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Video | President Obama Remarks On the Sequester

Updated with full Video: LMBAO @ Jedi mind-meld! The White House put a page together that outlines President Obama’s solution for resolving the sequester, explains what these cuts will mean for communities across the country, and asks you to share … Continue reading

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Audio & Transcript | Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice Uses ” GOP RIGHT WING TALKINGPOINTS” In Judicial Arguments

WE 3 CHICS NEGROES AIN’T NO WAYS TIRED YET. Still FLAMING PISSED… 3 Chics is no ways finished with Scalia’s racists comments. Rev. Al had a good segment on Thursday illustrating the developing pattern of Scalia using RIGHT WING RADIO/TV … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Native American Music & Chants

American Indians  traditionally used ceremonial music to connect to a spiritual realm and summon aid from supernatural  powers. In addition to its sacredness, American Indian music has evolved to  become “an essential expression of American Indian identity,” according to Gary  … Continue reading

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