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Pastor John P Kee (born John Prince Kee on June 4, 1962) is an American gospel singer and pastor.

John P. Kee was born the 15th out of 16 children in Durham, North Carolina. At an early age he began to develop his musical talent both instrumentally and vocally. He attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and at 14, he and his brothers Wayne and Al moved to California where he began attending the Yuba College Conservatory School of Music in Marysville, CA. During this time, he began playing with various groups such as Cameo and Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds. After having a hard time adjusting in California, he left and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina only to find himself living in a part of the city known for its violence and drug activities. After watching one of his friends being murdered in a drug deal gone bad, he rededicated his life back to God during a visitation to a revival meeting.

About SouthernGirl2

A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. The Debits of Whiteness: Of the Tea Party GOP’s Racism and the S & P’s Credit Downgrade of the United States

    The Tea Party GOP got what they wanted. Their game of economic terrorism has resulted in one more step towards economic calamity for the American people. The austerity recession is here, if not already fully arrived.

    The other shoe has fallen as well: although America’s AAA credit rating made it through two world wars and a Great Depression intact, it could not survive the country’s first black President. The Tea Party GOP can sit in the corner, smugly smiling now, as they prepare to carve up Barack Obama just a whee bit more as the 2012 election approaches.

    Let us be frank and state the obvious…a reality that so many in the mainstream media are loathe to admit: The Tea Party GOP and its highwayman want to destroy President Obama because he is a Democrat. But, they despise him because he is Black.

    The intransigence and obstructionism that the President experienced at every turn, especially as seen in what is almost always a routine decision to raise the debt ceiling limit, has been–pardon the pun–deeply colored by the bugaboo that is white racism.

    My claim is not one that is lacking in nuance, where it is “only” white racial resentment and hostility that drives Right-wing, Tea Party GOP opposition to Barack Obama. In a moment of extreme political polarization ideology is made to trump all. The Right-wing rage machine has made compromise, normal politics, and reasonable discourse all but impossible. Race, as the third rail in American political and social life intersects all of those variables. Thus, White racism is a sweetener of sorts that amplifies an already high stakes game of political poker and brinkmanship.

    Noted historian David Roediger, echoing the magisterial W.E.B. Du Bois, introduced the phrase “wages of whiteness” into the vocabulary of those who study race, politics, and American history. His pithy turn of phrase (and what is a rich concept) has been infectious. The framework was subsequently expanded to include the idea that white skin privilege brings with it unearned material, economic, psychological, and legal resources/benefits/gains to those classified as “white” in American society. Thus, the “wages” of Whiteness.

    The racial resentment and hostility of the Tea Party GOP towards President Obama has now introduced a flip side to that concept. In order to destroy a President, the Tea Party GOP was driven by both racism and partisanship to wreck the American economy and hold the people of the country hostage in a time of the Great Recession.

    Here, Whiteness has become a debit–one, to the tune of billions or perhaps even trillions of dollars–as the impact of the Tea Party GOP’s wreckless behavior, driven by racial hostility and animus, reverberates out across the American and world economy.

    Once more, the pathological nature of Whiteness hurts all things and all people across the fuzzy divides of the colorline. There is no escaping it. Even for those deeply invested in its permanence.

    • although America’s AAA credit rating made it through two world wars and a Great Depression intact, it could not survive the country’s first black President.

      Tell it, chauncey! Tell the truth and shame the devil!

      • Sing it Sister! “TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL” Shout it out. Granny always said this and she also said: “Evil hates truth, so speak truth always. Never be afraid of that.”

      • Granny,

        I should have let you handle a troll that was here earlier. I trashed the nonsense. She claimed to be Hispanic and spewing a lot of blather about Whites and Jews contributing everything to America. According to this moron, Hispanics & Blacks haven’t done anything. All the credit goes to the white people & Jews. Just beyond ignorant. Pray tell? Where did this moron learn History? Sarah Palin?

      • CareyCarey says:

        Of course I’ve been reading along and you guys have been bringing the heat!
        And I am going to steal your line and Granny’s line about shaming the devil. I found them to be very delightful.

        So you had a troll huh? Well, on a lighter note, I brought along a friend that wants to say a word or two. Here he is…. “Hola, mi nombre es José Emanis, y yo no hablaba nada de Inglés. Fui criado por los blancos y judios, y ellos no me enseñaron nada de nada. Así que adelante y CareyCarey, un hombre negro, me va a decir lo que está pasando. Muchas gracias!

