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We Shall Overcome” is a protest song that became a key anthem of the US civil rights movement. The lyrics of the song are derived from the refrain of a gospel song by Charles Albert Tindley. The song was published in 1947 as “We Will Overcome” in the People’s Songs Bulletin (a publication of People’s Songs, an organization of which Pete Seeger was the director and guiding spirit). It appeared in the bulletin as a contribution of and with an introduction by Zilphia Horton, then music director of the Highlander Folk School of Monteagle, Tennessee, a school that trained union organizers. It was her favorite song and she taught it to Pete Seeger,[1] who included it in his repertoire, as did many other activist singers, such as Frank Hamilton and Joe Glazer, who recorded it in 1950. The song became associated with the Civil Rights movement from 1959, when Guy Carawan stepped in as song leader at Highlander, and the school was the focus of student non-violent activism. It quickly became the movement’s unofficial anthem. Seeger and other famous folksingers in the early 1960s, such as Joan Baez, sang the song at rallies, folk festivals, and concerts in the North and helped make it widely known. Since its rise to prominence, the song, and songs based on it, have been used in a variety of protests worldwide.

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  1. Edward Lazarus says:

    If you want to see a sidesplitting bit of republican hypocrisy mixed with a healthy dose of yellow bellied cowardice sprinkled with a touch of insane fantasy, check out Lawrence O’Donnel’s interview with Trent Franks, the GOP congressman who suggested that MORE guns were needed at the scene of the Tucson mass murder.

    Lawrence asked the pathetically dense bag of GOP droppings a rather simple question;

    “Would you rather the shooter have an ammo clip that held only 10 rounds rather than the clip of 31 that he used?”

    He was asked that question about 5 times…and he STILL hasn’t answered.
    He went into “Sarah Palin Mode”, blame everyone and everything else….as tho his party had nothing to do with the fact that our gun laws are mailed into congress by the NRA…..basically another branch of the GOP—kinda like FOX.

    But unlike most talking heads who hear the bullshit “talking points” these sheep spout right out of the fang-filled mouth of Frank Luntz…. O’Donnel kept pushing and pushing….until the pasty faced Franks almost teared up.
    There could not have been a soul who saw that who didn’t think…WTF? What the hell do these idiotic republicans stand for?

    It is almost painful to see a grown man take such an unrelenting public spanking as Lawrence handed out to this lightweight pipsqueak….but he was soooo deserving that…if you’ll excuse me, I will revel in for a good 24 hours.

    And this on the day that the big “REPEAL PARTY” fizzed out like most republican promises. Bad, Bad day for the merchants of gloom and doom!
    GREAT day for the party of reason….The Democratic Party!

  2. Ametia says:

    In the inaugural interview on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” talk show queen Oprah Winfrey recalled contemplating suicide at 14 because she was pregnant, and how she feels she was given a second chance when she lost the baby.

    • Ametia says:

      Thanks for sharing this. We’ll want to find the clip and post it. I love a good old fashion GOP ass whooping!

  3. Ametia says:

  4. dannie22 says:

    I wish Oprah was my aunt lol

    • Ametia says:

      Go on and adopt aunt Oprah, Dannie! LOL Oprah was keeping it real with Piers. I hope the haters were watching when she said she found nothing about President Obama to be disappointed with. HA! If the haters were waiting for a bashing they DID NOT GET IT FROM “O”

      BWA HA HA HA Runtellat, crackas and house niggras!

      • dannie22 says:

        I give Oprah her due. She gives all praise and glory to God. She realizes that she has been blessed so that she can be a conduit for good.

      • Ametia says:

        Yes and undeed. She knows her mission, and it is to be a conduit for love.

  5. Ametia says:

    I am pleasantly surprised at Piers Morgan’s interview with Oprah. Kudos!

    • Ametia says:

      Got to give it to the Brit. Piers is asking way better questions than Larry or Babs Walters combined. Great questions and Great answers from Oprah.

      • Ametia says:

        Me too, Dannie. her hair handlers have been making love to Oprah’s hair for decades. Good ole TLC. She’s got one healthy “hade” of hair LOL

    • dannie22 says:

      I like Oprah’s hair.

