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Michael Rose4Michael Rose (born 11 July 1957) is a Grammy award winning reggae singer from Jamaica. Possessing a wide-ranged voice, Rose would regularly meet in Kingston with singers, musicians, writers, and producers such as Dennis Brown, Big Youth, The Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, Sly and Robbie, and others.

Rose started his recording career as a solo artist for record producers Yabby You and Niney the Observer. He joined Black Uhuru in 1977 after the departure of Don Carlos and Garth Dennis. He led them to international success in the early 1980s, having written most of their popular material. They won the first-ever Grammy Award for reggae in 1985 for the album Anthem,[2] with the hallmark voice of Rose in the forefront.

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  1. Michael Rose forever! Love him!

    Girl blowing kiss

  2. Ametia says:

    Jake Tapper’s The Lead Not At All In The Lead During Debut Week
    by Mediaite Staff | 5:23 pm, March 22nd, 2013

    CNN’s new Jake Tapper show, The Lead has placed behind Fox News and MSNBC in both the demo and total viewership every afternoon for its first four days of air.

    Among the big three cable networks, at 4 p.m. ET, Tapper’s debut episode on Monday finished last in both total viewers and the key 25-54 demo:

  3. Ametia says:

    Gun Lobby Bombards Newtown Families With Robocalls Against Gun Regulations
    By Igor Volsky on Mar 23, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    A 16-member Connecticut panel tasked with making recommendations for how to prevent gun violence in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting released its interim report this week, urging lawmakers to pass a ban on high-capacity magazines and limit ammunition purchases. The proposals, which came just one day before a state committee unanimously approved a bill requiring background checks for all guns sales in the state, have sent gun groups into overdrive, with some directly lobbying families in Newton to oppose the measures.

    Newtown Action Alliance — a Sandy Hook-based, all-volunteer organization working to reduce gun violence and death — reported on Thursday that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is making robocalls and sending post cards to Newtown families asking them to oppose any new measures. The messages, first obtained by Christina Wilkie of the Huffington Post, warn that “Connecticut General Assembly are aggressively forging ahead with numerous proposals that are designed to disarm and punish law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen”:

  4. Ametia says:

    23 March 2013 Last updated at 06:11 ET

    Obama ends Middle East trip with visit to Petra ruins

    US President Barack Obama has ended his visit to the Middle East with a trip to the famous ruins of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

    The diplomatic part of his visit ended on Friday when he met King Abdullah and pledged an additional $200m (£131m) to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.

    Correspondents say his four-day visit has yielded mixed results. He brokered an Israeli rapprochement with Turkey but there was little progress on the Palestinian issue.

    The BBC’s North America editor, Mark Mardell, says the American leader’s clear warmth towards Israel comes at a price, and many in the Arab world will feel let down.

    Yet, our editor adds, he brought a subtle message to young Israelis that every people deserves freedom and a land of its own.

    Israeli apology;Mr Obama’s Marine One helicopter touched down near Petra after an hour-long flight from the Jordanian capital, Amman.

  5. Ametia says:

    Rik, where are you on Rahn closing schools in Chi-town?

    • rikyrah says:

      I’m not a fan of charter schools, so I have problems with closing local neighborhood schools, and not putting resources into them the same way that you will charter schools. I think it’s a scam

  6. Ametia says:

    The GOP’s Three Fiscal Lies
    by Michael TomaskyMar 23, 2013 4:45 AM EDT

    Modest deficits are fine. Cutting spending harms the economy. And balanced budgets don’t create jobs. Michael Tomasky rebuts the three key GOP budget lies and calls on Democrats to do the same.

    So let’s review. The GOP is advancing three crucial lies: that we have to balance the budget; that public investment at this point is irresponsible; and that if we do slash spending and balance the budget, jobs will come. It’s all nonsense. In fact every assertion is the exact opposite of the truth. So why do they say it?

    Different reasons. I think someone like Ryan must actually believe all this. He is such an ideologue that I assume he wakes up at night after having re-read John Galt’s sermon in a cold sweat thinking about debt and inflation and interest rates (the CRS report also explains why these dystopian fears are canards, too). I think a lot of the tea party people just hate government and think poor people are irresponsible, and they came here to chop away and haven’t given it much more thought than that; it just seems intuitively right to them that when you’re in the hole, you cut spending. Then I think there are other Republicans who know better but play along anyway because it’s all the rage in their circles, and because if they don’t play along they’ll be primaried, and possibly beaten, by someone who does believe it.

  7. Ametia says:

    Senate closes in on first budget in four years

    By Lori Montgomery,

    Published: March 22 | Updated: Saturday, March 23, 1:40 AM

    Senate Democrats were pressing early Saturday toward approval of their first budget blueprint in four years, a political milestone that would cap months of GOP criticism and set the stage for direct negotiations with the Republican-controlled House.

    The Senate blueprint calls for nearly $1 trillion in new taxes over the next decade and only modest reductions in projected government spending. While it appears to have united most of the 55 senators who caucus with Democrats, it would do little to alter the nation’s financial outlook, permitting the portion of the national debt held by outside investors to swell from nearly $12 trillion today to more than $18 trillion by 2023.

  8. Ametia says:

    Presidnet Obama to designate new national park in Md. honoring Harriet Tubman
    by Philip Rucker,

    The three other sites Obama will designate are the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in New Mexico, the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio and the San Juan Islands National Monument in Washington state.

    The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument in Dorchester County, honoring the native Marylander who escaped slavery and then helped guide other slaves to freedom, will be the first national monument commemorating an African American woman.

    President Obama on Monday will designate a new national monument on Maryland’s Eastern Shore commemorating famed abolitionist Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, a White House official said.

    The Tubman memorial will be among five new national monuments that Obama is expected to add to the nation’s list of protected land. In a rare invocation of his executive powers, Obama also will designate the First State National Monument in Delaware, which will make Delaware the last of the 50 states to have a national park.

  9. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone! :-)

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