CNN’s Erick Erickson “Rally For Rush” Limbaugh The Misogynist


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So Erick Erickson, you can support Rush Limbaugh all you like, but  as a CNN contributor, 3 Chics takes issue with your association with this hate-filled, racist, Rush Limbaugh and your support of his actions.  Your ideology and misinformed ignorance about the contraceptive issue is just as insulting to women.

Fox Nation, 3/1/12]

CNN’s Erickson: ” Of Course Rush Was Being Insulting … But He Was Using Insult And Sarcasm To Highlight The Absurdity Of Sandra Fluke And The Left’s Position.”In a March 2 RedState post, CNN contributor Erick Erickson responded to Carly Fiorina, vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, after she criticized Limbaugh’s comments as “insulting.” Erickson wrote:

Erickson:  Well of course Rush Limbaugh was being insulting. It is not something I would do, but he was using insult and sarcasm to highlight the absurdity of Sandra Fluke and the left’s position, which in a nut shell is they think you, me, and every other American should pay for them to have sex. And while I understand people being offended, I am offended by many of these same people thinking I should be subsidizing what has, for years, been considered a consensual act. [RedState, 3/2/12, emphasis added]

Really, these folks have no shame.  Notice how they yell and scream the “LIBRULS ARE TRYNA SHUT DOWN OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!”  And the topper, dig up whatever they can find on Sandra Fluke to discredit her with the already angry, rabid, hateful GOP base.

Jeffrey Lord, the author of this CRY-ME-A-FUCKING-RIVER piece was a former Reagan staffer is arming the troops to fight back and get behind the drugster, Limbaugh.  Trust these GOP-PERs are adept at sticking together, when one of their own power is threatened.

Remember Roland  Martin got called into the principals office for his homophobic remarks.

CNN has suspended commentator Roland Martin over tweets during the Super Bowl that GLAAD and others blasted as homophobic

CNN has been vying for FOX News status for a few years now.  I’ve tuned them out, ever since they took on Erick Erickson from Red State.

Southern Rootz @Earlyrizah
“Erick Erickson from CNN is rallying behind Rush L. Let us see if CNN will suspend Erickson for his reckless & offensive comments.”

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15 Responses to CNN’s Erick Erickson “Rally For Rush” Limbaugh The Misogynist

  1. Ametia says:

    What happened to Rick Sanchez and Roland Martin on CNN?

  2. majii says:

    Erick Erickson has a long history of sticking up for what he calls “conservative values,” whatever the hell those are. If the person is rich, anti-union, hates taxes, is a fundamentalist religious nut, a woman who will take a back seat to her man, etc, he’ll back him/her. I know Erickson from local politics. He was just as ugly on our city council as he is at CNN. In 2009, our local police officers wanted to join the Teamsters Union. Erickson went off the rails and insulted them, saying that they should all be fired. He wrote an op-ed that was filled with venom. I’ve never been so happy as I was when I discovered he wouldn’t be running for re-election in 2010, and I was surprised when CNN hired him. I knew at that point that CNN would further erode its credibility even more than it had with Lou Dobbs, and I was right. It is my prediction that this latest effort by Erickson will be as effective as his last little idea which, iirc, had something to do with defending the one percenters.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi majii. Red State’s blog has been disinfected somewhat. Erick got the exterminator in there for a light spray, I see. the comments aren’t as racist and hateful as they used to be.

      CNN is’t slick. They can give Soledad a morning show, and place the other POC like Fredricka Whitfield, T.J. Holmes, Don Lemon, et., al, in those weekend slots, but it will never get me to return to that network. They essentially replaced old racist Lou Dobbs with another racist, Erickson.

  3. Ametia says:

    Karen Finney is on LO giving Limbaugh, RED STATE and the GOP right wingers a righteous BEATDOWN! We WILL NOT BACK DOWN, BITCHES!

  4. LiberalPhenom:

    And Kirsten Powers claiming Pres Obama attacked Hillary during primaries. When did that happen?

  5. Erick you need to educate yourself in this subject~the birth control pill is NOT just used as a contraceptive it is also needed for other female ailements~such as migranes, ovarian cysts,heavy menes bleeding and the list goes on!! as for pay of the pill it would not be the taxpayer but it would be the insurance company you know the same insurance company that pays for you and Rush’s viagra! Before youm take a stand at least educate yourself. Iam amazed that you hold the job you have and still show total ignorance of the world around you~~Rush has opened Pandora’s box and the American women are no longer to be kept pregnant and bare footed at home~we have become educated, we have self esteem and men the likes of you can not any longer intimidate or hold us down>

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