Video | First Lady Michelle Obama Votes Early By Mail & Speaks In Delaware, Ohio

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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama won’t be posing for any photos in the voting booth on Election Day – he’s casting his ballot early.

Obama and first lady Michelle Obama said Monday they are both voting early, a nod to the campaign’s efforts to encourage supporters to vote absentee by mail or cast their ballot at an early voting location. Mrs. Obama said on Twitter that she dropped her absentee ballot in the mail on Monday, telling her followers, “I couldn’t wait for Election Day!” The first lady then tweeted out a photo of her posing with the envelope holding her absentee ballot.

Minutes later, the president said on Twitter that he was following Mrs. Obama’s example and intended to vote early in person in Illinois on Oct. 25 – three days after the final presidential debate. “If your state has early voting, join me,” Obama said on Twitter, directing followers to a link with more information about early voting.

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7 Responses to Video | First Lady Michelle Obama Votes Early By Mail & Speaks In Delaware, Ohio

  1. vitaminlover says:

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!!

  2. The Obama Campaign Calls Out Gallup’s Deeply Flawed Battleground Women Poll

    After Gallup released a poll showing Obama and Romney tied at 48% with battleground state women, the Obama campaign exposed a flaw in Gallup’s likely voter methodology.

    The Obama campaign pointed out that Gallup’s likely voter survey was way off in 2010, “Only 2 years ago the distortions in Gallup’s likely voter screen were exposed, leaving Gallup’s survey 9 points off the mark just days before the election. Gallup’s likely voter model predicted a 15 point advantage for Republicans, 55-40, on October 31, 2010. The final result was a 6 point margin, 51-45. That year, Gallup’s registered voter survey was much closer to reality at 48-44.”

    The Obama camp called the Gallup likely voter women battleground poll an outlier and said that in 14 polls in 8 battleground states since October 4, President Obama has led with women in every poll. In ten of the polls Obama held a double digit lead, and his average margin in all 14 polls is 10.2%.

  3. Michelle Obama: “It felt so good” to vote for Barack

  4. Some days you make me fell that if you and our potus,can return for another four years,we will at least have a chance,to survive.

    • Ametia says:

      GSD, I hear you, but you will survive no matter what. Let’s get out the vote, so POTUS can return.

      • I promise you l always vote,and l send money when l can,it isn’t much but l know every penny counts.In my heart your right l will survive,and l am tired,but not giving up,thats my hope to go forward,we have lost things,but l know they are just material things,however when we had more,l never minded paying more taxes,to stay free and give those not as fortuniate as we,a little help until they can get back on there feet,but it breaks my heart when l hear R&R say we don’t take responsible for our selfs.The truth is we aren’t greedy bastards,that got rich by someone leaving us money,that they didn’t work for.Thanks for listening it helps,to find others that want PBO.

  5. Ametia says:

    You ROCK FLOTUS! I can’t wait to blacken the oval for POTUS on November 6!

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