        Ir Obama! Abajo el privilegio de los blancos”! No puedo soportar rednecks y la fiesta del té

        Translation: Hello, my name is Jose Emanis, and I don’t speak any English. I was raised by white people and Jews, and they didn’t teach me a damn thing. So carry on and CareyCarey, a black man, will tell me what’s going on. Thank you very much!

        Go Obama! Down with white priviledge! I can’t stand rednecks and the tea party. :-)

      • Ametia says:


      • CareyCarey says:

        Dang it Ametia *lol* I can’t get nothing by you. Don’t tell me you know where I got Jose Emanis?

    • Ametia says:

      THIS: Once more, the pathological nature of Whiteness hurts all things and all people across the fuzzy divides of the colorline. There is no escaping it. Even for those deeply invested in its permanence.

  2. Race to the Right

    It is far too simplistic to blame the loose coalition of Republicans known as the Tea Party for the debt-limit debacle. It was not the Tea Party fringe of the Republican Party that dragged the economy to the brink — it was its center. The party has moved so far to the right that there is little difference between fringe and mainstream.

    Through a combination of fear and fervor, Republican leaders in Congress and in the presidential campaign have lined up behind a radical new strategy in which all major decisions are made under threat — to shut the government in April, to implode the economy in July, to cut off money for the Federal Aviation Administration in August. Party leaders have said they will do this again and again, in perpetuity.

    The Tea Party did not come up with this strategy. Although several of its elected members said they would never vote to raise the debt ceiling, it was John Boehner, the House speaker, who in May devised the fatal formula that President Obama would have to agree to cut more from spending than the amount of the debt-limit increase. This nonsense finally won the day. (Mr. Boehner was pilloried by Tea Party branches for raising the debt limit at all.)

    In the House, there are only 60 members of the Tea Party caucus, and they were hardly a monolithic bloc. Last Monday, 32 of them supported the final debt deal and 28 voted against. To understand the Republican Party in the House, it is better to consider the Republican Study Committee, 176 fiscal hard-liners who make up two-thirds of the entire caucus (including many of the Tea Party members). Its chairman, Jim Jordan of Ohio, was one of the biggest obstacles to a deal and refused to support it.

    It is this larger group that Mr. Boehner and his lieutenants fear the most. The Tea Party alone could not topple the speaker. But the Republican core could.

    This rightward flood tide has also picked up most of the Republican presidential field. Considering what a clear triumph the final bill was for the Republicans, cutting $2.4 trillion in spending without a dime of new tax revenue, at least a few candidates would logically have supported it. Only Jon Huntsman, however, has spoken up for it. The rest said they found it insufficiently ruthless, fearing a primary loss if they seemed the slightest bit soft.

    Mitt Romney took a stand, against the bill, only after it was adopted. He complained that it requires a committee that might possibly cut defense spending and recommend higher taxes, though the latter is very unlikely. He did not deny the possibility of a catastrophic default, as Michele Bachmann did, but had no ideas to offer about averting it without this deal. That is what it means to stand at the center of a party that would rather exploit threats than worry about their consequences.

  3. House GOP sabotaged America’s Credit Rating

    America’s credit rating was intentionally sabotaged by Congressional Republicans.

    That’s the conclusion that most economic observers and Wall Street have just come to about the debt ceiling mess.

    In response to this perception – and to the recent dangerous power plays to damage the president in Washington – Standard & Poor yesterday historically downgraded the United States of America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+.

    The agency was responding to Washington’s apparent complete inability to reach an agreement on how to address the large fiscal gaps in our economy, or how to align revenues with spending commitments.

    Closing the financial gaps, it is generally accepted, will require tax increases and the closure of tax giveaways to the rich, otherwise the money can simply not be raised. Remember that today taxes as a percentage of GDP are at historic lows and corporate tax receipts as a percentage of GDP are also at historic lows.

    Not so, say the Republican party, who have now elevated tax cuts to the realm of a near religious faith. Taxes, they claim, should never go up – only down. It makes perfect sense to them that CEO’s and hedge fund managers should pay lower tax rates than high school teachers. We should never return to the dark days of the 1990’s or the tax rates of that era, they cry.

    Add to that insuperable creed a blanket refusal to compromise with Democrats on any major legislative issue – and add a general Tea Party contempt for a working government and its international relations and commitments – and yesterday’s downgrade can be seen for what it is: cold water over the faces of suicidal ideologues.

    Everyone in America, from fiscal reform groups to the general public, had accepted that spending cuts and tax increases were inevitable. But Congressional Republicans now believe that anything that is requested by President Obama must be refused by them, regardless of the ultimate cost to the nation.

    The result was a modest deal composed of spending cuts – and even that was opposed by a sizable number of Congressional Republicans.

