Sunday Open Thread

Good Morning.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend with family and friends.

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  1. dannie22 says:

    my wifi has been down all week end. havent been able to tweet

  2. Ametia says:

    Posted at 08:00 PM ET, 06/03/2012
    Stop waiting for and start paying attention to our first black president
    By Jonathan Capehart

    Over the last three and a half years, there have been three silly political storylines that have driven me absolutely nuts because it was plainly apparent that they were not true. One was that author, reality television star and former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin was going to run for president in 2012. Another was that President Obama would swap out Vice President Biden in favor of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And the most irksome of all is the complaint from African Americans that Obama ignores their concerns.

    The latest manifestation of the Obama-doesn’t-care-about-black-people whine comes from Fredrick Harris. In a piece for The Post’s Outlook section headlined “Still waiting for our first black president,”which was adapted from his new book, the Columbia University professor makes a stunningly false argument.

    Obama has pursued a racially defused electoral and governing strategy, keeping issues of specific interest to African Americans — such as disparities in the criminal justice system; the disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis on communities of color; black unemployment; and the persistence of HIV/AIDS — off the national agenda. Far from giving black America greater influence in U.S. politics, Obama’s ascent to the White House has signaled the decline of a politics aimed at challenging racial inequality head-on.

    Those are all important issues. They must be addressed. The problem for Harris is that they are being addressed by the president. Not in the theatrical way Harris would like. But in the actions-speak-louder-than-words way of Obama.


  3. rikyrah says:

    Romney Adviser: Women’s Health Issues Are ‘Shiny Objects’ That ‘Distract’ Voters

    | Despite spending the GOP’s contested primary accusing President Obama for waging “an assault on religion,” flyering voters in Iowa with pamphlets that touted a “pro-life” agenda, and pledging to defund Planned Parenthood, Mitt Romney’s senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom insisted that the general election should eschew social issues. Fehrnstrom also accused Democrats of using women’s reproductive health as “shiny objects” to avoid discussing the economy. “Mitt Romney is pro-life,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. “He’ll govern as a pro-life president, but you’re going to see the Democrats use all sorts of shiny objects to distract people’s attention from the Obama performance on the economy. This is not a social issue election.”

  4. Ametia says:

    MTP Mayor Kasim Reid

    Kasim Reed: Democrats shouldn’t ask Obama to fight ‘with one hand behind his back’

    Link to panel segments with Kasim Reid

  5. rikyrah says:

    CNN Poll: Obama By 3, Powered By Enthusiasm

    Kyle Leighton June 1, 2012, 4:35 PM

    A new national poll from CNN shows President Obama with a 3 point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, down from the 9 percent lead Obama held in the cable network’s April polling at the end of the GOP primary process.

    But what is sure to be a major factor in a close election — voter enthusiasm — tilts toward Obama in the CNN poll. “Although the race for the White House is essentially tied, Obama does have one big advantage: His supporters right now are far more enthusiastic about him,” CNN wrote. “More than six in ten Obama voters say they strongly support the president, while only 47% of Romney voters feel that way about their candidate.”

    On the one hand, those numbers are up from CNN’s April poll: a month and half ago, only 35 percent of Romney voters said they were voting for him, versus 63 percent who said they were voting against Obama. Romney’s general favorability has also ticked up since he became the nominee and the party faithful have rallied around him, and he continues to do well with independent voters — Romney takes 51 percent in the CNN poll, against Obama’s 39. But Obama builds a lead by pulling more from his own party, and more self-described “moderate” voters.

  6. Ametia says:

    RIP Mrs. Landingham. Lawrence O’Donnell as President Barlett’s dad.

  7. Ametia says:


  8. Ametia says:



  9. rikyrah says:

    oh man…I think I’m gonna be hanging out on PBS this Afternoon.

    they have the 25th anniversary of Les Miz, then Phantom of the Opera…..sigh

  10. Ametia says:

    Gov. Deval Patrich & Gov John Kasich on MTP

  11. Ametia says:

    Mayor Kasem is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet on MTP Don’t mess with our Brotha form Georgia!


  12. Ametia says:


    Roundtable: Who Can Fix the Economy?

    Stephanie Cutter, Eric Fehrnstrom, George Will, and Paul Krugman.


    • Ametia says:

      Cutter: “Manufacturing jobs continue to rise. And that’s precisely because the president stepped in and did what nobody else was willing to do to save the auto industry. And that has had a great impact on manufacturing jobs up and down the supply chain.”

      “It did fall to 47th out of 50 in jobs creation,” Cutter said of the Bay State under Romney. “Wages went down when they were going up in the rest of the country. He left his successor with debt and a deficit, and manufacturing jobs left that state at twice the rate as the rest of the country.”


      “We’re actually practicing government austerity on a scale that we haven’t seen in 60 years. It’s not the president’s policy. In effect, we’ve already got the policies that Republicans say they will impose if they take the election, and yet, of course, it may lead to the defeat of this president.”

