From the Daily Beast  Unfit For Government- for a thorough breakdown from around the blogosphere and news media on Mitt’s MENDACITY.

Tomasky’s take:

Once again, the Romney pattern holds: pander to the right, issue an irresponsible statement, before Romney and his people even know whether this violence is going to spread, and prove that they will try to use even the violent deaths of four diplomats to political advantage. This isn’t an aberration. We’ve seen enough to know that this is his character.

What on earth does Mitt Romney think he’s doing?

And our PRESIDENT has the ANSWER

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  1. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Bryan Fischer: ‘If Barack Obama Wins This Election, The Republican Party As We Know It Is Finished’

  2. SouthernGirl2 says:

  3. Ametia says:

    How badly did Romney botch response to Libya attack?
    September 13, 2012 6:00 AM

    (CBS News) The conventional wisdom emerged in Washington almost immediately on Wednesday: Mitt Romney’s handling of the violence in Egypt and Libya was a disaster.

    “The comments were a big mistake, and the decision to double down on them was an even bigger mistake,” Steve Schmidt, senior campaign strategist to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, told CBS News. “There are legitimate criticisms to be made but you foreclose on your ability to make them when you try to score easy political points. And the American people, when the country is attacked, whether they’re a Republican or Democrat or independent, want to see leaders who have measured responses, not leaders whose first instinct is to try to score political points.”

  4. vitaminlover says:

    Do I see the signs of implosion? Why…yes I do!

  5. Ametia says:


  6. Ametia says:

    The “Romney Death Stench” continues – total campaign implosion on foreign policy
    By Eclectablog on September 12, 2012 in Mitt Romney

    It’s so much worse than we thought it would be
    Mitt Romney’s campaign is in death watch mode at the moment. Despite spending insane amounts of money on campaign ads in swing states, he now faces a 7-point gap in the Gallup daily tracking poll

  7. rikyrah says:

    Unfit For Government, Ctd

    Larison weighs in on Romney’s recklessness:

    As a practical matter, this episode shows how useless Romney’s main foreign policy theme has been. According to Romney, Obama “apologizes for” America, and Romney won’t. He tried to shoehorn the embassy attacks into this frame, and it didn’t work for at least two reasons. First, Obama didn’t respond to the attacks by apologizing for anything or sympathizing with the attackers, as Romney’s original statement charged, so it was blatantly false. Romney’s position that the U.S. should never “apologize for” American values is almost beside the point. Would this have made any difference to the people assaulting the embassy in Cairo or the consulate in Benghazi? Would the attacks not have happened if Romney had been conducting his own brand of thoroughly unapologetic activist foreign policy? It seems unlikely.

    Romney might have legitimately questioned the security arrangements for the consulate, for example, or he could have made the fair observation that Libya’s new government is very weak and Libya as a whole has serious security problems, but that wouldn’t have translated into the easy and satisfying point-scoring that Romney seems to prefer. It wouldn’t have fit his ready-made scheme of Obama-as-Carter, but it would have spared him of most of the ridicule he’s receiving now. Now instead of portraying Obama as Carter, he has presented himself as the bumbling McCain figure of 2012.

    Chait further unpacks Romney’s blunder:

    The miscalculation at work here is that Romney believed his “Apology Tour” method would neatly fit the events at hand — take an event that sort of vaguely resembled an Obama apology to Muslims who don’t like us, twist it around, and call it a day. But Romney had grown accustomed to spinning fantasies cobbled together from months-old Obama speeches and nurtured into legend by extensive repetition and exaggeration in the conservative subculture. What he failed to realize from the outset was that the embassy attack was an immediate, high-profile event that he could not hope to rewrite so brazenly. Forced to confront the yawning chasm between reality and the fantasy he had wallowed in so long, Romney was exposed and, justifiably, discredited

    • jamal says:

      How prophetic is FLOTUS convention speech “No… the presidency revels who you are!” So blind in there lust for domination RomneyWorld desecrates a diplomats death as just a causality of his ambition for the WH … the fanatics are failing for all to see.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Maddow is doing a good segment on this being Willard’s 3 am call

