Republicans Create $$$ PAY-PER-VIEW $$$ Town Hall Meetings: Privatizing Democracy?

During the congressional recess, Republicans are taking heat from their constituents at home and in town halls across the nation.  Folks are livid, damned near rabid about the antics of their elected officials.  Especially the GOP’s behavior during the debt ceiling debacle.

How do you quiet dissent amongst the rabid, angry crowds?


You read and heard it right, folks.  PRIVATIZE DEMOCRACY, it’s the GOP way, don’tcha know!

Take a look at what has happened to the House Republicans who DO meet with their constituents in this piece from DCCC.  There are over two dozen GOPers in the article below, including House GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack from my state, Minnesota.

   House Republicans Taking Recess Heat, While Others Hide at Pay-Per-View Events.

Looks like Eddie Munster AKA Paul Ryan’s charging $15 a head to ask him a question.

Americans are hurting with the downward spiral in the economy,  with the obstructionism of the GOP,  and natural disasters have taken their toll on communities throughout the USA, and folks like Paul Ryan are charging their constituents money to ask them what the fuck they are they doing to serve constituents? 

How many poor, unemployed, American VOTERS do you think can afford to pay their elected officials to actually hold them ACCOUNTABLE to do the jobs they were ELECTED to do?

Are the GOP only interested in serving the few and not the many?

 What say you 3 Chics community?

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4 Responses to Republicans Create $$$ PAY-PER-VIEW $$$ Town Hall Meetings: Privatizing Democracy?

  1. Lisa MB says:

    I’m not sure what’s scarier: How low the GOP will actually stoop OR that there are *still* people in this country who support these crooks, no matter what.

    My brain hurts from processing this. :(

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Lisa, long time no see! :-)

      I hear and feel you. It’s both. It’s the nature of the game, though, to wear us down, so we just give up and let the crazies run the asylum. Take heart

  2. This is happening here too. I wanted to go to Baby Quayle’s town hall until I found out I would have to pay $15 (donate) to get in. This sure is no “Congress on Your Corner” (Thanks Gabby Giffords and please get back to us soon!) These people are disgusting. McCain got pissed and walked out on his town hall when people challenged him and he got booed for giving out the Repugnant BS rhetoric.

    These people can run but they can’t hide. Charging your constituents to talk to you just ain’t pretty and won’t be forgotten. We plan to bury the Baby Quayle with this piece of caca in 2012.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL @ Baby Quayle! Yep, Quale is on the list. I plastered Cravaack’s mugshot because he’s represents my state. I an’t never scurred of’em! They may be REpublicans, but they represent our state, just like PBO is POTUS, he serves all AMERICANS.

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