  6. Dick Cheney’s NBC Interview: Addresses Obama, Palin ‘Target Map,’ Arizona Shootings, And More

    In his first interview since undergoing major heart surgery last July, former Vice President Dick Cheney addresses a wide range of topics, including the Arizona shooting and the resulting political fallout, his latest views on Barack Obama’s presidency, his offer to George W. Bush to step down as vice president, and his upcoming health decisions.


    The Interview Will Air On “Today” Tuesday, January 18 and an Excerpt Will Air Tonight On “NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams”

    NEW YORK – January 17, 2011 — In his first interview since his heart surgery last July, former Vice President Dick Cheney sits down exclusively with “Today” National Correspondent Jamie Gangel. The interview will air on “Today” tomorrow, Tuesday, January 18, and an excerpt will air tonight on “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.”

    In the wide-ranging interview from his home on the eastern shore of Maryland, Cheney opens up to Gangel on multiple topics. On his health, Cheney says he hasn’t made a decision yet on a heart transplant. On President Obama, Cheney says he still thinks he is a one-term president, but he is pleased to see him adopting some of the Bush/Cheney policies on the war on terror. On the tragedy in Tucson, Cheney says we should be careful about drawing a connection to political rhetoric. He also reveals he offered to step aside as vice president multiple times. Cheney also discusses his upcoming book, which is set to come out in September.

    Why isn’t he in a jail cell someplace?

    • Ametia says:

      And that spawn of his Liz Cheney is making the rounds on tee vee, making the case for war with Iran. WTF is this woman. Why is the media giving her a platform to speak on such matters, she’s not an elected official?

  7. dannie22 says:

    My God, it’s hammertoe Hart!!!

  8. Ametia says:

    Good lawd, Chirs Matthews is evaluating PBO’s two years in office.

    Panel: Michael Steele, Donna Edwards, and Eugene Robinson.

    Michael Steele’s just dropping by before he goes clubbing.

  9. Martin Luther King Day Of Service: Obamas Volunteer At Stuart Hobson Middle School

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama honored the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday by joining a painting project at a school on Capitol Hill.

    On the federal holiday named for the slain civil rights leader, Obama brought his family to Stuart Hobson Middle School, where he and first lady Michelle Obama helped paint bright red apple characters on pillars in the lunchroom to encourage healthier eating.

    Their daughters, Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9, sat separately at tables and worked on other painting projects.

    Obama said King’s legacy is also about service, in addition to his pursuit of justice and equality. Obama urged Americans to get out into their communities on Monday – a step he suggested would have special meaning after the Jan. 8 shooting rampage in Tucson, Ariz.

    “After a painful week where so many of us were focused on tragedy, it’s good for us to remind ourselves of what this country is all about,” he told reporters. “This kind of service project is what’s best in us.”

    Monday also was Michelle Obama’s 47th birthday. To mark it, the volunteers and others at the school – including the president and his daughters – sang the Stevie Wonder version of “Happy Birthday.” The musician wrote it to honor King.

  10. Ametia says:

    Jan 17, 3:06 PM EST
    Husband: Giffords smiled and gave him neck rub

    Associated Press
    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords says his wife’s condition has improved so much that she has been able to smile and give him a neck rub as he has kept a near-constant vigil at her hospital bedside.

    The interactions with astronaut Mark Kelly are new signs of Giffords’ impressive progress in recovering from a gunshot wound to the head at a political event nine days ago. Giffords still cannot speak, because of a tube in her throat that is helping her breathe.

    “She’s in the ICU. You know, gone through this traumatic injury. And she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage,” Kelly explained in an interview with Diane Sawyer to air Tuesday on ABC. “It’s so typical of her that no matter how bad the situation might be for her, you know, she’s looking out for other people.”

