George Zimmerman dashcam traffic stop in Forney Texas

George Zimmerman traffic stopGeorge Zimmerman caught breaking the law…AGAIN!

Zimmerman was stopped by Forney Texas Police for speeding and telling the officer he was headed “nowhere in particular”. Zimmerman told officer he had a gun in the glove compartment.

The stop lasted about 5 minutes after the officer found no outstanding warrants and he was given a verbal warning and told to “have a nice trip”.

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64 Responses to George Zimmerman dashcam traffic stop in Forney Texas

  1. George Zimmerman and his sick & twisted family are taunting Trayvon’s family and using the media to do it.

  2. Cop who pulled over Zimmerman in hot water for sneaking iPhone pic

    The simple sound an iPhone makes when it takes a photo has landed one Texas police officer in hot water, after he allegedly snapped a pic during George Zimmerman’s traffic stop on Sunday.

    In a video of the stop released by law enforcement, about 30 seconds in you can hear the camera “shutter,” followed by the “unlock” sound and typing.

    Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the officer is currently under investigation after dash cam footage revealed he took an iPhone picture during the stop.

    It’s unclear what the officer took a photo of or if he sent it to anyone, but he could be trouble if he took a picture of Mr. Zimmerman’s driver’s license for personal use, TMZ said.

  3. Sybrina & Tracy Martin Press conference

  4. 2dogsonly says:

    Says comment couldn’t be posted. It was too long or ??

  5. Keep taunting after you’ve murdered an innocent child, George Zimmerman! When evil gets to rockin; karma will come a knockin.

  6. racerrodig says:

    What are the chances of him having a 2008 Honda Ridgeline again……..since it was posted ;ast year his was repossessed ??

  7. Yahtc says:

  8. 2dogsonly says:

    Watch the tape, please. How did cop know to pursue GZ? Cop speeds after two drivers and then comes UP to GZ on side of road. If cop had flagged him, there would be a cop waiting for him to speed by but this cop was speeding FAST but not in pursuit. Cop passed two cars and then about a mile up there is GZ’s auto parked on side of road.

    Also, what’s with the where you going type of questions. One more little item, it’s redacted now but GZ’s Driver License number was clearly left in tape. Here it is Z565313833650.

    Just seems more like fucken with him than giving him preferential treatment. I mean if cop knew who GZ was and he in indicated he did, then why do the call in on DL where it is announced to the world.He’s going to be monitored just like he did Trayvon for the rest of his life. Cop knew who he was, I believe that’s why he asked what cha up to this weekend.

    Enjoy the rest of your life, tubs…it will be just like OJ’s after his trial.
    heh Heh

    • Ametia says:

      He’s got a TARGET on his back.No rest for you GZ. NO REST. He’ll be looking over his shoulders for the rest of his miserable, slimy life.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, I don’t get why Zimmerman was just stopped there a considerable distance from where the cop was when the tape starts. I think that you are right that a lot of folks including cops are not going to want Zimmerman’s fat a$$ in their little towns.

      • Liza, my son said it’s staged b/c the truck was already stopped a mile ahead. Son says police car behind 2 cars in the left lane another car in the right lane and Zimmerman’s alleged truck is no where in view. He’s thinking this is staged too.

    • V. Limes says:

      Zimmerman will probably end up in jail on a charge unrelated to Martin’s murder. He will probably mess with someone from a family who has more influence than his own.

      • racerrodig says:

        “He will probably mess with someone from a family who has more influence than his own.”

        No argument from me, but he also may mess with someone who isn’t a softie and is a quicker draw………….and influence.

    • 2dogsonly

      If this is really staged then he’s taunting the public with these sightings. I just want karma to get him soon. Eye 4 an eye!

      • Liza says:

        So, first he’s a hero saving a family in an overturned SUV and now this? I don’t understand what this is supposed to be doing for him. It’s like he’s asking for it…

      • He’s taunting. Remember what he did to the guy at CarMax? He taunted him relentlessly with the mocking…”I’ll kill you”.