  9. rikyrah says:

    September 12, 2012 5:21 PM
    Character Defects

    The following is a long paragraph penned by Steve Erickson for TAP that is so succinct and powerful an indictment of Mitt Romney’s “character problem” that I will simply repost it without comment:

    Romney’s current troubles don’t stem from miscalculation or even a duff convention in Tampa but are manifestations of his own political character as heard and witnessed over the past half-decade. This is a man who has altered his positions—not modified, not tailored, not hedged, but utterly transformed—on every single issue from abortion to climate change to the health-care reform that he signed as governor in Massachusetts. Now he runs a campaign that doesn’t want to talk about his record as governor or as a financier and that refuses to put forth an economic alternative of any detail beyond building the Alaska pipeline and lowering taxes for people like himself, even as at the same time he won’t show us what he pays in taxes now or whether he pays taxes at all.

    His adamant hostility to revealing anything that resembles an authentic belief or credible strategy for accelerating the recovery is not only losing Romney the choice part of the election but the referendum part as well, as the Democrats succeed in making this a referendum on Romney, not Obama. Romney’s selection of Ryan was meant both to reassure the party’s base and bathe the presidential candidate in the glow of the vice-presidential candidate’s reputation as a man of integrity and candor. As evinced by the ticket’s appearances on this past Sunday morning’s news programs and Ryan’s speech at the Republican Convention, when he blamed Obama for a plant that closed during his predecessor’s term and for a Medicare cut that Ryan himself supports and for not embracing a debt-commission report that Ryan himself opposed and for the country’s credit downgrading that Ryan himself brought about as much as any single individual, it is truth-teller Ryan who bathes in the glow of Romney’s irrefutable standing as the phoniest nominee of our lifetime.

  10. rikyrah says:

    It’s All Downhill from Here
    Categories: Original Opinion
    September 11,2012

    By Chez Pazienza: I’m not exactly breaking any new ground by saying this, but the Romney campaign is a fucking mess right now.

    A month or so ago, I wrote a column here explaining how I honestly believe that Mitt Romney may be the worst candidate the GOP has nominated for president in my lifetime, if not much longer than that. Not only is he a terrible guy to nominate at this point in our nation’s history, after all we’ve been through lately — an unapologetic plutocrat for whom throwing huge sums of money at a problem is always the answer and the only thing he truly understands — but he’s also thoroughly incapable of relating to people in a way that comes off as anything more than a probe droid attempting to assimilate their behavior and culture in the interest of facilitating their inevitable enslavement at the hands of the overlords of his home planet.

    Sure, a lot of Republicans would vote for a Ziploc bag filled with warm diarrhea come November rather than face seeing the black progressive in the White House for another four years, but nobody with a semi-functional brain in his or her head is actually excited about Mitt Romney. The guy’s a dud in every measurable way and his campaign has been a steady exercise in incompetence.

    Last week, the Democrats hammered Romney, his goofball lackey Paul Ryan and their designs on the highest offices in the land — to say nothing of the Republican worldview in general — displaying a titanium spine and a skill at political gamesmanship that I honestly wasn’t sure the party whose symbol is an actual jackass was capable of. The Democrats were on fire and they’ve gotten a pretty sizable bounce in the polls as a reward for their trouble.

  11. rikyrah says:

    There’s a broader lesson to be learned here: Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later and as president one of the things I’ve learned is you can’t do that,” Obama told CBS News on Wednesday. “It’s important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts and that you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make them.”

    • Ametia says:

      Keep hammering this MOFO, rikyrah. Chris did a Let Me Finish’ segment tonight. It was about how Romney’s history of plugging wars he and his sons will NEVER FIGHT in.

