DRAMA HEAVEN

        A BLINK & WINK



  19. Ametia says:


    No surpirse that FOX is dodging bullets, pun intended.

  20. Ametia says:


    Oh, they’re going to be jumping all over this as an ‘explanation’ I’m sure. I don’t believe Loughner was an ideologue, or convert of any sort of political or satanical bent, more likely a really disturbed kid who chose elements of all of them to fit his own warped thinking. By the way, where the HELL are this kids’ parents? And wtf is wrong with them that they’d be cool with this childish “altar” in their back yard

    NY Daily News- The Devil Made Loughner Do It

    Hidden within a camouflage tent behind Jared Lee Loughner’s home sits an alarming altar with a skull sitting atop a pot filled with shriveled oranges.

    A row of ceremonial candles and a bag of potting soil lay nearby, photos reveal.

    Experts on Sunday said the elements are featured in the ceremonies of a number of occult groups.

    Investigators have focused on Loughner’s online anti-government ramblings as the chief motivation for the shooting Saturday of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

    The discovery of the shrine raises the possibility that Loughner, 22, may have been driven by other forces. Students and faculty at Pima Community College, which he attended until his suspension last summer, said Loughner was clearly at odds with the world.

    Anyone else find disturbing that “they” will probably find it easier to believe that Satanism influenced him than the nasty violent political rhetoric?


    • CPL says:

      Here we go.

      Trying to spin this shyt, but dude who shot up at Fort Pillow was automatically labeled a “terrorist” by the same fools trying to explain away Jared Lee Loughner.

      Sure are a lotta of “lone gunmen” running around in A-merry-ca.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, that “Lone wolf” label is so lame & predictable.

  21. Benjamin Mitchell from Facebook quoted:

    “All white people are distraught or have a mental illness when they are caught. But Blacks are violent and criminal minds”.


  22. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/09/arizona-shooting-news_n_806397.html

    11:22 AM ET Palin To Glenn Beck:

    ‘I Hate Violence’

    Over the weekend, Sarah Palin reached out to Fox News host Glenn Beck, and today on his radio show, Beck shared some of their email exchange.

    From Politico:
    “Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer. I know you are felling the same heat, if not much more on this,” Beck wrote.

    Beck expressed concern about Palin’s safety, and urged her to hire the same Los Angeles-based security firm that he uses.

    The rhetoric of both Beck and Palin has been cited by both liberals and some of the mainstream media as examples of the kind of overheated political discourse that, if not directly connected to the Tucson shooting, has created an environment in which a similar thing might happen again.

    “I hate violence,” Palin wrote back. “I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this.”

    The nerve of this bitch. Is she that ignorant to not understand what she has done with those images of crosshairs on the Congressman’s head? I’m not buying it. She’s trying to save her ass. Indict this heffa for inciting violence. If not, more people will follow and copy it.

    • Ametia says:

      Bitch, please! Beck is just as culpable, and she turns to him to support her hate-filled speak. Nope sista Sarah, YOU ARE GUILTY!


      • Ametia says:

        Palin hates war, yet sends her druggie son off to the miliary. ummmkay!

        Sarah palin, the attention whore, wanted attention, and now she’s getting attention of the unsavory kind. OWN YOUR SHIT, PALIN. OWN IT!

      • Ametia says:

        While Sarah Palin is looking for security, Christina Green’s parents are preparing to bury their 9 year old daughter who was killed in the CROSSFIRES!

        Leave it to this cowardly media whore to make it all about her.

    • CPL says:

      Here’s the question:

      Why does Glenda and Sarah need armed guards?

      Cause they KNOW what’s coming out of their mouths would lead to this shyt and they don’t want to get hit by bullets that don’t hit the target they want.

      This will not calm down until they start shooting their own, and after this, and with trying to repeal healthcare and whatnot, I expect that any day now.

      • Ametia says:

        Like I’ve said before, Jared Loughner took down a white (blonde) congresswoman, killed a white federal judge, and a white 9 year old girl and 4 more white people. Their intention is not to kill their own, their REAL target is President Obama! But white folks are getting shot up and killed now so their lil scheme is backfiring.

  23. Ametia says:

    Please, MSNBC has titled the AZ shootings “Tragedy in Tucson.”

    We need to showcase this: Tragedy in the Media: The Death of True Journalism.”

  24. Good Post, Ametia! Nail these mofos to the wall.

    If the shooter had been a 22 year old Arab, he wouldn’t be labeled “mentally disturbed”. The MSM would immediately label him a terrorist. But no, they cannot and will NOT attach that label to a white shooter. Why is that? Does the label terrorist only belong to dark skinned people or people of Arab descent?

  25. Ametia says:

    There, we said it! Now Barbara Walters is on the view defending Sarah Palin,. WTF?!
    while asking for civil discourse. These folks are not going to change. They will continue the status quo.

    • WTF? Barbara defending Sarah Palin?

      Sarah Palin needs to be indicted for inciting violence. Why does this bitch get a pass?

      • Ametia says:

        Yes, Babs flat out said blaming Palin was “unfair” SMGDH. Gotta give it to the media, they’re spinning to save their asses.

        To admit this bitch has any culpability in the AZ shootings would be admitting they’re culpable too, because they gave COVER for her crossfire antics!

      • Unfair? Barbara is damn fool. Palin is every bit responsible for the atmosphere that led to these killings. The MSM is trying to save Palin’s ass. Would they be defending a black woman who put crosshairs over opposing candidates names? Hell to the naw!

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, the media’s behaviors definitely highlight their propensity for white privilege, and now they are trying to cover their white privileged asses.

    • Ametia says:

      :39 PM | David Taintor | #
      Barbara Walters: I’m ‘Feeling Bad For Sarah Palin’ (VIDEO)

      Barbara Walters on The View Monday said she is “feeling bad for Sarah Palin” in the wake of the mass shooting in Arizona.

      “This is a deranged young man. This is a Timothy McVeigh. Whether this happened because there is…too much commentary, too much violence…whether that really spurred him on or whether he’s just a very sick person, we don’t know and we don’t know what his motives are…to blame Sarah Palin, as some are doing, I think is very unfair to her.”


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