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Hugh Ramopolo Masekela (born April 4, 1939) is a South African trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer, and singer.

Masekela was born in Kwa-Guqa Township, Witbank, South Africa. He began singing and playing piano as a child. At age 14, after seeing the film Young Man With a Horn (in which Kirk Douglas plays a character modeled after American jazz trumpeter Bix Beiderbecke), he took up playing the trumpet. His first trumpet was given to him by Archbishop Trevor Huddleston, the anti-apartheid chaplain at St. Peter’s Secondary School.[1]

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  1. rikyrah says:

    I love Masekela

    saw him in concert about a year ago – HE WAS FANTASTIC.


    a true artist

  2. rikyrah says:

    Tavis Smiley and Cornel West bring their poverty tour to Detroit

    Award winning public television host Tavis Smiley along with former Harvard professor Dr. Cornell West drove their poverty bus tour into Detroit Monday.

    The town hall meeting was held in the auditorium at city hall and was packed with people supporting President Obama.

    They had heard Smiley and West would be bashing the president for failing to make the plight of the poor an issue.

    There was some rowdiness and rudeness that made it tough for Smiley to make some of his points but not enough to disrupt the meeting.

  3. I love Masekela. I’ve got his work on CDs that I bought in SA. You made my day!

    This isn’t politics but my six year old grandson gave his little sister a hair cut over the weekend. Daughter had to take her to pros to get it somewhat presentable. My son-in-law cried: “She looks like a cancer patient.” Daughter was totally unmoved because she and her brother cut each other’s hair anytime they could get their hands on scissors and once they did it with their father’s shaving razor. Daughter was the only child in the neighbor hood whose Barbie dolls looked just like GI Jane.

    I got such a laugh and really my granddaughter is still cute even with hardly any hair. Daughter sent me an email with the pic today and it filled me with the joy that….life goes on and we need to celebrate every day. ♥ Chicas.

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA @ Barbie doll looked like GI Jane!.Ag, I’m going to be a first time grandma Next January. I’m MAJORLY stoked. Oh the adventures of being a kiddie. I know you appreciate your grandkids. Thanks for sharing.

      • Oh Congratulations! My #12 is due the end of September. Being a Granny is absolutely the best thing. I just love watching my own children cope with some of the same things I had to deal with. I can’t tell you how powerful it was the first time I held the child of my child. I cried with joy at the miracle of life.

    • Kids will be kids. That’s what makes them so adorable! The little one’s hair will grow back soon enough. :)

      • I laughed so hard because my daughter was so hohum, oh well her hair will grow back, but SIL was horrified. Daughter teases him all the time about having lived such an ordinary “sheltered childhood” She tells him some of the stuff that she, her brother, sisters and cousins did and he screams in terror that his own children might do that. He is a real sweetie and all round good guy but he will have to get a grip because he is raising kiddos with our genes, lol.

  4. rikyrah says:

    The Pres is the Last Man Standing

    by BooMan
    Mon Aug 8th, 2011 at 06:46:48 PM EST
    It’s hard to imagine Congress getting any less popular. The Republicans are succeeding in weakening the president, but they’re making themselves even weaker in the process. I can’t say for sure that this past weekend was a pivotal moment, but I think we may look back on it as the point in time when something snapped. It’s like the Republicans kept pushing on a door, and pushing and pushing some more, with the idea that they were getting rewarded for bad behavior. But all the time the tension was rising and the resistance was building, until the door snapped back in their faces and sent them sprawling.

    The presidency has a reputation for being stronger than it is in reality, and the Republicans rejoice in making Obama look impotent in any way that they can. They hold his appointments. They filibuster everything. They refuse to compromise on almost anything. This infuriates liberals and progressives who have big hopes and dreams and can’t understand why they’re not coming true. We all begin infighting and blaming each other. The public gets disgusted with the whole spectacle and starts to believe government is worthless. And the GOP benefits coming and going.

    But the president is still the only politician in the country that has anywhere near decent poll numbers. People trust him more than they trust anyone else. And you can’t beat something with nothing. And that’s about the size of Mitt Romney…a great big nothing. And the rest of the GOP field is laughable.

    The president might not be able to try liberal solutions to the unemployment problem, but he didn’t overreach so far that he undermined our country’s credit rating and caused a 600-point sell-off in the stock market. The Republicans did that to nothing but cheerleading from their presidential contenders.

    So, what now? Will the results in Wisconsin matter? Is anything going to change?

  5. Ametia says:

    Ah sookie sookie, now! Hugh Masekela, my MAN…Thanks, sG2!

