Video & Photos|President Obama Hosts Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House

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  2. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: Plane with Michelle Obama had to abort landing due to mistake
    April 19, 2011 5:13:07 PM

    A White House plane carrying Michelle Obama came dangerously close to a 200-ton military cargo jet and had to abort its landing at Andrews Air Force Base on Monday as the result of an air traffic controller’s mistake, according to federal officials familiar with the incident.

  3. Ametia says:

    Posted at 12:14 PM ET, 04/19/2011
    Can Democrats win in Texas in 2012?
    By Chris Cillizza

    Remember that re-occurring scene in the “Peanuts” cartoon where Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown only to snatch it away at the last minute, leaving him flat on his back?

    That’s the story of Texas politics for Democrats over the last decade.

    Time and again the party has insisted that this is the time or this is the candidate that will reverse their fortunes in the Lonestar State only to wind up flat on their back — politically speaking — by the end of the race.

    But, undaunted, the party is taking another run at it in 2012 with Senate Democrats touting former Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez as a potential star recruit in the open Senate seat and President Obama picking the state for a series of targeted radio and television interviews to sell his deficit reduction plan.

    “As enticing as the idea of Democrats winning statewide here is, we are still a couple of cycles away from an even playing field,” said Nathan Daschle, the former executive director of the Democratic Governors Association. “But an extraordinary candidate can overcome those odds, and that may be what the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] has in Sanchez.”

    So, is 2012 the year when Democrats will finally get to kick the Texas football?

    Recent Texas political history suggests it will be a very tough proposition.

    The last time Democrats in Texas won a major statewide race — president, Senate or governor — was back in 1990 when Ann Richards was elected governor.

    Since that time, the party has struggled mightily to even be competitive. The best showing for a Democratic presidential candidate in Texas since 1990 was 43.8 percent for Bill Clinton in 1996.

    Obama won 43. 7 percent in 2008, coming up 11 points short of Sen. John McCain.

    (That margin became a point of contention in an interview Obama gave Monday with a Dallas television reporter named Brad Watson.Obama said that he had lost Texas by “a few percentage points” and Watson corrected him. When the interview ended, Obama told Watson: “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview.”)

    The story at the gubernatorial and Senate level is no better for Democrats. Richards took 45.9 percent when she lost her bid for a second term to George W. Bush in 1994. And no Democrat for Senate has won more than 43. 9 percent of the vote in the last twenty years.

    And, the poor showing by Democrats isn’t because of a lack of effort — or money.

  4. rikyrah says:

    thanks for this

  5. Ametia says:

    Thank you President Obama for holding prayer breakfasts. Bishop Vashti ahs her prayer on an ipad. LOL

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