      • rikyrah says:

        I knew Tweety would be on it. he can be a flake sometimes, but he’s been telling folks for awhile now that Willard will send our sons and daughters to war AGAIN if he becomes President. this is nothing new from Tweety…he was ahead of the curve on this

      • Ametia says:

        MED said of Palin & Limpballs, Romney is leading from their behinds. LOL

  12. rikyrah says:

    TPM Editor’s Blog
    When You Learn They’re Not Ready

    Josh Marshall September 12, 2012, 10:56 AM 178638

    Some moments show you when a candidate is ready or not to become President of the United States. I suspect last night will become one of those moments for Mitt Romney. The verdict will not be positive.

    As I noted last night, when the full scale of the events in Cairo and Benghazi remained unknown, the Romney campaign let fly a crude political attack both blaming the Obama administration for the attacks and suggesting that the President actually sympathized with them. This was after it was known that an as yet-unnamed Foreign Service Officer (later identified as Sean Smith) had died.


    This was followed shortly by another attack from one of Romney’s prime surrogates, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, explicitly accusing the President of sympathizing with the attackers.

    Romney’s attack was not only ill-judged and ill-timed, it was actually based on what appears to be a demonstrable falsehood. Romney, or folks writing in his name at his campaign, claimed that the administration’s first response to the attacks was to issue a press release condemning the anti-Islam film which had helped trigger the attack. This they picked wholesale from the right-wing blogosphere.


    Politics is hardball. Everything is, in some sense, fair. But campaigns are also a prism into the judgment and steadiness under pressure of a person who would be president. This was amateur hour for the opposition campaign last night, reminiscent of John McCain’s rash call four years ago to cancel the presidential debates and the campaign itself to deal with the unfolding economic crisis. There was nothing ignoble or dishonorable about McCain’s suggestion. It just showed a certain rashness that was widely viewed as unpresidential.

    Romney’s moment was quite different — rash and shameful. Not worthy of a president. Crass, undignified and troubling on many levels.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Romney’s Presser

    by BooMan
    Wed Sep 12th, 2012 at 10:43:33 AM EST
    Did any of you see Mitt Romney’s little press conference? He seriously decided to insult the staff of the Cairo Embassy and attack the president, rather than sticking to expressing his condolences for the lives lost and the mourning family members and State Department employees. It’s the biggest jerk move I’ve ever seen from a presidential candidate. I’m angry. I’d like to run Romney out of the country on a rail.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Former Romney Adviser on Libya: “They Stepped in It”

    The verdict is in on Romney’s response to the embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt, and it’s not been kind to the former Massachusetts governor.

    Romney, in case you somehow missed it, seized on a U.S. embassy statement cautioning against “efforts … to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims” and pronounced it “disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks … but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” (He doubled down on the criticism this morning.) The mainstream media promptly proclaimed the response “over the top,” while Republican foreign policy hands griped that it was a “Lehman moment” and exposed Team Romney as “not ready for prime time.” Peggy Noonan, normally a reliable partisan, told Fox News that “I don’t feel that Mr. Romney has been doing himself any favors in the past few hours, say since last night” and that “sometimes when bad things happen… cool words or no words, may be the way to go.” Even Romney’s allies in Congress seemed to implicitly distance themselves from his comments.

    It’s worth stipulating that Team Romney’s political instincts weren’t entirely off-the-wall. Any time there’s a deadly attack on American officials abroad, it’s reasonable to ask if the president deserves blame. No one would begrudge Romney for raising the question. But the tone and timing of the criticism were self-defeating in ways large and small. Small because, as the news accounts have pointed out, the U.S. embassy statement came before the start of the protests in Cairo and Libya—however ham-handed, it was an attempt to preemptively defuse them, an impulse no one can begrudge an embassy official under threat of violence, not an after-the-fact apologia. Meanwhile, the Obama administration had actually disavowed the statement before Romney released his own critique. (Yes, the Romney campaign can legitimately ask why it took 16 hours to walk back the flaccid statement, which did fill the vacuum left by the administration’s silence. But, you know, they had a few things on their plate. In any case, it’s not clear how a rhetorical escalation would have calmed the situation.)

  15. dgillem says:

    What a moran.God help us,no one could vote for this uninformed stupid man,and his handelers are left overs from the Bush administration,need to know more,I don’t.