    In seeking to the end the Obama presidency Congressional Republicans have overreached and brought about an end to the American Empire instead

  4. Axelrod: This was a ‘tea party downgrade’

    Top Obama strategist David Axelrod criticized Republicans over their handling of the debt-ceiling negotiations which he argued led to Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the nation’s credit rating Friday.

    This was a “tea party downgrade,” said Axelrod on CBS News’ Face the Nation.

    Axelrod said S&P’s decision was “largely a political analysis.” “And that’s what we should focus on because what they were saying is they want to see the political system work. They want to see a sense of compromise. They want to see the kind of solution that the president has been fighting for, a large solution that will deal with the problem, that will be balanced, that will include revenues.”

    Instead, said Axelrod, conservative, Tea Party-influenced Republicans “played brinksmanship with the full faith and credit of the United States. And this was the result of that.”

    “It was the wrong thing to do to push the country to that point” he said. “And it’s something that should never have happened. And that clearly is on the backs of those who were willing to see the country default, those very strident voices in the tea party.”

  5. GGail says:

    Good morning 3Chics. GOD IS

    • Good Morning, GGail! Happy Sunday! It’s a pleasure to see you.

      • GGail says:

        Thank you SG2. I enjoy this site along with TOD and TOAITR. Sadly, BWD at TOAITR is taking a break, but you and TOD will keep us appraised of what’s happening and you will be here to give us MUSIC, beautiful MUSIC!

        • I heard BWD was taking a break. I wish her well on her hiatus. After she is well rested, I hope to see her back. You are most welcome here @ 3 Chics. We look forward to serving you & our community.

  6. Pro-Romney Mystery Donor Comes Forward

    WASHINGTON — Former Bain Capital managing director Ed Conard came forward Friday night and admitted that he is the creator of W Spann LLC, the company that contributed $1 million to the pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future.

    Conard issued a statement to Politico admitting that he was the source of the contribution and asking that Restore Our Future amend its report to list his name, as opposed to W Spann, on records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC):

    I am the individual who formed and funded W Spann LLC. I authorized W Spann LLC’s contribution to Restore Our Future PAC. I did so after consulting prominent legal counsel regarding the transaction, and based on my understanding that the contribution would comply with applicable laws. To address questions raised by the media concerning the contribution, I will request that Restore Our Future PAC amend its public reports to disclose me as the donor associated with this contribution.

    The admission came immediately after two prominent reform groups filed a complaint with both the FEC and the U.S. Department of Justice calling for an investigation into the contribution. The Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 alleged that the person behind the W Spann contribution had broken the law by creating a corporation to make a contribution in the name of another person. Conduit contributions are illegal.

    • creolechild says:

      Hey SG2 ~ here’s some interesting background information about Romney’ s past history with Bain Capital.

      “Romney made huge fortune while workers lost jobs, stockholders and creditors lost money.”


      Last summer the Boston Globe published this account of Mitt Romney’s acquisition of Ampad while he was running Bain Capital:

      From “The Making of Mitt Romney,” Boston Globe, June 26, 2007

      In 1992, Bain Capital acquired American Pad & Paper, or Ampad, from Mead Corp., embarking on a ”roll-up strategy” in which a firm buys up similar companies in the same industry in order to expand revenues and cut costs. Through Ampad, Bain bought several other office supply makers, borrowing heavily each time. By 1999, Ampad’s debt reached nearly $400 million, up from $11 million in 1993, according to government filings.

      Sales grew, too – for a while. But by the late 1990s, foreign competition and increased buying power by superstores like Bain-funded Staples sliced Ampad’s revenues. The result: Ampad couldn’t pay its debts and plunged into bankruptcy. Workers lost jobs and stockholders were left with worthless shares.

      Bain Capital, however, made money – and lots of it. The firm put just $5 million into the deal, but realized big returns in short order. In 1995, several months after shuttering a plant in Indiana and firing roughly 200 workers, Bain Capital borrowed more money to have Ampad buy yet another company, and pay Bain and its investors more than $60 million – in addition to fees for arranging the deal.

      Bain Capital took millions more out of Ampad by charging it $2 million a year in management fees, plus additional fees for each Ampad acquisition. In 1995 alone, Ampad paid Bain at least $7 million. The next year, when Ampad began selling shares on public stock exchanges, Bain Capital grabbed another $2 million fee for arranging the initial public offering – on top of the $45 million to $50 million Bain reaped by selling some of its shares.