      • Liza says:

        Well, if he’s taunting then he’s playing with fire and I believe he is dumb enough and arrogant enough to be doing it. I keep wondering if we’ll just wake up one morning and see the headline all over the news…

        • I think he’s arrogant enough to taunt everyone just like Roy Bryant and JW Milam did after a jury decided they were “not guilty” for murdering Emmett Till. He knows the public is outraged about him getting away with murder and he wants to rub it in and keep himself in the news. And at the same time letting folks know he has a gun.

      • Liza says:

        I was thinking that too, that Zimmerman wants to stay in the news. He’s tempting fate, in my opinion. This isn’t 1955.

        • And he’s probably reading the blogs ,Twitter and laughing his ass off. Talk about a sick sob.

          • racerrodig says:

            We’ve thought he reads these for a year now……, Fuck you FogenPhatbodie.

          • Double fuck him! Child killing sob! I hope he gets his due. He has crushed a family’s heart forever. I’m still grieved to my soul for what he did to an innocent child and then he stole the kid’s screams. Evil to the core!

          • racerrodig says:

            He messed with the wrong guy once (God) and it’s just a matter of time before he fucks with a mere mortal who will mess his entire day all up. not to mention his face, chest, back, and the majority of his bones. He just can’t help it. Now that the Jordan Davis murder is front & center, he’s pissed he’s not the center of the worlds attention….he’s pissed nobody really gives a hoot about him and he’s pissed no one offered him some big paying job for being a shit head murderer.

          • @racerrodig:
            We have truly been here from the beginning haven’t we? First HP, and then the Professor and the wonderful ladies who post on here. I was so depressed, I stayed away and threw myself in my work and my family but then i channeled my anger and depression into sending petitions to my friends and family to sign, so that the DOJ can investigate Fogen for a hate crime. I have friends sending Eric holder letters. I see how the victims of Sandy Hook, Aurora, Arizona, and Cleveland receive sympathy from the public and the Martin family receive scorn, demonization and attacks by people and the press! It angers and infuriates me but it does not surprise me one bit in racist America. I expected this fully! This boy lies in his grave and this POS is out here riding in a truck, spending money sent by racist demogogues. This lazy POS doesn’t work or do anything for himself!! The DA failed the Martin family. Everyone knows Fogen is guilty, but they let him get away! The SPD failed to do their jobs and they did it deliberately!

            Like I stated previously. The only headline I want to see, is the one where a couple of gang bangers do a drive by on Fogen! I will not apologize for my STATEMENT! This MFer got away with murdering Trayvon Martin! There are people out there who are on his tail and they will get him! His entire family are sitting back after their lies and their demonizing this kid. They think that they are sitting pretty.Fogen is armed and ready to shoot a couple more black kids! He is aided and abetted by by his white racists friends and he knows he can get away with it. Someone like him does not deserve to live on this earth with civilized people! Fogen and his demented family are going to pay for their smug lying attitude and the fact that they continue to let their psycho, socio-pathic, dog kicking, women beating, cop assaulting, teenage killer get away with murder! I wish them nothing but BAD KARMA!!! I hate them all!

          • racerrodig says:

            I agree 100%. This case is a blight to anything that has the word “Justice” in it. Of every lawyer I do work for, not one believes this was not a fix in some way. From the HOA, to the SPD…all the way to the jury. Every one said O’ Mara and West would already be before the NJ Bar Review and probably be suspended for at least 5 years. There is a website in NJ dedicated to the ones disbarred and disciplined, and it’s mighty long.

            Back in 98 – 99 I got a lawyer disbarred who was representing the male neighbor going through a divorce. He’d spent time in the mental ward and was a nut case……a gun loving nut case in fact. Somehow he was able to get his 3 year old son, wife and mother in law thrown out of the house. He filed for divorce but was penniless. 1 month later he amended his complaint and added me into it claiming I was having an affair with his wife, of which no such thing happened.

