Whitney Houston Funeral Photos

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  1. Whitney Houston Casket Carried to Hearse

  2. Deneice Ortiz says:

    I wanted to post to this site because it is the only one that didn’t reek with the stink of mean-spirited nasty comments. Honestly, if you don’t care then pass on by.

  3. Deneice Ortiz says:

    I am so profoundly grateful that Cissy Houston allowed filming to take place during the Home Going services for her daughter. Indeed we were all “taken to church” and reminded that no matter how lost Whitney may have been in her physical form here on earth, that she was deeply rooted in her spiritual life. All those in attendance held her high and released her to The Lord; the abundance of their love was palpable. My prayers go to Bobbi-Kris for I too, have an only daughter and no matter the clashes we’ve had, the painful, hurtful truths of mothers and their daughters, if I was to leave her too early, she’d never be the same. Bobbi-Kristina is going to miss her mother something awful and nothing on earth will sustain her unless she trustfully roots her life in Christ. The world will be watching for her downfall and the devil will actively send people and circumstances to BK to trick her and wrap her in the evil of worldly things. I pray that she takes strength from the woman who meant the most to her because we know Whitney had to be strong in her line of work. Whitney gave to us the great gift of her magnificent voice. The places she’s travelled whether high or low could have only been walked through by a strong woman. This gift, if deemed so, is to be passed onto her only child and I pray that she understands and realizes she has that gift of strength from her mom. It will be during those trying times that she’ll know her mom has never left her.

  4. Ametia says:

    The View Panel Talks Whitney Houston’s Funeral, Falling On Top Of Caskets
    by Sarah Devlin | 12:37 pm, February 20th, 2012

    Oh, how I have missed watching The View every morning! On this day in history, the panel covered the most touching moments of Whitney Houston’s funeral in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday, which included performances from the likes of Stevie Wonder and a moving speech by Kevin Costner. Then, naturally, talk turned to Whoopi Goldberg’s own funeral. Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t want to have the discussion, but Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi agreed that shying away from the inevitable doesn’t help anyone, and that funerals can sometimes be joyous.

    At this point, the two of them began talking about “the lady that falls into the casket,” wailing, at the end of African American funerals, which is apparently enough of a trope at that both of them recognized it immediately and were able to do impressions? Never change, ladies.


  5. Ametia says:


  6. Ametia says:

    Thank you, SG2 & rikyrah for honoring our Ms. Houston. I was out of pocket this past weekend, but I knew our 3 Chics would brng the love and honor that Whitney and her family DESERVE durng this most sorrowful time. THANK YOU!

  7. Whitney Houston funeral: Who were the pallbearers?


    February 19, 2012 — Whitney Houston’s emotional funeral was ended by her pallbearers carrying the singer’s chrome casket out of the New Jersey church. Now, fans are wondering just who the group of men who had the honor of escorting Whitney to her final resting place were.

    According to Whitney Houston’s funeral program, released by TMZ, the singer had 13 pallbearers. The names listed on the program for the service included Gary Houston, Michael Houston, Ray Watson, Billy Evans, Brad Harper, David Elliot, Damon Elliot, Barry Warrick, Bob Fontenot, Gregory Moss, Nicholas Gordon, along with two others.

    Whitney Houston had many adoring fans, but it was her close friends and family who knew her best. The “I Will Always Love You” singer’s casket was removed from the New Jersey church as the hit song played in the church.

  8. Winans Family Whitney Houston Funeral Tribute – “Tomorrow”

  9. rikyrah says:

    Melissa Harris -Perry did her last 2 segments on the Saturday show on Whitney. they were very respectful.

  10. Whitney Houston’s Casket exiting the church.

    • rikyrah says:

      this broke my heart. I teared up, here and there, but watching Cissy literally being held up by the ‘ sisters’ in the church, walking behind her baby’s coffin…

      for those who spoke nonsense about Whitney’s demons and didn’t understand why this shook us as a community – it was there…WE were there with Cissy. We always saw Whitney as ‘Cissy’s Baby’.

    • Ametia says:

      Mercy; i can’t take this; watching Ms. Cissy being carried out of the church followng her daughter’ casket. It’s much to MUCH!

  11. dannie22 says:

    Thanks for the photos.

  12. Whitney was loved deeply. I feel like Rikyrah…we’re still in shock. It’s very hard to accept that she is gone. Folks were looking for a comeback…not death. It’s so crushing.

  13. Tamra Branch, of Brooklyn, NY, cries while near New Hope Baptist Church. She claims that she is Houston’s biggest fan and had to be there to pay her respects. Coverage of the Whitney Houston Funeral. Saturday February 18, 2012. NEWARK, NJ, USA. Photo by (Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger)

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