  6. rikyrah says:

    Political Animal
    August 08, 2011 3:15 PM

    Quote of the Day

    By Steve Benen

    Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) was asked to comment on Fox News this morning about Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) accurately blaming right-wing GOP brinkmanship for contributing to the S&P downgrade. West, apparently, wasn’t pleased.

    “I find those comments to be absolutely the most insidious thing I’ve ever heard. I think that what you continue to see from the left is looking for someone to blame. It’s very simple. When we go back to 2007, when the Democrats took over the House and the Senate, the debt at that time was 8.6 trillion. Now today we see the debt at $14.5 trillion. They have to look at themselves and they have to understand that they are the ones that are totally to blame. It has nothing to do with increasing revenues by tax hikes. It has everything to do with cutting spending.”

    Let’s unwrap this a bit, because it’s a doozy.

    First, I don’t think West knows what “insidious” means. Second, it’s hilarious West blames the deficits of 2007 and 2008 on Democrats. If the right-wing Floridian really wants to talk about the drivers of our debt, I’ve got a great chart for him.

    But it’s West’s understanding — or in this case, lack thereof — of the downgrade that’s truly amazing. Democrats, he says, are “totally to blame,” while S&P’s decision “has nothing to do with increasing revenues.”

    It doesn’t take very long to actually read the S&P analysis, and even Republican congressmen should be able to understand it.

    While West may choose to believe this “has nothing to do with increasing revenues,” S&P said its decision is driven in part by the assumption that “the majority of Republicans in Congress [will] continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues.”

    So, here’s the question: did Allen West go on national television and blatantly lie about a critical national issue, or did Allen West go on national television to discuss the critical national issue without even bothering to read a simple report issued more three days ago?

  7. rikyrah says:

    The stupid BURNS with this woman.


    Political Animal
    August 08, 2011 3:55 PM
    The layers of Bachmann’s confusion

    By Steve Benen

    That Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has no idea what she’s talking about isn’t exactly new. But it’s hard not to appreciate just how extraordinarily confused she is about the basics of reality. Here’s a report from Dave Weigel, who was on hand for a Bachmann campaign appearance in Iowa:

    When Bachmann arrived, she devoted half of her opening statement to the downgrade. The message: She could have stopped it.

    “For the last two weeks, I led the fight against raising the debt limit,” Bachmann said. Increasing the limit “pushed the rating agency over the edge.” It was a “$2.4 trillion blank check that caused the downgrade.”

    Make no mistake: The downgrade was Barack Obama’s fault. “We were somehow able to get through the Great Depression without a credit downgrade,” she said.

    I suspect this message will resonate with some Iowa Republicans, but it’s astounding how an adult, worse yet a member of Congress, even worse still a leading candidate for the presidency, could be this foolish.

    Bachmann, who apparently wasn’t kidding, believes raising the debt ceiling — i.e., authorizing the Treasury to pay our bills — caused the downgrade. She also doesn’t understand what a “blank check” is — how can it be blank and be worth $2.4 trillion? — or the effect it had on the process.

    The fact is, nothing contributed more to the downgrade than the approach adopted by Michele Bachmann and people who share her truly ridiculous worldview.

    She would know that, of course, if she read the S&P report and learned what actually happened, but what fun would that be? Why let facts get in the way of a perfectly nice right-wing fantasy?

  8. Bernadine Healy, 9/11 American Red Cross Leader, Dies

    Dr. Bernadine Healy, the first woman to direct the National Institutes of Health and the leader of the American Red Cross during the Sept. 11 terror attacks, has died. She was 67.

    Healy died at her home in suburban Cleveland on Saturday, according to Schulte & Mahon-Murphy Funeral Homes in Lyndhurst. She had suffered from brain cancer, but the cause of her death wasn’t released.

    Healy, a Republican, headed the National Institutes of Health under President George H.W. Bush and lost a bid in 1994 for the U.S. Senate in Ohio.

    Forceful, outspoken and a strong advocate for women’s health, Healy appeared frequently on network TV news shows to talk about health issues and wrote a column for U.S. News and World Report.

  9. Court Upholds Torture Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld

    CHICAGO — A court says two Americans who worked for an Iraqi contracting firm can move forward with a lawsuit accusing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of being responsible for U.S. forces allegedly torturing them.

    The ruling Monday from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago a rejects arguments that Rumsfeld should be immune from such lawsuits for work performed as a Cabinet secretary.

    Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel claim they were tortured in 2006 after blowing the whistle on alleged illegal activities by the contracting company. They say they were subjected to sleep deprivation, blasting music, hunger and various threats.

    The lawsuit describes such practices as torture and alleges Rumsfeld personally took part in approving the methods for use by the military in Iraq.

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