  11. Ametia says:

    Gabrielle Giffords’ Husband Mark Kelly Is Open To Meeting Jared Loughner’s Parents
    by Alex Alvarez | 12:00 pm, January 17th, 2011

    More good news for Gabrielle Giffords: The congresswoman, who is still recovering from having been shot in the head while meeting with her constituents in Tucson, Arizona, is well enough to give her husband a neck rub. We know, we know: Aw!

    Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, spoke to ABC’s Diane Sawyer in his first interview since the shooting, updating her on his wife’s continued progress. Not only has her status from critical to serious, but doctors deemed her well enough to breathe on her own, without the aid of a breathing tube. And, adding a personal touch to his report, Kelly shared with Sawyer that Giffords is now well enough to reach out and show affection:

    So typical of her. She’s in the ICU. You know, gone through this traumatic injury. And she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage.

    Kelly has been by his wife’s side throughout her recovery, as evidenced in genuinely sweet photos of the two holding hands in her hospital room.

  12. Ametia says:

    These two coons right here:

  13. Ametia says:

    Michael Reagan Suggests His Dad ‘Was More Of A Friend To Blacks’ Than Obama
    by Jon Bershad | 12:05 pm, January 17th, 2011
    Man, there have been all sorts of great quotes coming out of the Reagan clan recently. First, Ron Reagan releases a new book that claims that his father may have been suffering from Alzheimers while in office. His brother Michael then shot back, calling Ron an “embarrassment” to the family. Now Michael is further trying to protect his dad’s name by writing an article that claims Ronald Reagan was better to blacks than Barack Obama. It’s a fun argument to make…on days that aren’t Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
    There’s nothing really offensive in the article itself. In fact, it’s a rather nice ode to the man’s father. Sure, Reagan brings up the dubious claim that his father was the real first black president only to shoot it down as something that would “diminish the justifiable pride African-Americans take in having a president who is genetically and culturally black” (Reagan realizes he doesn’t exactly have the leeway a Toni Morrison would in this situation), but it’s still odd to have the idea even floated today. And it’s even stranger to click on Fox Nation and see a giant picture of Ronald Reagan and the headline “Ronald Reagan – More of a Friend to Blacks Than Obama?” as the top story. As a Reddit user said, it’s just not that “classy.”

  14. Ametia says:

    ELLE Cover Lightens The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
    Wednesday, January 12 2011, 10:00 AM EST

    Leave it to ELLE Magazine to photochop the world’s most beautiful woman. Aishwarya Rai, the reigning queen of Indian cinema, model and classically trained dancer is currently on the cover of ELLE India—several shades lighter. Rai’s skin has been lightened and her dark brown hair appears to have a red tint to it.

    The Times of India reported the former Miss World is “furious with the bleaching botch-up” and is considering taking legal action against ELLE.

  15. dannie22 says:

    Good morning all!!

  16. Slideshow: The 25 most influential black American leaders of all time

    Even as an African-American sits in the most powerful position in our nation, there are those who ask if African-American leadership is in crisis. Premature boasts of a post-racial America, coupled with a tsunami of mindless entertainment and the death of serious media, has made it increasingly more difficult to zero in on the key issues of these times. Is it racism and health care or just jobs and education?

    Slavery and Jim Crow were easy targets. Who couldn’t set their mind on freedom? The drama swirled around the method, not the result. There was no pretense of freedom packed with landmines hiding under the age-old labels of racial, gender and economic oppression, to name a few. Still, if great leadership comes with no statute of limitations, what cues should we take from theGrio’s Black Leaders Survey to alleviate our current crisis?

  17. Rep. Giffords’ Condition Upgraded

    TUCSON, Ariz. — U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has surmounted one hurdle after another since she was gravely wounded in the Arizona shootings. Her latest was especially significant – a condition upgrade from critical to serious.

    Her doctors’ decision Sunday was yet another sign of a remarkable recovery since she was shot in the head Jan. 8 when a gunman opened fire as she met constituents in a Tucson supermarket parking lot. Six people died and 13 were wounded, including the congresswoman.