  16. rikyrah says:

    Romney fails critical leadership test
    By Steve Benen
    Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:12 AM EDT.


    We talked earlier about the violent protests that killed four Americans in Libya, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Politically, Mitt Romney, relying on false information, called the Obama administration’s response “disgraceful,” and accused the administration of “sympathiz[ing] with those” who killed U.S. officials abroad.

    It seems as if Romney has finally gone too far. NBC News’ First Read called out “one of the most over-the-top and (it turns out) incorrect attacks of the general-election campaign,” which looks “worse and worse” as more information comes to light

  17. rikyrah says:

    A ‘Lehman moment’

    By Steve Benen

    Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:42 PM EDT.

    Romney tried his hand this morning at smearing with a smirk.

    It’s been largely forgotten, but in the spring, there was a difficult diplomatic incident involving Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. While delicate negotiations were underway, Mitt Romney jumped in, condemned U.S. officials during their tense diplomatic talks with China, and blasted the “day of shame for the Obama administration.”

    Soon after, the criticisms looked ridiculous, and even Bill Kristol said Romney appeared “foolish.” The Republican candidate, unconcerned with the international implications, thought it’d be smarter to attack first, then get the facts, and then think it through.

    Sound familiar?

    When a campaign is struggling and starts to feel as if defeat is likely, the candidate and his or her aides start getting antsy, wondering how to shake things up. It’s a dangerous dynamic — the desperation starts clouding judgments, leading to unnecessary risks that do far more harm than good.

    Romney’s decision to attack President Obama over Guangcheng fits the model, but the smear involving violent mobs in Libya and Egypt is worse — not only is it practically a textbook example of a gamble gone horribly awry, but it’s unfolding in the campaign’s final stretch

  18. rikyrah says:

    Jeffrey Goldberg@JeffreyGoldberg

    Would anyone in the Jewish Twittersphere who has ever met ‘Sam Bacile’ please speak up.

    • I do not know this man you’re looking for,but I have a sick feeling,that all the money that has been dumped into this campaigne,may have found it’s way into the pocket of someone,that may have been well,compisaited for the nasty,discusting movie that found it,dubbed into a languge and vile infrience about a world and a life most of us do not know anything about.And I’m not to proud to say that I am one of those people,but I would never perpossley insult someone’s religine or their traditions of how they live,love,or critisize their belife in the god they belive in.It frightens me that the rich and powerful,could cause a horrible war,and the only people left could be the one’s that bought their way into the white house.My prayer is for Barack Obama to stay our president,for the next four years,I don’t think this would even be an issue if the republicans were not racists,biggits,such a strange way the bible thumping,conservitives show the love of all men,and the christians who feed,and care for our less fortuniate.Please god make sure I never become their kind of christian conservitive,there hateful liars,without a conchience or heart.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Unfit For Government, Ctd

    Goldblog defends Obama against Romney’s now-conscious, repeated lies:

    The “sympathy” was expressed not by someone in the administration, but by a tweeter in the besieged embassy in Cairo. The fact that the tweets were written in fear doesn’t excuse them (it does make them understandable), but it is ridiculous to blame Obama for them.

    Kornacki echoes Jeffrey:

    The foolishness of Romney’s reaction is glaring. Pretending that the statement from the U.S. embassy in Cairo was anything other than a completely understandable and reasonable attempt by its occupants to save their own lives borders on disgraceful. Romney’s implication that the statement was issued at the height of the attacks is also false; it was actually released earlier in the day, a preventive measure aimed at keeping the protests from turning violent.

