Now We Know Why Bernstein Checked out of the “Woodward & Bernstein” Act

Because, as my friend, the Field Negro, points out, Bob Woodward is a few books short of a library. He’s gone too far with his fabricated war against the White House press corps and President Obama in particular. On Sunday, while on “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer, Woodward continues to “Face the Nation” with a pack of lies (H/T, Field Negro):

“The all-out war between President Obama‘s White House and Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward took another mild turn this morning when, after “Mean” Gene Sperling followed up his threatening email with a blistering barrage of compliments Sunday morning, Woodward reloaded, and told Sperling right where to go: to Woodward’s house, and could he please bring President Obama with him, and maybe some other White House officials? Woodward extended the invitation on CBS News’ Face The Nation, explaining to host Bob Schieffer that “talking works.”

Where in the hell do you white guys get off by challenging President Obama to do ANYTHING to get your point across?  It is further displays of disrespect of not only the institution of the Presidency, but the man who currently holds the damned job.

Sorry to break it to you Bobby, but WATERGATE was over forty years ago, and your senile ass is still trying to relive those days when you were considered an actual journalist.  But making up lies that you were “threatened” by the White House (even Bill O’Reilly called out that bullshyt for what it was), and then getting publicly busted on it…you don’t know when to QUIT.

And if this is an example of being “threatened” by the White House, they don’t need to allow you outside.  You’re afraid of your own shadow, especially because we all KNOW Carl Bernstein did all of the work on WATERGATE.

Now we know why Bernstein broke up the “Woodward & Bernstein” act.  He KNEW of your penchant for drama and probably lying (but you probably would call it an “embellishment”).

Listen up, dipshyt.  The President doesn’t have to MEET YOU anywhere.  He is the PRESIDENT, after all, and has much more important things on his plate to do (like dealing with moronic leadership in both houses of Congress, and getting them to do right by the American people).  He doesn’t have the time to comfort you because your fee-fees got butthurt when it was exposed that you fabricated this “war” with the White House and lied about its dealings.

Your shelf life is over and we wish you’d realize THAT.

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2 Responses to Now We Know Why Bernstein Checked out of the “Woodward & Bernstein” Act

  1. leutisha says:

    His dementia has led him to think he’s equal with this POTUS, yes. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the world thinks he’s a dipshyt.

  2. Ametia says:

    Woodward has lost his MIND. POTUS wouldn’t give him the time of day, let alone go to his house. Does he really think he’s that priviledged and entitled? DoeS Woodward think he’s on equal footing with the POTUS? GTFOH!

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