Trayvon Martin Hoodie March in LA

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2 Responses to Trayvon Martin Hoodie March in LA

  1. dgillem says:

    When and how long is it going to be,before people with a heart and soul understand that Trayvon could be anyones child,under a hoody,male or female,white or black,brown,gay straight,normal,retarded,or an old man, or womem.The fact is GZ made him self the stalker,and unfortunatley,it was Trayvon he murdered,no one else.GZ appointed himself watch captain,he decided on his own to get out of his car to follow this hooded person,he had the gun,not the child,he shot the gun,not the child,and then has someone in there police dept,let him walk.God give Trayvon’s family the strength to listen to the lies this guy is going to upchuck,and thats what he and his lawyers are going to do lie.I wish you peace and love for your son,who knows TM could have one day been our president.What a tragedy God Bless You

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