      Bain Capital didn’t escape Ampad’s eventual bankruptcy unscathed. It held about one-third of Ampad’s shares, which became worthless. But while as many as 185 workers near Buffalo lost jobs in a 1999 plant closing, Bain Capital and its investors ultimately made more than $100 million on the deal.


  7. CareyCarey says:

    Good morning, good morning… GOOD MOANIN’

    “Carey, what are you doing up so early visiting our blog?”

    Well, I’m about to tell you. For one, my brain seems to work best in the morning before I get caught-up in the day’s trivialities, that seems to intrude our consciousness without being invited. You know, like mess that may have happened weeks ago, or months ago, or in many cases, years ago. Yeah, uninvited nuances that can reek havoc on our entire day, those small memory bits of days gone by, seem, for me, to take a rest early in the morning. But heck, even in the wee hours of the morning, some greet me upon my first … uh… first to the bathroom. Like this morning, I was taking care of my business when I thought, “why did all the brothers who were inducted into yesterdays NFL Hall of Fame, have to talk so damn long? Maybe it was because Snoop Dog was in the audience? Nawl, I don’t think so but, that’s how my brain works (early in the morning), it couldn’t have been the shoes :-). But nope, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders and the boys, had to put on a grand show. I mean, after Richard Dent gave thanks to every person in the whole wide world, I knew I was in for a long night. So I decided to take a shower and maybe ( I thought) a few of the other guys would be done before Deion came out. But oh no, I took my bath, shaved and talked with my momma on the phone, and only one guy had finished doing his thang.

    Anyway, I am here this morning to do a little ranting. But you know what, I really don’t know what that means. I mean, I know what the dictionary says; RANT: “To speak violently or vehemently”, so I guess I’ll call my visit a short talk, not violently, with my 3chics. See, you guys are one of my favorite political blogs, behind only “We are respectable negros”. Y’all won’t get mad if I say that will you? Well, maybe this is were politics raises “one” of it’s ugly heads. He asked me to do a guest post at his spot, and I did *smile*.

    Now hold on, I hate politics, I really do. They bring out the worst in the worst. You know, following up on yesterdays conversation, I said my father told me never to play another man’s game, and don’t be nobodies fool, and to that point, politics, for the most part, are another man’s game. Well, since this is Sunday morning, lets take church for example. I was raised in the church and many of my family members are preachers, and no, I’m not one of “those black people” who have a problem with “airing our dirty laundry” (a troubling mantra but a topic for another day). I have a problem with some of the politics in church. You know, the old guard vs. the new… more ah, younger crowd. Another: Who’s on the kitchen committee and why does her family get to use the facilities when so n’ so couldn’t? Why does the new organist get paid so much when sister Walker has been here longer. “I know why our budget was reduced. The pastor’s wife (first lady) is close friends with Sister Clarice, and she’s the head of the media committee, and they asked for more money”. Yeah folks, y’all know what I’m talking about :-)

    Now on the larger stage, we have Huckin’ and Buckin’ TAVIS & CORNELL and those rats… Republicans. See, that’s a cast of characters who are in a game that, well… Hammer Time said it best… “I can’t touch that”. Listen, for the most part, I’m yet to understand what some folks mean when they term their “blowing smoke out of their ass” as “constructive feedback” that’s designed to make the president accountable? Look, I am all for constructive feedback, but if the feedback is nothing but gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions, bitches switches, I don’t view that as constructive feedback. That’s more akin to the negro-lites real message of “replace Obama”.

    Making our president accountable? I mean, really? Do they really think they’re making him accountable by sitting in/on a TV show with a bunch of other ego turds that acquired their political science degrees on-line – or off the 10 o’clock news? I mean, what’s accomplished by listening to rants, half-baked solutions, haters and naysayers – huh? Surely that’s not making him accountable. That’s nothing more than a game of spades or dominoes. Any negro can sit around a table and talk trash. I mean, making him accountable??? Tell me, tell me exactly how they’re doing that? I mean, considering the un-focused willy-nilly rhetoric that falls from their slobbering pimping mouths, I have a hard time understanding how that’s making the president accountable? Having said all of that, in the very least; would their words move people toward Obama or move them away from him? Don’t duck now, but that’s BIG ASS ELEPHANT in the house. If not Obama than who? I want those huckin’ and buckin’ negroes to give me a name, who do they think will serve us better?

    But I have to give it to those Republican hound dogs. They had Obama in what I call, a tight “dookie squeeze“. Yep, he was damned if he didn’t and thus, had to give up some of his position. Yes sir, it was a game of chest (that deficit mess) and they had him in check. And as I said yesterday, they really had nothing to lose… they were in a win-win situation. If “it” failed, they were ready and willing to say “See there, the black man fk’d up our nations economy“. So, whatever they received from the “game” at hand, the serendipitous rewards would come their way. I hate politics!

