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Pastor John P Kee (born John Prince Kee on June 4, 1962) is an American gospel singer and pastor.

John P. Kee was born the 15th out of 16 children in Durham, North Carolina. At an early age he began to develop his musical talent both instrumentally and vocally. He attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and at 14, he and his brothers Wayne and Al moved to California where he began attending the Yuba College Conservatory School of Music in Marysville, CA. During this time, he began playing with various groups such as Cameo and Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds. After having a hard time adjusting in California, he left and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina only to find himself living in a part of the city known for its violence and drug activities. After watching one of his friends being murdered in a drug deal gone bad, he rededicated his life back to God during a visitation to a revival meeting.

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. Hey guys!

    FreeRepubl­ic has the most ignorant vile people on the planet posting there. Get a grip of this! They are saying Doctors know Congressma­n Giffords condition is not as bad as the media is portraying it to be…never­mind the fact that she has been shot in the head. WTF is wrong with those people? Were they born that way? Was it something in the water they were drinking? They are the ultimate bottom feeding mofos!

  2. Ametia says:

    LOVE IT!!

  3. Ametia says:

    Jets 28-Patriots 14 So far, it looks like the Jets and Steelers next Sunday.

  4. Obama family attends church services at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in D.C.

    Last year President Obama stood in the pulpit and delivered a five-page address on Martin Luther King, but after a week in which he attempted to console a nation after the mass shootings in Tucson, the president visited an African American church Sunday as a worshiper.

    Rev. Ronald E. Braxton and the members of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Northwest Washington made sure the Obama family had a regular, downhome service complete with announcements, the passing of the collection plates and plenty of foot-stomping gospel music.

    Right Rev. Adam J. Richardson, presiding bishop of the Second Episcopal District, welcomed the president to the “national cathedral,” of the 3 million-member, predominately African American denomination. But it was elementary school student, Addy Hebou, who offered perhaps the best words to the president in honor of the King holiday: “Dr. Martin Luther King said let no man pull you low enough to hate him.”

    Metropolitan AME is undergoing renovation and is currently meeting in the ballroom of the Madison hotel, but construction crews worked extra hours to prepare the sanctuary when the White House called to say that the first family would be visiting.

    “This follows a long tradition for the president of the United States to worship in our national cathedral,” Rev. Braxton said. “It was historic for the first African American president to sit on a pew next [to] the pew where Fredric Douglass once sat.”

    • http://voices.washingtonpost.c

      Even though he never mentioned politics, Braxton compared Obama’s present plight to the low days King experienced in the civil rights movement. Braxton sought to encourage the president saying: “Sit up, get up, you will get weak and tired at times, but God has singled you out.”

      “Mr. President Let God have the last word. You belong to him,” said Braxton as he concluded a sermon where even the music was tailored to be uplifting — with songs that ranged from “I Am On the Battlefield for the Lord” to “We Come This Far by Faith.”

      While Rev. Braxton was focused on the president, his wife, assistant pastor and professional counselor, focused on encouraging the first lady. During the service, Michelle Obama stood while the church sang Happy Birthday and was presented her with a gift.

      “I gave the First lady a CD of church hymns for her birthday because in this church we try to make people feel welcomed,” Rev. Marie Phillips Braxton said. “The gift came from my heart.”

      Eugenia Jacobs, a Sunday School teacher at Metropolitan, was thinking about the Obama girls during the service. “The White House is so close,” she said. “It is my hope that he would come bring his kids to Sunday School and be part of our church family.”

    • Ametia says:

      Glad to hear POTUS and his family are attending the church of their choice when they chose to attend churc.

  5. Ametia says:

    Go Bears!

  6. Michael Steele Reportedly Dropped RNC Reelection Bid After Being Offered Lucrative Deal

    Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele dropped his bid for a second term on Friday after being offered a lucrative deal in exchange for his endorsement, sources on the committee tell The Hotline.


  7. Hannity: U.S. Can ‘Go In’ To Kuwait, ‘Take All Their Oil’

    On his Friday show, Sean Hannity wondered why Iraq and Kuwait hadn’t “[paid] for their own liberation” by the United States, and said that America has the right to “go in there…and take all their oil.”

    Hannity was speaking to his nightly “Great American Panel.” The panel was discussing high oil prices. Hannity was incredulous and angry at the prospect of oil prices climbing:

    ” I say why isn’t Iraq paying us back with oil, and paying every American family and their soldiers that lost loved ones or have injured soldiers — and why didn’t they pay for their own liberation? For the Kuwait oil minister — how short his memory is. You know, we have every right to go in there and frankly take all their oil and make them pay for the liberation.”


  8. Senators To Break State Of The Union Tradition

    WASHINGTON — Two senators from different parties say they’ll skip tradition and sit together during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

    The decision by Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York comes amid calls for greater civility in political discourse following the fatal shootings last weekend at a political event in Tucson, Ariz.

    Schumer says he and Coburn hope other lawmakers will follow their example and skip the partisan seating arrangements that usually come with joint sessions of Congress.

    Schumer says it’s a symbolic move but one he hopes will help set a more civil tone.

    The State of the Union address is set for Jan. 25.

    Coburn and Schumer spoke Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

  9. Chris Matthews Calls Birthers ‘Crackers’ (VIDEO)

    Chris Matthews called “birthers” “crackers” on his Friday show.

    Matthews used the term while speaking to Politico’s Jeanne Cummings and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein. He was discussing the attacks on President Obama.

    “So much of this attack on Obama has been ad hominem — directed at the person, the president,” Matthews said. “Whether it’s somebody, some cracker out there on the right calling him — some birther type that he’s not an American or it is someone a little more sophisticated, but basically saying he’s a socialist.”

    Huh? What is up with Chris?

    LOL (I'm not laughing)

  10. Haley Barbour: Republicans Must Realize They Don’t Run Government

    BALTIMORE — Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Friday told Republicans newly in charge of the U.S. House that they must keep voters’ frustrations with the nation’s lagging economy focused on Democrats who still run the Senate and control the White House.

    Barbour told House Republicans that should learn the lessons of 1995, when some in the GOP became cocky after winning the majority. Some Republicans then asserted that President Bill Clinton didn’t matter, giving his poll numbers time to improve and helping him win re-election a year later.

    “There were some people in Congress who thought we were running the government,” Barbour said.

    Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman who helped the GOP take over the House in 1994, deflected questions what his proposed strategy would mean for his own potential challenge to President Barack Obama in 2012.

    • rikyrah says:

      naw, Boss Hogg…

      y’all ran, y’all got elected , now it’s time for you to step up to be responsible for governing. hell mofo’ing no….they don’t have any responsibility.


    • Ametia says:

      Ain’t that some shit. When I first read that headline, I thought, WTF! Do these fools think they got elected for their good looks and warm personalities?

      These cows want to sit back, obstruct, blame, lie, and distort, same olde business.

  11. Good Morning, 3 Chics!

    John P Kee & NLCC is blessing this morning! Praise him with the timbrel & dance! Thank you, Jesus!

  12. dannie22 says:

    Good morning all!!

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