    Tomasky’s take:

    Once again, the Romney pattern holds: pander to the right, issue an irresponsible statement, before Romney and his people even know whether this violence is going to spread, and prove that they will try to use even the violent deaths of four diplomats to political advantage. This isn’t an aberration. We’ve seen enough to know that this is his character.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Unfit For Government, Ctd

    Buzzfeed rounds up incredulous bipartisan reactions to Romney’s latest blunder:

    “They were just trying to score a cheap news cycle hit based on the embassy statement and now it’s just completely blown up,” said a very senior Republican foreign policy hand, who called the statement an “utter disaster” and a “Lehman moment” — a parallel to the moment when John McCain, amid the 2008 financial crisis, failed to come across as a steady leader… “I guess we see now that it is because they’re incompetent at talking effectively about foreign policy,” said the Republican. “This is just unbelievable — when they decide to play on it they completely bungle it.”

  21. rikyrah says:

    John Lundin@johnlundin

    A Jewish idiot makes a film, a Christian idiot promotes it, Muslim idiots kill over it, and Republican idiots condemn Obama.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Unfit For Government, Ctd.

    A money quote from veteran diplomat in Democratic and Republican administrations, Nicholas Burns:

    “I was, frankly, very disappointed and dismayed to see Gov. Romney inject politics into this very difficult situation where our embassies are under attack, where there’s been a big misunderstanding in the Middle East, apparently, about an American film, where we’re trying to preserve the lives of our diplomats. This is no time for politics. I just think that Gov. Romney has, in a very unwise way, injected himself into a situation where he clearly doesn’t have all the facts.”

  23. rikyrah says:

    Unfit For Government

    The obvious responsible thing to do when American citizens and public officials are under physical threat abroad and when the details are unknown, and events spiraling, is to stay silent. If the event happens on the day of September 11 and you are a candidate for president and have observed a political truce, all the more reason to wait to allow the facts to emerge. After all, country before party, right? American lives are at stake, yes? An easy call, no?

    But that’s not what the Romney camp did. What they did was seize on a tweet issued by someone in the US Embassy before the attacks in order to indict the president for “sympathizing” with those who murdered a US ambassador after the attacks. Unfuckingbelievable. Here’s the embassy statement from earlier in the day that set off the neocons:


    These people are simply unfit for the responsibility of running the United States. The knee-jerk judgments, based on ideology not reality; the inability to back down when you have said something obviously wrong; and the attempt to argue that the president of the US actually sympathized with those who murdered his own ambassador in Benghazi: these are disqualifying instincts for someone hoping to be the president of the US. Disqualifying.

  24. rikyrah says:

    FIRST ON CNN: Romney camp tries to manage fallout from Libya response

    De Pere, Wisconsin (CNN) – Facing criticism for its aggressive and politically-charged response to Tuesday’s violent attacks on the American embassies in Egypt and Libya, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is quietly advising Republicans how to respond to questions about the campaign’s handling of the episode.

    In talking points currently being pushed to Republican leaders and top surrogates, the Romney campaign recommends attacking President’s Obama “foreign policy of weakness” and dismissing questions about how the campaign responded to the crisis last night.

    A sample response, as proposed by the Romney campaign officials in Boston:

    “Did Governor Romney ‘jump the gun’ last night in releasing his statement?”

    “No. It is never too soon to stand up for American values and interests.”

    Read the full list of message points from the Romney campaign, provided to CNN by a GOP source, below:

  25. rikyrah says:


    Romney’s statements on embassy crisis are disqualifying instincts for someone hoping to be POTUS. Disqualifying: Unfit For Government

  26. rikyrah says:

    From Fallows at Atlantic earlier this morning:

    *Update I have just seen Jeffrey Goldberg’s report on an immediate response from the Romney camp. That is revealing and not encouraging. On the other hand, I am watching Fox & Friends right now to see how they are presenting things. They’ve just finished with a foreign-policy expert who urged Romney to stand down for a day or so. She says, “I am a hawk, but this is not the time to politicize the issue

  27. rikyrah says:

    he’s so not ready for primetime. he’s not ready for the 3 a.m. phone call.

