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Terry England (R) Georgia Representative Compares Women to Farm Animals| In The Name of The FETUS

Terry England compares women to cows, pigs, chickens A high risk pregnancy brings fear to the hearts of most couples. When a doctor tells a woman that her unborn child’s brain is not forming or that an organ has grown … Continue reading

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Rev. Al Sharpon Speaks On Voter ID Laws, Invokes JIM CROW


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I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but I will: THIS IS WHO THEY ARE. From Angry Black Lady Chronicles: Won’t Be Long Now, Folks! Posted on March 6, 2012 by Zandar And the odds that … Continue reading

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The GOP’s Continued WAR ON WOMEN

Say it again with me, people. The GOP has a WAR ON WOMEN. EXAMPLE ONE: From Balloon Juice: Arizona Senate Passes Bill Permitting Doctors to Withhold Prenatal Information From Women by ABL 2.0 The Arizona Senate passed a bill this … Continue reading

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Video | President Obama Delivers Remarks at Rolls-Royce Crosspointe Facility In Virginia

Updated with video Click here’s to view a three minute clip on Rolls Royce Crosspointe. Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, is proud to host President Obama today at its Crosspointe facility in Virginia. Crosspointe is a hub of advanced manufacturing and … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Minnie Riperton Week!

3 Chics hopes you’ve enjoyed our featured artist Minnie Riperton. “You Take My Breath Away.” You certainly took our breath away, Ms. Riperton. …And “Les Fleur”, because you were the perfect FLOWER.

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