President Obama and First Lady Michelle Visits The View

ABC News
After his presidency is finished–whether it is this year or in 2016–President Barack

Obama said today that he would like to work with kids in the next phase of his life.

Obama was asked during a taping of ABC’s “The View” today in New York City what he sees himself doing after he is no longer president.

“Well, you know, first things first here,” Obama said to laughter. “There’s all kinds of things I want to do in the second term, uh, putting folks back to work, making sure our schools are up to snuff.”

“And then?” Barbara Walters, host of the show, said.

“You know, in a post-presidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids,” Obama said. “I love teaching, I miss teaching, and you know, I’m not sure it would necessarily be in a classroom, but the idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships, and apprenticeships, giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity, and using whatever spotlight I can shine to show how much incredible talent there is out there.”

The full episode of “The View” will air Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST.

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  1. Ametia says:

    Loved the interview on THE VIEW!

  2. Ametia says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing our POTUS & FLOTUS!

  3. rikyrah says:

    They Weaponized the Stupid
    by BooMan
    Mon Sep 24th, 2012 at 10:11:08 PM EST

    Back in May, when Mitt Romney thought he was talking privately to some of his top donors, he explained why trying to demonize the president will not work:

    “We speak with voters across the country about their perceptions. Those people I told you, the 5 to 6 or 7 percent that we have to bring onto our side, they all voted for Barack Obama four years ago. So, and by the way, when you say to them, “Do you think Barack Obama is a failure?” they overwhelmingly say “no.” They like him. But when you say, “Are you disappointed in his policies that haven’t worked?” they say “yes”. And because they voted for him, they don’t want to be told that they were wrong, that he’s a bad guy, that he did bad things, that he’s corrupt. Those people that we that have to get, they want to think they did the right thing but he just wasn’t up to the task. They love the phrase, “He’s in over his head.””
    Of course, even admitting that the president was legitimately elected is too much bipartisanship for the Tea Party base. Winning a national election requires a delicate dance where you are able simultaneously to win over the undecideds in the middle and motivate your natural supporters. Mitt Romney, much like John McCain before him, has suffered for a long time from lack of enthusiasm for his campaign. To the degree that the Republican base is motivated in this election, it is not for their candidate, but for replacing a president that they can’t countenance. McCain tried to solve this problem with Palin, and Romney tried to solve it with Paul Ryan. But let’s get back to the money quote (cited above).

    If you look at what the Romney campaign is doing in terms of message and attack lines, how does it stack up against the standard Romney set for winning the middle?

    I’d argue that they are doing a terrible job of keeping to the plan Romney laid out for those big donors. Jonathan Bernstein is seeing the same thing. Both at his blog and at the Washington Post, Bernstein attempts to explain why Romney’s campaign is throwing stupid, stale arguments at the president that have no hope of changing the trajectory of the race.

    His theory is that the campaign is being lulled into it by a combination of factors. The biggest problem is the closed information loop the Republicans operate within, which includes Fox News, Hate Radio, the right-wing nut-o-sphere, a few think tanks, and not much else. Within that universe, the incentives are to create a product that sells, whether it be advertising, books, or merchandize. The incentives are not really to bring in new customers, but to service the customers they already have. In addition, many of the people advising the Romney campaign or working for them, may be more motivated to service those customers (by landing a job at Fox or selling books or making media appearances) than they are to work in an increasingly unlikely Romney administration.

  4. rikyrah says:

    they look fabulous.

    love our First Couple

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