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Video: MSNBC Hosts Ed Schultz & Rev. Al Sharpton | A Stronger America: “THE BLACK AGENDA”

And now the jewel of the whole 2 hour program…                                           The guy who wears a Ascot, calls President Obama a Mascot.  Cornel West, you’re getting mighty tired, bitchy and old, dude.  Time to come down out of that Ivory TOWER!!!

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Senate DEMOCRATIC Women Discuss GOP ASSAULT On WOMEN’S Health | Republican Women Embrace Self-Loathing; Sees Themselves as A “PACKAGE”

These VIDEOS bears reposting, because not only do the REPUBLICANS not have a plan for Americans, they continue to push their VILE agenda on Women and bring nothing to the table in the way of JOBS! Now watch this video … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

The Winans Family is an African-American family of Gospel music artists from Detroit, Michigan. Delores and David Winans recorded together as “Mom and Pop Winans” and separately at various times as “Mom”, “Pop”, “David” or “Delores”. They received a Grammy nomination … Continue reading

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