            I hired an attorney who filed a Motion based on the laws in NJ that even if such was true, no 3rd party can be sued., “All’s fair in love & war” type thing. The other lawyer was an arrogant female lawyer with no morals at all. They had no proof and just his “gut feeling” The Judge told her to remove me from the complaint at once. She moved to have that judge removed for bias and in NJ it’s common that there is a new judge every time you are in court and have to tell the same story 100 times over. To make a long story short I counter sued him and won. I filed ethics charges against her and won. Damn proud of that one. Disbarred for 10 years…….the ugly bitch.

            But that is a very rare one. We had a suit where the other attorney and his client invented evidence and new stories on a daily basis. I won a unanimous decision and wanted to take that guy down but my lawyer said it would be a tremendous waste of time. He does say if he were Crump, he’d be working on a disbarment as we speak.

            Yep, we’ve been here from the beginning and it’s sickening to hear what lies they tell….fake cell phone pictures and videos. Maybe we can fake one up about Fogen. Notice none of that illegal / unethical shit happens at all ??

      • Why Texas? Is it b/c of all the gun nuts here? My dad and brothers were hunters. Growing up we had a house full of guns. I never liked them. And I hate Deer meat. We have it processed into sausage and jerky and I give it away to my friends that like it.

  9. Yahtc says:

    The officer, who was not identified, asks Zimmerman, “Where you headed this weekend?”
    After an unintelligible response, the officer asks, “Nowhere in particular? Why you say that?”
    “You didn’t see my name?” Zimmerman replies.
    “Nuh-uh,” the officer says.
    “What a coincidence!” the officer adds. “Are you clear of warrants and stuff?”
    “Absolutely sir,” Zimmerman says.
    “Calm down man, you’re good,” the officer reassures Zimmerman. “I’m going to go back (to check his license), and why don’t you slow down a little bit for me. We’ll let you off with a warning.”

    • Ametia says:

      Cops are aiding & abetting this murderer. Adding fuel to the fire

      • @Ametia:
        The only headline that I want to see is that some gangbangers have “popped” this child murderer and he is forever off the face of the earth! I truly do mean that and I am not holding back! I absolutely despise this man! He is in the same category to me as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and Idi Amin! He is evil! He may THINK he may hide, but their are people gunning for this fool! Parents of black teen boys and I am one of them: Protect your sons and protect your daughters! Fogen is loose and he shoots black children and gets away with it! If your children are over the age of 18, make sure that they are armed to protect themselves from Fogen! Warning to Fogen: STAY AWAY FROM NEW YORK CITY!

      • Deborah,

        Karma will get him. One thing about Karma, it is not prejudice, it doesn’t give a good fuck who you are and it demands to be paid!

  10. Let Zimmerman roll into OAK CLIFF! Go head, Zimmerman! Roll in there!

    • Liza says:

      I had to look up Forney, Texas. So it’s 30 miles from Dallas. I wonder if Zimmerman was just passing through or if he thinks that Texas is a good place to hide. He’s back to riding around in his truck, alone, and armed. I wonder how long it will be before he kills again.

      • racerrodig says:

        And where was SheLie ?? I guess they had a fight and he just went “nowhere in particular” to cool off………like 700 + miles away in particular.

        GPS malfunction ?? Hey Fogen……..head out to Ohio…..then make a left.

        Who’s truck is it ??

  11. I hope the cop in Forney Texas gives a verbal warning to a brother caught speeding and packing heat.

  12. Cop gave him a verbal warning. I’ll be damned! Anyone else would have gotten a big fat speeding ticket.

  13. Attention all parents of teen black boys in Forney TX.

    George Zimmerman is in your town. He is armed! Protect your kids. He will instigate a fight & reverse the LIE! Keep in mind he got away with murdering Trayvon Martin!

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