  28. Ametia says:

    Forbes: The Lost Soul Of Mitt Romney

    While the Romney campaign chose to turn yesterday’s events in Cairo and Benghazi into a political opportunity by criticizing the Obama Administration for a statement issued by our embassy in Cairo earlier in the day (more on that in a moment), a check of Twitter and other communications sources reveals that, as of the time of publication of this piece, Governor Romney has not yet seen fit to so much as express his condolences to the families of Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans who lost their lives in service to their country. Now, if I’ve somehow missed Romney’ issuance of condolences, I’m sure that there are many readers who will gladly point this out. I, in turn, will be more than willing to correct the record if this is the case—however a close search of all sources reveals that no such statement has been forthcoming from the Romney camp.

    The Romney condemnation—issued prior to official confirmation of Ambassador Steven’s death—stated, “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

  29. Ametia says:

    Chris Rock ‏@chrisrockoz
    I guess Michelle Obama was right. “Politics doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.” We see you Mr. Romney. We see you ### Libya

  30. Ametia says:

    Thank you DU

  31. Ametia says:

    Mitt Romney’s campaign in pictures…

  32. majiir says:

    Romney is a self-serving azz who will do anything to get what he wants. He couldn’t wait to politicize the event, he couldn’t wait to stand before reporters and act as if he were actually the POTUS, and he couldn’t hide his smirks that showed he thought he was doing something big that would burnish his foreign policy creds and score him political points against PBO. In spite of all of his efforts, the result was a major fail that left Romney looking like the inept tool that he is–a puppet whose strings can be pulled by the likes of Palin and Limbaugh. IMO, Romney is a pandering jackazzz who has no business having any position at any level of government. His incompetence and inability to show empathy in a national tragedy is on full display.

  33. Ametia says:

    The Rude Pundit: Romney Hooks Himself Off the Stage:

    The Rude Pundit has long believed, going back to mid-2011, that not only would President Obama win this election and defeat specifically Mitt Romney, but that he would win by a big margin, not in an Ohio squeaker, not in a Florida clusterfuck, but by as much of a margin as he did in 2008, perhaps more. And that’s for several reasons, the primary one being that, no matter what he tries to do, Mitt Romney is just an absolute dickhead. And by picking Paul Ryan, he actually fucked the GOP in way worse ways than simply being the nominee. Now, more people give a shit about what’s in the Ryan budget. Most used to hear the phrase “Ryan budget” and believe the right-wing hype about it. By putting Ryan on the ticket, Romney pulled back the curtain to reveal that the wizard is just another bumbling man.

    Today, this post was going to be about how Romney is trying to run on the innate goodness of himself, that, perhaps one last time, he could win because he’s a competent white man, and shouldn’t that be who leads us? Yes, this was going to be about the emptiness of the Romney campaign, the failure to offer even one goddamn example of a tax loophole that might be closed, the way that Romney and Ryan have to tell outright lies to even get anyone to pay attention to them, and more.

    But then U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked, with the ambassador to Libya and staff members murdered (yes, murdered, and their killers should be treated as murderers, not elevated to warriors, as some on the right wish to do), and Romney demonstrated vividly and for all to see why he not only shouldn’t be president, but why he has no business in politics. First, his campaign issued a statement that, as many have reported, read as if the unvetted, ass-saving statement by a frightened U.S. embassy in Egypt, just before it was attacked, was the gospel of the Obama administration, fucking up not only the source of the statement, but also the fact that no one had been killed when the Cairo statement was issued. Said the Romney campaign, “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” In other words, another fucking lie.

    Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a clear statement last night that condemned the attacks outright, saying, more or less, everyone needs to stop being such fucktards when their invisible sky wizard might be offended. That was followed this morning by an even more impassioned spoken statement by Clinton, which was followed by another statement mourning the deaths and condemning the violence by President Obama.

    Wedged in-between those statements was a press conference called by Mitt Romney, and that, dear readers, was the end of the Romney campaign.

  34. edward lazarus says:

    Once again Romney PROVES he is not—and never will be—ready to lead America. He has even perfected that disgusting George W. Bush smirk!
    What a disgusting liar, tax cheat, and COWARD!

  35. Ametia says:

    Mitt Romney is a DANGEROUS SNAKE, and his head must be chopped off.

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