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Good morning, everyone! Happy Sunday to all!

Join 3ChicsPolitico in lifting up Sybrina & Tracy Martin in prayer as they seek justice for their son. Lets pray jurors follow the evidence and justice prevails.

In Jesus Name


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  1. rikyrah says:

    Thursday, July 4, 2013
    An Open Letter To The Idiot Nation

    I’ve got a couple of old Navy buddies.

    Had rather, I had a couple of old navy buddies, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

    They’re both from the military generation just previous to mine, i.e. they were senior NCO’s when I was but a wee junior enlisted man.

    Back then they were good guys. At least I thought so.

    When I was coming up through the ranks I admired the both of them.

    When I put on my Chief’s anchors and joined the ranks of the senior NCOs myself, and later when I was commissioned to Warrant and became an Officer, I worked with both of them in a special branch of military intelligence. Our job was to get it right, to get the information right, to look at everything with a critical eye, to check the facts and double check them, to risk our very lives if necessary if that’s what it took to get the actual ground truth. We were trained that way, there were systems in place that were designed to force the military intelligence community to think critically, to double and triple check the information – but we, us senior NCOs, us Officers, we were the final check, the final stop before the information entered the system. Our job, as best we were able, was to ensure that only vetted intelligence made its way to the decision-makers – otherwise people tended to die.

    Beyond that, as military leaders our job was to lead by example.

    Always, as a Chief, as an Officer, your job is to put a stop to the wild rumors that grow among a crew far from home, among Sailors who live shoulder to shoulder in close quarters for months on end. Our job as leaders was to depend on clear-eyed fact and to never fall for group think and mass hysteria and the other pitfalls of leadership under such conditions.

    Like me, both of these men are now retired from military service.

    Ten years ago, they would have settled into retirement outside some base in a Navy town, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Mayport, Pensacola, San Diego, Seal Beach, Oak Harbor, and grown fat. They would have hung around outside the local base Exchange, parked on a bench outside the barber shop, like old retired Sailors do, sighing and rolling their eyes at the current generation. Drinking free coffee from the Commissary, pining for the good old days of the Cold War and Reagan and the 600 Ship Navy, those were the days, we were real sailors back then, man, I’ll tell you what, not like these punks today. They’d have drawn a stool up to the bar down at the local VFW or the Legion and surrounded by other like minded beer-bellied old warriors they’d have cried into their cups about how the country was going straight to hell.

    Their bitching and complaining would have been confined to few old gray-hairs, bitter at the loss of their youth, the loss of their power and authority, the changing world that was increasingly leaving them behind. But see, no matter what, they were always surrounded by the next generation, those hard young men and women, clear-eyed and lean, the ones who proudly wear the uniform today and who smile indulgently at the bitching of fat old men on a bench outside the barber shop. The presence of those fine young men and women make you stop and take stock, make you realize that you’ve become one of them, those garrulous old curmudgeons, and suddenly you’re self-conscious of the fact that you’ve been running your mouth instead of setting the example and you shut the hell up.

    Think of it as a sort of a natural check and balance on pessimism.

    But nowadays, these guys, they’ve got the Internet.

    And instead of sitting down at the base food court, they sit on the couch in their den with Fox News blaring in the background and their pistol on the table next to an open bottle of Jack and a blister pack of blood pressure medicine, and they comb the web for all the misery and pessimism they can find. Somehow, all that training, that hard won skill at fact checking and critical thinking that was once the very core of their being, is forgotten. Where once their bitterness was confined to a few doddering old farts down at the VFW, now they can reach hundreds, thousands, of like minded strident pessimists, reinforcing each other’s increasingly hysterical worldview without check or pause for reason.

    I get a constant stream of woe and misery from these two – and from other former comrades in arms.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Rep. John Lewis optimistic Congress will pass new Voting Rights Act

    States have been swift to take action on new voter suppression measures in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that effectively gutted the Voting Rights. After less than two weeks, already six states have moved forward with new voter suppression measures, but that action has also inspired a renewed push for voting rights from the civil rights community in the wake of the Court’s decision, and few may be more passionate about the cause than John Lewis.

