Politico reporter confuses Wisconsin flag with labor union flag

Cognitive Dissidence

Cognitive Dissidence

Politico mistook the Wisconsin state flag as being the flag of Wisconsin Local 1848.

Once they realized how stupid they looked, they deleted the post (which appears to be a common thing for Republicans).

But thanks to the power of Google Cache, you can see it for yourself

Shame on you, Politico.  You should remember Proverbs 26:27

Whoever digs a pit falls into it; and a stone comes back upon the one who rolls it.

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12 Responses to Politico reporter confuses Wisconsin flag with labor union flag

  1. Cal says:

    Apparently Politico actually went to the further extreme of contacting Google and demanding the article be removed from the Google Cache. Because it’s gone now.

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    Politico….is this the same feces publication that has politicofactcheck? If it is the same….it does not surprise me they don’t know the difference between a state flag and the flag of a union local. Facts seems to be something they are not aware of.

  3. rikyrah says:

    1. Politico is a piece of right-wing trash.

    2. SO WHAT if it had been a flag for the union?

    Democrats are NOT the party trying to destroy the unions in this country. It’s not Democrats that have spent the past 30 years trying to destroy the middle class.

    THAT is the Republicans.

    So, what if it had been the union flag?

    The President would have been in the right to be there. The President is on the side of the middle-class.

    On the side of the worker.

    Politico is a rag carrier for the GOP, which is why they are a joke.

    • Get’em, Rikyrah!

      The reporter should feel like a moron. Politico intended to smear the President but it came back on them and made them look like total fools.

      Karma, it’s what’s for dinner!

  4. Jueseppi B. says:

    Good scripture

  5. Politico:WH flies labor flag in Milwaukee

    egg in face, embarrassed

  6. Politico = Right Wing Political Hacks!

  7. Anna Chan says:

    I thought all along the Wisconsin flag had a sexy deer on it

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