Charlie Rangel Does First Blogger’s Conference Call

                          Congressman Charlie Rangel does first blogger’s conference call

Welcome to the world of  modern TECHNOLOGY, Congressman Rangel!

3 Chics, along with other fellow bloggers were in on the Tuesday night conference call with Congressman Rangel. 

“This is an exciting new experience for me,” said Congressman Charles B. Rangel, as he welcomed a core group of bloggers who joined the 21st-term lawmaker in his first-ever bloggers’ conference call, on March 8, 2011, Tuesday evening at 8PM ET.

“Things are changing every day, and the Congress can’t do all that it wants to, especially being in the minority. It’s going to take more than Congress — people like you who has an interest in the country, who can talk with the community,” said Rangel. “This is also very helpful to me to see what you’re thinking, what my constituents are thinking, and that makes me a better representative.”

Moderated by Beth Becker, a leader of the progressive movement in the blogging community, the Bloggers’ Conference Call was Congressman Rangel’s newest attempt to address and champion progressive solutions to our country’s problems during these challenging times by working with online activists and bloggers.

Participants asked a series of questions, ranging from those concerning the “Republican war on State employees” and collective bargaining, to torture and U.S. foreign policy on Haiti.

Congressman Rangel said that no one believes that unions are desstroying state’s rights.  He said that this attack on unions will have a significant effect on college graduates and black middle class jobs.  “It’s the old last hired, first fired” practices.  It really isn’t rocket science to know that laying off public workers during hard economic times is “INSANE”

He spoke of division with the middle class, how the GOP are trying to destroy the president, health care reform, and jobs.

Ametia asked this question:

When asked about his primary goal in Congress, Rangel replied: “Right now, if I had to name one thing that I would have as a priority it would be supporting President Obama. I’ve been here for more than 40 years, and been here through many presidents, but I’ve never seen anyone speak with the courage on the priorities I believe in.” 

This comment really hit a cord in me.  I’d shared with Congressman Rangel that my dad was 84 years old when he passed away last year.  I didn’t mention the fact that he had voted for President Obama, but I think there’s a shared sentiment of them ever living to see America elect a black president.  We know that Mr. Rangel was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton.

And 3 Chics will be watching for this continued support of our President, Mr. Rangel.

Rangel reiterated his commitments to education, increasing the number of people in the middle class, reforming the tax system so that the top 1% will not be controlling our resources, ensuring immigrants’ rights, and creating a type of economy where dreams can become a reality.

Overall, the conference call turned out to be a successful opportunity for the veteran Congressman to engage with a new, influential community and reach an audience that he has not previously interacted with.

3 Chics’ Ametia:

“Thank you so much Congressman Rangel. I really, really appreciate you for taking the time to come in and dialogue with us via conference call and getting involved with the blogging community,” said a participant.

“This is my first time, but I have to admit, I found this an exciting new adventure and I do hope to do it again soon. I really enjoyed it,” echoed Rangel, as he closed the conference call by thanking the participants and inviting them to continue the dialogue on his Facebook page. 

You can get contact information and receive updates on the next conference call with Congressman Rangel here.

As I listened to the other bloggers and Congressman Rangel’s responses, I tried to remain open and neutral.  Because I believe that anyone who has been a public service for over 40 years, has to have an understanding of the core issues that Americans are facing in the 21st century.  And  I couldn’t help thinking about how any politician could better serve his/her constituents without being plugged into the technological advances in communication.

From 3 Chics’ SG2:

It’s really remarkable to see Congressman Rangel after being in Congress for 40 years want to reach voters in a new a way.  Keep in mind this guy is 80 years old. With technology constantly changing, Congressman Rangel wants to keep in step with it, by reaching potential voters on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. In Congressman Rangel’s 40 year reign in Congress, he remains committed to education and increasing the middle class, and he’s is willing to try new things to make it happen. That’s pretty remarkable to me!”

So Mr. Rangel, 3 Chics gives you mad props for  stepping up to the plate and reaching out to your constituents via the Facebook, Twitter and BLOGGING. 

We hope other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are just as committed to reaching out to their constituents, listen to their needs, and help effect BETTER results in our lives that are needed to keep pace with the changing demographics, social issues, and America’s economy.  Thank you, Beth Becker, for hosting the conference call.

Here’s an excerpt from Tuesday, March 8, 2011 conference call.  Listens as he addresses the question posed by 3 Chics’ Ametia.

Thank you, Congressman Rangel for your many years of public service!

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  1. Good Post, Ametia!

    Who is that pretty lady’s voice on the video?

    • Ametia says:

      Thank you, SG2. LOL 3 Chics does not take the conference call lightly. We want to see changes in how our Congress serve WE THE PEOPLE.

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