    The Georgia congressman was a freedom rider who was beaten within an inch of his life as he marched in Selma, Ala., in support of voting rights for all Americans.

    “I truly believe that what the Supreme Court did was to stab, to put that dagger deep in the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965,” he said on Saturday’s PoliticsNation from Essence Festival in New Orleans.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval

    under contract with the California Department of Corrections and
    Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates from 2006 to 2010
    without required state approvals, the Center for Investigative Reporting
    has found.

    At least 148 women received tubal ligations in
    violation of prison rules during those five years – and there are
    perhaps 100 more dating back to the late 1990s, according to state
    documents and interviews.

    From 1997 to 2010, the state paid
    doctors $147,460 to perform the procedure, according to a database of
    contracted medical services for state prisoners.

    The women were
    signed up for the surgery while they were pregnant and housed at either
    the California Institution for Women in Corona or Valley State Prison
    for Women in Chowchilla, which is now a men’s prison.

    inmates and prisoner advocates maintain that prison medical staff
    coerced the women, targeting those deemed likely to return to prison in
    the future.

  4. rikyrah says:


    Ed Schultz learns Cupid Shuffle at Essence Festival
    Steve Frank
    3:19 PM on 07/07/2013

  5. Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry hospitalized in critical condition

    NANTUCKET, Mass. (AP) — A hospital spokesman says Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, is hospitalized in critical but stable condition in a Massachusetts hospital.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Askia Muhammed: LGBT = Si Afro = NO

    Can there be any doubt about the duplicity of White America after the final decisions in the Supreme Court’s 2013 term were announced?

    Many people of all races and nationalities celebrated the decision by the court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) thus declaring that same-sex married couples are entitled to all the benefits for which any other married couples are eligible. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community was “delirious.” They were really happy.

    On the other hand, Black people, Hispanics, Asian Americans mostly were “devastated” by the court’s decision invalidating Title V of the Voting Rights Act. They were really disappointed.

    Just a few months ago, members of the LGBT community were arguing that theirs was a “civil rights” issue, likening prohibitions against their getting “married” in the eyes of the law, with the legal prohibitions against inter-racial marriage half a century ago. But as the “real” Civil Rights movement was knocked back on its heels in the Voting Rights case, and knocked down (but not out) for “an eight-count” by the SCOTUS decision which further weakened (without totally invalidating) affirmative action, it’s clear to me that the LGBT movement has stepped on, and now over the Civil Rights movement to find its own place in the sun. Of course, individuals in committed long-term monogamous relationships deserve the same rights regardless of gender attraction.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Babies Taste Lemons for the First Time

  8. rikyrah says:

    So, This is Their Plan?

    by BooMan
    Sun Jul 7th, 2013 at 11:30:40 AM EST
    The House Republicans are hilarious. To avoid taking the blame for another debt ceiling fiasco, they have devised a plan that avoids the all-or-nothing feel of prior negotiations. The president can select from a menu and order a small, medium or large.

    The large includes implementing Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucherization plan.

    The medium includes taking the food out of poor children’s mouths by slashing the SNAP, block-granting Medicaid, and implementing Chained CPI.

    The small would means-test Social Security and raise the retirement age, while getting rid of some agricultural subsidies.

    If the president chooses the large, the House Republicans will authorize enough debt payment to cover the remainder of Obama’s presidency. If he chooses the small, they’ll authorize a few more months of debt spending.

    The president says he won’t negotiate on debt payments since the debt results from spending authorized by Congress.

    If the House wants to spend the rest of the year demanding that Obama privatize Medicare, block-grant Medicaid, raise the Social Security retirement age, and starve poor children, I don’t think the Democrats will object. “Please proceed, congressmen.”

