Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks On Rick Santorum’s Attacks On President Obama’s Religious Faith

You can watch Rev. Al speak today on MSNBC here at 11am EST.

Here’s what that sweater-vested MONSTER said:

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22 Responses to Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks On Rick Santorum’s Attacks On President Obama’s Religious Faith

  1. Rick Santorum Is A One Trick Pony

    So far we’ve had Free Market Jesus, Cowboy Jesus, Mack Daddy Jesus, and Finally Come To Jesus as front runners in the Republican primary. Now we’ve got My Jesus Is Your Jesus Dammit topping the political polls. Whether Rick Santorum is a devout Catholic or not really doesn’t mean anything to me. Religious freedom not only means that Mr. Santorum is free to follow the tenets of what he believes in—it also means that I and every other citizen can also choose to be free of the influence of any or all religions.

    If Rick Santorum wants to be a Grand Ayatollah , he is welcome to move to Iran. If Rick Santorum wants to be the Pope, he is welcome to move to Vatican City. No pope, bishop, imam or rabbi has any business dictating public policy in America. In fact, the very ability of all these different religious faiths to co-exist in this country is to a large extent dependent on society’s ability to keep any of them from having the tenets their believers have accepted codified into laws that affect everyone.

    At times, it seems as if Santorum is running to become theologian in chief . He made the bizarre allegation Saturday that Obama’s actions are motivated by “some phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible.” On Sunday, he said by way of clarification that he understands Obama is a Christian, but that the president was somehow misinterpreting God’s truth — as revealed to Rick Santorum — about our duty to be stewards of the Earth.

    Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him


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  4. John V. Moore @johnvmoore

    Did anyone else hear Rick Santorum’s spokesperson slip up and criticize President Obama’s “radical Islamic” policies just now on @MSNBC #p2

  5. Ametia says:

    There’s my Mayor R.T. Rybak! Love him…

  6. Ametia says:

    Rev. Al will continue the discussion on Politics Nation this evening.

  7. Ametia says:


  8. Ametia says:

    The GOP has nothing to offer America but RACISM, DIVISION, AD FEAR-MONGERING HATEFUL, RHETORIC.

  9. rikyrah says:

    thank you, Rev. AL

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