  18. Arizona: Right to blame

    The tragedy in Arizona is the result of the combined rhetoric of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and its posse of supporters as they expound their toxic political targeting of those who oppose them.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to correlate the tragedy of Arizona to Palin’s cross-hairs graphic and “reload” comment in referring to her opposition. In the mind of a deranged individual, her words give reason to shoot and kill Sarah’s opponents. It doesn’t take an education above grammar school to understand that the Tea Party’s labeling of President Obama as a Nazi, a communist and a non-citizen could stir in a deranged mind that those who politically support the president are enemies of this country and must be done away with.

    The screwball media rhetoric expounded by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and a host of others, who act as the posse of Palin and the Tea Party convince a deranged individual that what he is doing is OK. This is combined with Republican members in both the House and Senate who oppose any legislation by President Obama as being un-American and “death squads.”

    To me, Palin, the Tea Party and the NRA are responsible for the Arizona tragedy. The blood of the young girl who died is on their hands.

    Tranquilino J. Martinez


  19. Obamas to mark MLK Day with service

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 (UPI) — U.S. President Obama participates in a community service project in the Washington area Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the White House said.

    Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will honor King’s life and legacy, the daily schedule indicated.

  20. Fox’s Brit Hume: Sarah Palin Is “Kind Of Radioactive”

    As more pundits react to Sarah Palin’s video response on the Arizona shooting, Fox’s Brit Hume professed he’s never in his life seen someone receive such vicious media coverage as Palin and attempted to broadly define the “Sarah Palin Problem” on Fox News Sunday.

    Before Hume summed Palin up, Fox commentator Juan Williams shared his bewilderment over Palin’s tone and word choice in the video, and thought the whole thing was “unnecessary.” This “just gave her opponents such an opportunity then to excoriate her . . . and did not raise her stature,” Williams concluded. Brit Hume offered up his own perspective:

    “The Sarah Palin problem really is a problem that she has largely, I think through no fault of her own, become kind of radioactive. And it does mean that when she is in a situation like this where she’s the focus of national attention, she must be extremely careful about how she reacts to it.”

    Hume believes on balance this video didn’t help her and especially given the media’s “derangement syndrome” with trying to character assassinate her, would expect Palin to be more thoughtful with her public statements. Odd that throughout this whole ordeal, by far Palin’s strongest and unwavering supporter has not been any of her Fox News co-workers and instead has been MSNBC’s lonely conservative Pat Buchanan.

  21. After Promising To ‘Repeal And Replace’ Obama’s Health Law, Republicans Have No Replacement

    As the first major legislative act with their new majority, Republicans are planning to hold a futile vote next week to repeal President Obama’s health care law. The laughably named “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” has an equally laughable chance of becoming law, as the Democratic majority in the Senate will inevitably block it. President Obama has also confirmed that he’ll veto it.

    Nonetheless, House Republicans are rushing headlong into inevitable defeat, insisting that their efforts aren’t doomed, and promising to “replace” Obama’s law with their own, better one. “Repeal and replace” has been a mantra for Republicans and their conservative allies since March of last year, though the repealers have been hazy on with what they would “replace” it with.

    On Fox News Sunday today, conservative Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol could offer only the vaguest of promises about the replacement. When Fox News contributor Juan Williams challenged Kristol to explain “what are you going to replace it with?”, Kristol told Williams not to worry, because there would be hearings in a few months and Republicans would probably come up with something by then.

  22. Issa Starts Probing Obama Administration, Homeland Security Handling Of FOIA Requests

    WASHINGTON — A House committee has asked the Homeland Security Department to provide documents about an agency policy that required political appointees to review many Freedom of Information Act requests, according to a letter obtained Sunday by The Associated Press.

    The letter to Homeland Security was sent late Friday by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. It represents an early move by House Republicans who have vowed to launch numerous probes of President Barack Obama’s administration, ranging from its implementation of the new health care law to rules curbing air pollution to spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Associated Press reported in July that for at least a year, Homeland Security had sidetracked hundreds of requests for federal records to top political advisers to the department’s secretary, Janet Napolitano. The political appointees wanted information about those requesting the materials, and in some cases the release of documents considered politically sensitive was delayed, according to numerous e-mails that were obtained by the AP.

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