  9. rikyrah says:

    the person who came up with the idea to put Coca-Cola in ICEE form deserves every bonus he/she got.

    LOVE IT!

  10. rikyrah says:

    Even Wyoming Knows We Need Less Cheney

    by BooMan
    Sun Jul 7th, 2013 at 01:54:13 AM EST
    The Cheney family is pissing people off in Wyoming. The reason is simple. They are quite obviously coveting Mike Enzi’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz, is making no secret about her desire to serve in the Senate, and Dick is promoting her. But Senator Enzi doesn’t intend to retire.

    Liz Cheney did not grow up in Wyoming. She only recently bought some property in the Jackson Hole area. And Mike Enzi is a very conservative member of the Senate who has done very little to invite a primary challenge from his right.

    Personally, I think that Sen. Enzi is one of very few Republican senators who actually understand how the Senate is supposed to function in our system of government. He is capable of actual legislating, rather than 100% obstruction. Maybe it will be this feature of his personality that will doom him.

    I don’t know Wyoming politics very well, but I suspect that Enzi will be able to defeat a challenge from the Cheney family. I don’t think Dick Cheney has a lot of juice, even in his home state.

  11. Dear Tracy, Sybrina & Jahvaris,

    He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. [Isaiah 40:29]

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. [Isaiah 41:10]

    Praying that the Lord opens the jurors hearts, so that they may relate and understand as mothers. I pray that He opens their ears, so they listen & process testimony and are able to recognize deceit when they hear it. Lastly I pray that he opens their minds, granting them to use common sense and connect the dots where they should.



  12. CarolMaeWY says:

    Blessings to the Martin family. You are a wonderful family. May you stay strong for Trayvon and know many are spiritually by your side.

  13. Ametia says:

    Did anynewatch Gideon’s Army last week? So worth watching.

  14. racerrodig says:

    I’ve been praying for over a year for them and the states team. This may be the hardest week for them.

  15. Ametia says:

    The Syllabus: What you need to know for the July 7 ‘MHP’
    Jamil Smith, @JamilSmith
    7:00 AM on 07/07/2013

    Shirley Sherrod will be a guest today.

    The sting of injustices new and old will resonate throughout the discussions planned for Sunday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, our second live show from the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

    For one, do you remember what happened to Shirley Sherrod? The former U.S. Department of Agriculture official was forced out of her job almost exactly three years ago when remarks she made at an NAACP event were deemed to be racist by a conservative website publisher. After the resultant hubbub sorted itself out and context emerged, those allegations turned out to be provably false.

    Sherrod, a former farmer herself and a guest on Sunday’s MHP, was also a plaintiff in the class action suit Pigford v. Glickman–which alleged racial discrimination in farm loans over nearly a 20-year period. The $1.2 billion Pigford settlement is due to be paid out by the middle of this month, and we’ll talk about that as well as the recent farm bill fiasco in Congress with Sherrod and several others on our panel.

  16. Ametia says:

    Kanye West, Kim Kardashian to marry in Egypt?
    By Indo Asian News Service

    Los Angeles, July 7 (IANS) Rapper Kanye West and his socialite-fiance Kim Kardashian are reportedly planning to marry at an exotic location in Egypt.

    The couple welcomed their first child, North West, last month.

    “Kim and Kanye were talking to the baby when in mid-sentence he asked Kim to marry him. She started to cry and mouthed the word, ‘Yes’,” quoted a source as saying.

    “This time she wants something different and exotic. She likes how Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married in India with an Indian-themed wedding. She wants that. Kim thinks she’s the spitting image of Egyptian goddess Isis, so she has been talking about doing an Egyptian-themed wedding, at the pyramids,” the source said.

    “She says Kanye digs the idea too. It will cost millions to fly everyone to Egypt, but money is no object,” added the source.

    Way to early in the morning for this nonsense. SMGDH

  17. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everyone. Lifting the Martins up in prayer.

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