    Okay my good friends, I’m done ranting. **BIG SMILE**

    • Good Morning, CareyCarey!

      It’s always a pleasure to see. 3 Chics missed you! Ametia was asking about you a few weeks ago wondering where is our CareyCarey! We always enjoy reading your thoughts and you bring the humor too. It makes us smile as well. Glad to see you my friend!

      • CareyCarey says:

        Stop it Ms SouthernGirl, you sure know what to say lol

        But seriously, although I don’t post as much as I used to (I don’t write new posts @ my blog anymore, it can be a time drain) I do however love stopping by the 3chics political. I read y’alls library (although I don’t read “true or untrue romance” yicks :-)) and when someone hits your music selections, I get an e-mail so I revisit the real, the good music. And I love the way you guys defend Obama like junk yard dogs. And, if I had y’all hand, I’d throw mine away. I mean, your sentence structure and command of the English language is to die for. And since I believe humor is the way to everyone’s heart, you guys welcome my “less than serious” commentary, so that makes me feel good.

        But come on, did Ametia really ask about me? But if she did, and I know she’s married, but could you ask her – if she can hold a secret, so can I – ask her if she fools around *lol*. I need love. :-)

        • LOL!

          You’re too funny! And yes, Ametia is married but she did ask about you. Seriously, it’s in one of the recent threads, I just can’t remember which one. We love your humor! Laughter is good for the soul. We love to debate on serious issues but we also love to laugh and have fun.

      • Ametia says:

        LMBAO1 Your’e a riot! Careycarey, I most certainly did inquire about our brotha. it warms our hearts when you stop in and drop some wisdom and humor on 3 Chics. And sorry, I don’t mess around. I’ve got a gem of a husband. Seriously, if you’re ever in the Twin Cities, we’d definitely love to meet up with you and do tea/coffee, lunch/dinner.

      • CareyCarey says:

        Cool Ametia, I have a sister in law and a good friend that live there. So yeah, you never know, dinner might be on you and yours. Wait, make that two dinners cuz I’ll have to bring a date… if I ever find one. :-)

        I mean, I wouldn’t want ol’boy looking at me with his eyebrow raised. You know, us men are funny about our woman’s men friends. Come on now… you know that song that goes?… “who is that man and what does he mean to you” (I don’t remember who sung it?)

        No no, hubby may be chubby and chuckly and a gem of a guy, but when the mouse is away (on her blog), we don’t play, we want to know who is this cat you brought to dinner.

        But in all seriousness, I knew you were married (you said it @ Jack & Jill), but I had to find a way to pop a joke off Ms SouthernGirl. And if you were married and fooled around, you wouldn’t be fooling around with me. I never respected women that creep on their guy. Besides, if they’d creep with me, who else are they slippin’ n sliddin’ to the hideaway hotel – with? Shiiiiit, I can make trouble ALL by myself. :-) And I am too old to jump out windows…. ass-butt-naked. :-(
        So yeah, the next time I am up in the Twin Cities, I’ll find a way to give “y’all” a holla.

      • Ametia says:

        LOL We’d pick up the tab for a meal.Ass far as a date; check out I’ve got friends who were HIGHLY successful with it. Ya still got my email; drop me note; if you’re ever in town.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL @ dookie squeeze! Great post, careycarey. Ain’t nothing wrong with specifyin’ your likes. We’re always so honored when you grace 3 Chics with your presence.

      We’re stuck to President Obama like VELCRO. If folks would just start holding themselves 100% ACCOUNTABLE for their own thoughts, words, and actions, we’d be able to live with this very simple common law. But this physical plane isn’t desgined this way.

  8. Ametia says:

    (Video) John Kerry’s prophetic plea: don’t allow tea partiers on the debt ‘super committee’

    On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, Sen. John Kerry dressed down the media for giving equal time to mad people who think defaulting on the debt is a good thing. But that’s not the most important thing he said.
    Kerry also implored his Republican colleagues not to allow the extremists whose mania for slashing government and refusal to allow a dime’s worth of revenue to come out of the pockets of the rich, onto the “super congress” that will try to negotiate a grand bargain on debt and deficits (if it isn’t declared unconstitutiional before it gets a chance.)

    Why? Because if the tea party faction has its way, the Republican side of the bipartisan commission will be stacked with anti-tax, anti-government lunatics of the same stripe who brought us America’s first-ever credit downgrade.


  9. Good Morning, 3 Chics, Friends & Visitors!

    Happy Sunday!

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