National Voter Registration Day!

Get Out the Vote:

The Hub: WWW.GottaVote.Com

Register to vote.  Fill out the appropriate voter registration form, find out when and where to mail the form in, and check whether or not you’re already registered.

  • Plan to vote:  Find out what you need to vote, what rules your state has about voting, the details about absentee voting, and other important dates and deadlines.
  •  Early vote: Check if your state allows early voting – and when early voting begins.
  • Commit to vote: Commit to vote in this election – and send yourself a reminder to vote once the polls are open.
  • Find your polling place:  Find out where you vote on election day and what hours your polling place is open.
  • Mark your calendar:  Add important dates and deadlines to your phone or personal calendar.
  •  Tell your friends: Share important information about registering to vote and how to vote with your friends.
  •   Eclectablog on how you amplify your vote by making sure others do the same:


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3 Responses to National Voter Registration Day!

  1. edward lazarus says:

    There has to be a price to pay for the cowardly trash that has so little confidence in their politics and ideas that they seek to steal the election because they realize they simply cannot win by actually competing.
    At an earlier time I had suggested that any American who schemes to deny any other American access to the polls, or who throws obstacles in the path of would-be voters to encourage them to forgo their vote, should go home, play with the kids, pet the dog, eat dinner, and go to bed and die in his or her sleep!
    I was immediately criticized as being unduly harsh, but I not only repeat my earlier suggestion, I am prepared to say it directly to the face of any such piece of scum.

    There is absolutely nothing about these efforts by the PARTY OF TREASON, the GOP, that resembles America….unless one considers the stabbing in the back of one’s neighbor to be an American value.

    But if Obama wins this election, and I fully expect he will, an immediate effort should be begun to register EVERY American who is eligible to vote, and along with the registration, the photo I.D. that apparently be required should be supplied.

    I would envision a table set up with one or two volunteers in every supermarket, every train and bus station, in all airports, and everywhere ordinary citizens go about their business. All licensing bureaus and movie theaters….everywhere voters can be registered.
    Then, let these stinking, greedy republicans watch as they become a smaller and less significant voting bloc….because their following is only bout 28% of the population.
    Still, I like the idea of these unpatriotic bastards dying in their sleep!

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    Everything you need to know about voting is here!! What are you waiting for?

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