3 Chics Politico Sunday Wrap Up

We’re in the final push of this campaign. Remember – it’s on us:

The Final Push: It’s On Us

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In the last 72 hours of the election, President Obama and top campaign principals are sweeping the nation. Drawing record-breaking crowds and a slew of newspaper endorsements, they’re rallying supporters for the final push, and talking directly to voters about President Obama’s concrete, detailed plan to move America forward and strengthen the middle class.

President Obama spoke to a record breaking crowd of 14,000 in Concord, NH today:

Obama, today, on Romney’s failed policy proposals: “We know what change looks like. And what Romney’s selling ain’t it.”

VA’s News Leader: “We’re better off for having Barack Obama as our president. We endorse him for re-election.” http://OFA.BO/WSpSjD

“Obama’s policies have America on the right economic track.” PA’s Erie Times-News endorses: http://OFA.BO/cb5icd

Louisville Courier-Journal: Barack Obama for president of the United States: http://OFA.BO/tQ4H5p

President Clinton writes in the Des Moines Register: “Romney wants to undo progress Obama made” — http://OFA.BO/WURYAU

“It’s not just the president…it’s about all of us.” Three days to fight for the America we believe in: http://OFA.BO/u3BFGr

Meanwhile, on Sunday shows, Romney’s faulty path to 270 and desperate last-minute campaign tactics took center stage:

Romney’s In “Deep Trouble,” “Desperately Looking” For New Paths To 270: On “Fox News Sunday” this morning, Obama for America Senior Strategist David Axelrod said that Mitt Romney knows he’s in “deep trouble” in the battleground states he’s been focused on, which is why he’s “desperately looking” for new paths to 270 electoral votes. That’s why he’ll visit Pennsylvania today in the wake of the backlash to his false auto claims that have dominated the campaign’s final week in Ohio.n tactics took center stage:

Romney’s Going to PA Because He’s Losing OH and WI: On “Meet the Press” this morning, Chuck Todd said that Mitt Romney’s going to Pennsylvania today because he’s losing Ohio and Wisconsin. Romney’s on a desperate hunt for new paths to 270 electoral votes because the states thathave actually heard from him throughout this campaign aren’t buying the policies he’s selling. Unfortunately for Romney, showing up two days before the election won’t convince Pennsylvanians to go back to the same failed policies that caused the economic collapse either.

What Romney’s America would look like also came up:

Romney Would Make The Tone In Washington Worse: On “Meet the Press” this morning, Senior Advisor David Plouffe said that if elected, Mitt Romney would “plunge the country into a health care fight” and try to rubberstamp the Tea Party’s agenda. As Plouffe noted, despite Romney’s last-minute pledge to work across the aisle as president, he would just make the tone in Washington worse.

A reminder: we imagine Romney’s first 100 days:

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