Rachel Maddow Delivers teh GOODS After The SOTU Address

3 Chics’ got to give Maddow her props for a cogent and thorough piece of analysis after the State of the Union Address.  I refuse to watch the talking heads after the President speaks, but hubby and I watched the Rachel Maddow show Wednesday night, and it amazed me to no end that I actually sat there and watched the almost 15 minutes of political magic spun by Maddow.  She GETS IT.


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20 Responses to Rachel Maddow Delivers teh GOODS After The SOTU Address

  1. Ametia says:

    And big Ed Shultz ain’t shit. MSNBC can juggle his timeslot to 10 pm all they want, I’m not watching his show.

  2. dannie22 says:

    This was a pretty good video. I’m not any kind of fan of rm. Ever since she blamed black folks for the prop 8 fiasco in California, I have tuned her out. She may have some high points, but otherwise I find her shrill.

    • Ametia says:

      I HEAR you, Dannie.

    • I concur, Dannie! Rachel was livid as hell at black folks during the Prop 8 fiasco. How many black folks could rant & rave on TV to push their agenda like Rachel does?

      • Ametia says:

        I hear you, SG2. Cable network is what it is, until 1. They practice more diversity in their hiring of pundits, 2. Blacks gain ownership of their own networks and bring our eperiences and perspectives to the fore. We are not a MONOLITH.
        3. Continue calling out the bull shit, slanted, self-aggrandizing agendas via Twitter, blogs, Facebook.
        4. acknowledge when the talking heads, pundits, jouranlist, reporters GET.IT.RIGHT.

      • dannie22 says:

        I agree with you both, Ametie and SG2.

        No Negro could go on tv and pump our agenda the way RaRa does.
        We need our own radio and tv stations to report OUR AGENDA- PERIOD!!

    • mightbealiberal says:

      Oh, please. Maddow did not blame Blacks for the Prop 8 fiasco. Get over yourselves, already.

  3. Edward Lazarus says:

    I am an early Rachel Maddow convert. I cannot name another “talking head” that does such a complete job when it comes to doing her homework, treats her guests with such civility–(even republicans)–and refuses to let a guest simply spew “talking points,” rather than explain their position.

    She is the ONLY person at MSNBC to call out their resident bigot, Pat Buchanan…anti-semite Hitler apologist, and Nixon defender.

    She ripped Dick Armey a new one…. even forcing him to resign one of his many phony positions. She —(ALONE)__exposed the “C” Street thugs and their influence in both the attempted cover up of the Ensign case—-and their MURDEROUS influence on the MURDEROUS thugs who run the government of Uganda—no doubt saving some lives—-she moved her viewers on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell—and covered the health care debate as well as anyone. Her interviews with Michael Steele were EXCELLENT….and her coverage of Palin the best out there.

    While a strong Obama supporter, and a definite “progressive Liberal,” she actually LISTENS to her political opposites….and is not afraid to criticize the Obama administration.
    She can be a bit “off-putting,” in her delivery….but SHE SPEAKS THE TRUTH.
    The only question in my mind is will MSNBC move against HER next? Or has it already been decided that Ed Schultz goes next?

    • Ametia says:

      I can take or leave Rachel on any given day, but I agree. There isn’t anyone on major networks or cable who can match her. Too much nail-bitting sometimes, but I respect her work, and when I do, I give her the props.

    • mightbealiberal says:

      Agree, Maddow is the only one who speaks cogent truth.

  4. Edward Lazarus says:

    If the ill fated “response” previously by Bobby “I hate the stimulus” Jinglebells of Louisiana wasn’t enough to prove the G.O.P is full of .C.R.A.P.—the vacant “I think I wet my pants” response by Paul Ryan erased all doubts!
    If this is the best they have, Obama should be reelected without campaigning. Ryan knows only one way; stiff the working people and stick up for the richest.
    Obama talks sense. The GOP does NOT!

  5. Ametia says:

    And the rest of the class clowns are looking mighty buffoonish right now!

  6. Ametia says:

    The president has never swayed from his pragmatism. Again, if anyone has read his books, they would know that his administration’s policies are in alignment what he’s always believed and spoken about.

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