      “Can I say, the Ryan plan — and I guess this is what counts as a personal attack — but it isn’t. It’s not an attack on the person; it’s an attack on the plan. The plan’s a fraud. The plan is a big bunch of tax cuts, some specified spending cuts, basically for poor people, and then a huge magic asterisk which is supposed to turn into a deficit reduction plan, but, in fact, if you look what’s actually in it, it’s a deficit-increasing plan.

      And so to say that — just tell the truth that there is really no plan there, neither from Ryan, nor from Governor Romney, is just the truth. That’s not — if that’s — if that’s being harsh and partisan, gosh, then I guess the truth is anti-bipartisanship.”

      ” Massachusetts is a classic example, having nothing to do with current politics. It shows why America works as a currency union, while Europe doesn’t, because Massachusetts had a terrible bust at the end of the ’80s, and the unemployment rate eventually came way down, although there was no recovery in jobs. And the reason is people left, which is an interesting story, and it’s good that people could find jobs elsewhere, but I don’t think a president of the United States can solve our job problems by encouraging Americans to move to some other country to find work. “

      “The fact of the matter is, this president has not managed to get very much of what he wanted done. It’s terribly unfair that he’s being judged on the failure of the economy to respond to policies that had been largely dictated by a hostile Congress.”

  13. Ametia says:

    Governor Deval Patrick took Governor John Kasich to task on MTP.

  14. Ametia says:

    George Zimmerman returns to police custody in Fla., AP reports

    The defense team for George Zimmerman, the man charged in the killing of Trayvon Martin, says he is in police custody in Florida, the Associated Press reports.

    Zimmerman’s legal team said in a tweet Sunday that he was in police custody, two days after a judge ordered him back to jail. Zimmerman’s bail was revoked because the judge said he and his wife lied to the court about their finances so he could obtain a lower bond.

    Read more at:

  15. Ametia says:

    June 3, 2012 12:50 PM PrintText
    Obama strategist David Axelrod: Romney isn’t a “job creator”

    THIS, BITCHES: “No one’s arguing whether Mitt Romney is qualified to be president,” Axelrod said of the former governor and private equity firm founder. “What we’re arguing is whether he’s qualified to call himself a job creator. That’s not what he did in his business. That’s not the purpose of his business, and it’s certainly not what he did in Massachusetts where they had one of the worst economic records in the country.”

    “What was striking about what happened on Friday was how quick the leaders of Congress were out there wringing their hands. These are the architects of obstruction, and now they’re complaining about the pace of the recovery,” he said. “They should put down their political hats and join us and help solve these problems.”

    Despite the attacks, Axelrod also took issue with those who suggest the entire Obama campaign has been negative, saying that despite the media attention on the negative attacks against Bain, “virtually all” of the campaign’s ad spending has been positive.


  16. rikyrah says:

    hey Ametia, can you find Stephanie Cutter’s appearance on This Week. from another blog, I hear it was wonderful.

    • rikyrah says:

      from The Obama Diary in the comments:

      June 3, 2012 at 12:32 pm

      Morning TOD. If you do anything today, you have got to watch Stephanie Cutter’s appearance on This Week on ABC. OMG. OMG!!!! She eviscerated Romney’s spokesperson Eric Ferhnstrom. When I say eviscerated, I mean EVISCERATED. She made him look like a fool. She and Paul Krugman – Krugman was sometimes blah but I do have to give him credit on some fantastic points he made about PBO and pointing out Romney’s lies – used FACTS to decimate Romney and Fehrnstrom. Holy smokes. She pointed out the ridiculousness of Romney supporting the Ryan budget while at the same time touting fiscal responsibility. Krugman pointed out that economically, Ryan’s budget would sink the country and plunge us into an even steeper recession. Cutter lambasted Romney for giving Pres. Obama an “F” on foreign policy. While she was talking about Romney’s foreign policy “expertise” she cracked up because his so called expertise is just laughable. She pointed out that PBO ended the war in Iraq responsibly, got OBL, is on track to end the war in Afghanistan, helped to liberate Libya without one American soldier dying etc. She pointed out the ridiculousness of Romney saying Russia is our number one geopolitical foe.

      Fehrnstrom tried to justify MA going from 37th to 47th in job creation under Romney as a good thing. Cutter shut him up by pointing out that under PBO we’ve had 27 months of job creation, 4.3 M jobs have been created, under 40 months of Romney, MA gained a paltry 4000 jobs, but under 19 months of Pres. Obama, MA gained over 21K jobs. She also pointed out the frustrating GOP obstruction regarding the American Jobs Act which independent analysts have said would help create and additional 1 million jobs. Fehrnstrom tried to make Solyndra an issue and once again Cutter and Krugman pointed out that the funds for Solyndra came from the Bush Admin. and was supported by the likes of Mitch McConnell and other republicans, so if he wanted to spread blame, then the GOP deserves a lion share of the blame. Cutter also pointed out how detrimental Romney would be for women. He wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood, he supports overturning Roe v. Wade, He wants to defund organizations that provide healthcare to women.

