George Zimmerman judge holds gag-order hearing

The Orlando Sentinel

SANFORD – Prosecutors want a gag order to silence defense attorney Mark O’Mara in Florida v. George Zimmerman. This afternoon, both sides return to the courtroom of Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to argue about it.

Zimmerman, the 29-year-old former Neighborhood Watch volunteer, is expected to be there.

So are attorneys for the Orlando Sentinel and a dozen other news organizations, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. They oppose the gag order.

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Watch Live: George Zimmerman gag hearing

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39 Responses to George Zimmerman judge holds gag-order hearing

  1. Judge: Zimmerman SYG hearing will be late April, 45 days before trial. Judge Nelson will issue a ruling on Monday. October 30th.

    Hearing over.

  2. Judge: Defense gets no order barring Sanford cops from discussing their testimony b4 depos.

  3. BERNIE: O’Mara’s crack about charges resulting from political influence… I guess Mr. O’Mara doesn’t know my boss very well!

  4. Judge Nelson will issue a ruling on Monday. October 30th.

  5. Shut O’Mara down! Gag. him.! We see right through his bs shenanigans.

  6. O’Mara is so sleazy! Trayvon Martin didn’t just pass away, O’Mara! The kid was murdered!

  7. Zimmerman is no damn victim. He murdered an unarmed kid carrying a drink and skittles.

  8. O’Mara: “I contend to you that the case against Mr. Zimmerman was created for reasons far outside the facts of what happened that night.”



  9. Sanford Police department DOES have a history of race problems, O’Mara.

    • History of racial tension for Fla. city and blacks

      SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Before the charges that police botched the investigation of the shooting of an unarmed black teen, there were complaints that they went easy on an officer’s son who beat a black homeless man, or that officers pull over black kids for wearing the wrong color hat because they suspect gang associations.

      The furor over the failure to charge a neighborhood watch captain for shooting Trayvon Martin to death is the latest episode to inflame racial tensions that have simmered between police and blacks in this Orlando suburb for years. And on Thursday, the department’s chief temporarily stepped aside.

      Stanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. acknowledged the problems on Friday.

      “The issues that have been brought to my attention regarding the black community and the Sanford police department go back 10 years,” he said. “There’s a lot of work that needs to be done there.”

  10. O’Mara, Zimmerman did in fact shoot an unarmed kid through the heart. He did not say”fucking punks”…he uttered “fucking coons”.

  11. Bernie is bringing the heat. SHUT O’Mara’s mouth!

  12. Bernie De La Rionda: Why is it necessary for the defense to speak about the facts of this case?

  13. Get O’Mara, BERNIE! Get that MOFO!

  14. Bernie is nailing George and O’Mara about being on the Hannity show!

  15. I hope Bernie gets GZ Legal site shut down. Shut it down, Judge Nelson!

  16. Change for Trayvon

  17. Bernie: O’Mara is asking potential jurors online to put themselves in George Zimmerman’s shoes. “Is that proper?”

  18. Heit & Cheri @ 1:11:38 PM CDT

    The issue at hand is that O’Mara and the defense are acting at their own biased media of sorts. They are also tainting the potential jury pool (says the prosecution) by encouraging public discussion of the case and its evidence

  19. Bernie De La Rionda is arguing why GZ Legal site was created. Was it created to influence public opinion?

  20. George Zimmerman staring with a blank look and neck stiff.

  21. bob kealing‏@bobkealing

    De La Rionda: we are not against Freedom of the Press…but future jurors should not be influenced by “biased attorneys”

  22. Bernie is arguing the prosecution’s gag request..

  23. O’Mara is an ass!

  24. The judge asks O’Mara whether he has exhausted all means available to make sure he got all the information he thinks may be out there.

  25. Heit & Cheri @ 12:52:30 PM CDT

    #Zimmerman Hearing – The judge proposes that O’Mara put together a proposal motion detailing what exactly he wants from the FDLE and FBI. Prosecution argues that these agencies have done their own investigation, and O’Mara should subpoena those documents himself. It’s not the State’s obligation.

  26. Judge Nelson accuses O’Mara of putting the cart before the horse.

  27. George Zimmerman looks dazed.

  28. Heit & Cheri @ 12:46:21 PM CDT

    O’Mara continues to argue for every shred of evidence in the #Zimmerman case. He gives an example of the prosecution providing black and with, rather than color copies of photographs of Zimmerman from the night of the incident.

  29. Heit & Cheri @ 12:38:17 PM CDT

    #Zimmerman Prosecution regarding FDLE/FBI report: The defense is not entitled to “every shred of evidence” the state has. To date, the State has complied with its obligation with regard to discovery

  30. O’Mara is full of drama

  31. Judge Nelson just shut O’Mara down. “Don’t no no me”!

  32. In Session has confirmed that Judge Deborah Nelson has sealed GeorgeZimmerman’s medical records.

  33. Zimmerman: Judge Nelson Should Fine Mark O’Mara $1,500 for Publicizing his Motion for Prophylactic Sequestration

    I believe Judge Nelson should fine Mark O’Mara $1,500 for posting his Motion for Prophylactic Sequestration of Witnesses in the Zimmerman case on his website.

    I criticized this bizarre motion in Zimmerman: Defense Motion for Prophylactic Sequestration of Witnesses Reaches a New Low.

    I said,

    First, O’Mara is revealing the opinions of cops overseeing an investigation. Their opinions are irrelevant and inadmissible. The evidence is whatever it is and it alone constitutes probable cause to believe a crime was committed or it does not.

    Second, revealing their opinions in a motion is an underhanded way of creating an excuse to publicize that they opposed charging Zimmerman with a crime.

    Third, if they were genuinely concerned about a need to order witnesses to not collaborate with each other, they should have filed the motion under seal.

    Fourth, it would have been in the best interest of the defense to have the witnesses collaborate with each other so that they all objected to filing criminal charges, but that sounds like what they were going to do anyway. Therefore, there was no need for the relief he sought in the order.

  34. Marla Miller says:

    I bet he’s nervous-what? no audience?

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