Hurricane Irene Updates: The Obama Administration ENACTS “Good” Government Response | Here’s the “SITUATION”

Hurricane Irene: Overview Of Federal Family’s Preparations And Response 

Obama administration provides training for NYC.

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This is what the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT’s role is.  These are the services that GOOD GOVERNMENT provides for its citizens, under balanced, intelligent LEADERSHIP.

The powerful storm system Irene has weakened to a tropical storm, but authorities warn that its 65-mph winds are still very dangerous.
In other developments:
— New York City’s Hudson and East Rivers overflowed
— River water began flooding into Manhattan’s streets
— 3 million people are without electricity and FEMA officials say it could be days before power is restored
— Parts of outer Philadelphia were flooded as high as street-sign levels
— At least 11 have died in five states due to the storm

Please feel free to drop links or comments about how things are going in your neck-o-the-woods!

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  1. Ametia says:


    The evacuation order for low-lying parts of New York City will be lifted at 3 p.m. ET Sunday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. The order had been put in place as the city braced for the worst from this weekend’s storm system.

    As it turned out, Irene’s impact with North Carolina weakened the storm. “It never got its eye back. It never got its mojo back,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

    In other Irene-related developments:
    –At least 15 people have died so far across six states
    –The storm is heading northeast toward New England with 60-mph winds
    –“Do not leave your homes. … It is still not safe,” New Jersey’s governor says, as much of his state is flooded
    –Flooding in New York City threatens its electrical infrastructure, which is below ground

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