      If Fehrnstrom is the best Romney can do, then hahahahahahahahahahahaha. He was pathetic. Just pathetic. Stephanie Cutter was on fire! She was a one woman juggernaut of facts. She did not take any crap from Fehrnstrom and George Will.

      Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta was also AMAZING on Meet The Press. He lambasted Romney’s cowardice in not standing up to Trump, Limbaugh, and Nugent. He eviscerated Romney’s record at Bain and as Gov. of MA, he said Romney was GWB 2.0 and America cannot and must not accept that disastrous course again. Over and over again he touted PBO’s record of accomplishments. It was breathtakingly wonderful. As a political junkie, this was good TV. It was brilliant.

    • Ametia says:


  17. rikyrah says:

    Unions get out their ground game for Obama

    Whit Johnson

    Unions are campaigning hard to re-elect President Obama. That means raising and spending plenty of campaign cash. But it also means getting out their ground game.

    During his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama raised $745 million — shattering records and outspending rival John McCain nearly 2 to 1.

    In 2012, however, he’s being outspent — not by Mitt Romney, but by outside groups, including super PACs.

    Conservative super PACs have already spent more than $97 million this year, funded heavily by wealthy individual donors. Liberal groups have spent just under $13 million.

    But of the top ten organizations that give to super PACs, only three are conservative, and seven out of the top 10 are labor unions.

    “Unions have always been more partisan, and so they will be as aggressive this year as they possibly can again this cycle in support of Democrats,” said Bob Biersack of the Center for Responsive Politics. He also said unions are expected to spend at least $300 million this campaign.

    But their real power isn’t just the money, it’s also their ability to organize.

    Karen White is the national political director for the National Education Association, the largest union in the U.S. “There are three million of us who are members of the National Education Association. We really are going to be boots on the ground,” she said.

    The NEA has already given more than $4 million to Democratic super PACs. White said labor groups don’t need to outspend Republicans.

    “It’s never going to be a money game for us,” she said. “It’s always going to be about how many of our members we can get out there and educate the public.

    Tuesday’s recall election of Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker will be a good test of not only the Democrats’ ability to raise money, but the effectiveness of their ground game.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Obama’s Influence on the Black Community

    by BooMan
    Sat Jun 2nd, 2012 at 08:18:37 PM EST
    This is interesting:

    A new Public Policy Polling poll finds that African-American voters in Missouri have shifted drastically on the question of same-sex marriage since they were last polled in January. They now support marriage equality 50-31, whereas before opposition was much stronger at 25-44, a 38 point shift. Missouri follows polls in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and nationally that all show African-American voters embracing marriage equality in the wake of President Obama’s endorsement.

    I remember when Obama was running against Hillary Clinton that he wasn’t initially winning anything like monolithic support from the black community. A lot of the polling focused on South Carolina because it was an early-voting state, and the first one with a heavily black Democratic electorate. I’m going from memory here, but I recall that his support among South Carolina blacks skyrocketed after he won in Iowa. The way this was explained was that black folks didn’t think white people would vote for him until they saw them do just that in Iowa.

    It now appears that Obama has won some rather fierce loyalty. For him to be able to move public opinion in the black community so significantly on a moral question like gay marriage is very impressive. My guess is that he did change a lot of minds. But I think there’s a large segment of the black community who aren’t going to answer a poll question in a way that they feel will be unhelpful to the president. In other words, they didn’t change their mind about gay marriage; they suddenly started viewing the issue as a political question rather than a moral one.

    One thing I think is going underreported is how black folks are experiencing the attacks on the president. Whether it’s the refusal to work with him or the mean-spirited crap about his birth certificate, it can’t be very pleasant for most black people to watch. And then there are the efforts to disenfranchise people of color and the endless nonsense about the New Black Panthers or Trayvon Martin or ACORN or whatever is the FOX-driven racism of the moment.

    My guess is that a bit of a siege-mentality is taking root. A lot of people think that black turnout will be down from 2008, but I’m not so sure that it will be down as much as people are anticipating. I get the sense that black folks see a lot at stake. Obama cannot fail. Not like this.

  19. Ametia says:

    Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Revive Senate Campaign

    After a month of floundering, Elizabeth Warren, the embattled Senate candidate in Massachusetts, gave a feisty speech here on Saturday as she sought the endorsement of the state Democratic Party in the race against Senator Scott P. Brown in November.

    “It’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown,” Ms. Warren said as she addressed the roughly 3,500 delegates to the state convention and invoked the name of the lionized Democrat whose death in 2009 led to the special election in which Mr. Brown won the seat.

    She also dismissed the controversy in which her campaign has been mired for more than a month — whether she unfairly claimed American Indian ancestry to advance her academic career.

    “If that’s all you’ve got, Scott Brown, I’m ready,” she declared to cheers. “And let me be clear. I am not backing down. I didn’t get in this race to fold up the first time I got punched.”

    Read more:

  20. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! :-)

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