Videos | Belhaven North Carolina Hospital’s Closure May Have Claimed a Life




You can watch the whole series of events the community went through to prevent this disgraceful closure here:

Audio contradicts Vidant Statement re. Pantego Creek, LLC

save our hospital

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  1. rikyrah says:



    House Dems accuse Tillis of abuse of power
    Posted 12:31 p.m. today
    By Laura Leslie

    RALEIGH, N.C. — House Democrats are accusing Republican Speaker Thom Tillis of abuse of power for refusing to release funds for caucus staff and using parliamentary maneuvers to cut off debate.

    Minority Leader Larry Hall said Tuesday that Tillis “has decided to defund the House Democratic caucus.”
    Hall, D-Durham, also said House Republicans have used “tabling” to cut off debate in the current session more than twice as many times as it was used by Democrats from 2001 to 2009.

    “It’s a disturbing and destructive pattern of persecuting those who don’t agree with whatever the leadership says they want to have done,” he said.

    Leaders of both the majority and minority caucuses are traditionally allowed at least one full-time staffer to coordinate meetings, communicate with members and help with research and bill drafting. The money for those staffers is allocated in the state budget.

    Hall told WRAL News that he, Tillis and other leaders had agreed on a 2014 budget of $85,000 for staff for the Democratic caucus.

    However, Hall said, the speaker changed his mind and refused to release the money or approve the caucus’ request to hire a chief of staff because of Hall’s outspoken opposition to new legislative building rules.

    Hall said Tillis counsel Ray Starling told him that his comments at the Legislative Services Commission meeting on the new rules offended Republicans on the panel.

    “I was told that, unless I apologized to the members of the Legislative Services Commission for objecting to the new rules, we would not be funded,” he said.

  2. rikyrah says:

    This Mayor actually has a conscience. He understands that this people’s LIVES AT STAKE.

    This is what Mayors in those states where the evil Governors haven’t expanded Medicaid SHOULD BE DOING.

    Instead, many of those mofos are LYING to their constituents that OBAMACARE is the reason why the hospital is closing, instead of the truth that IT’S THE GOP.

    Thanks for posting all these clips.

    • Ametia says:

      Mayor O’neil sat before his community and WARNED them about the impending hospital closing.

      Folks should be fighting the evil governors in their state to defend their healthcare rights. It gets to a point where the constituents will NEED to overcome their ignorance and use common sense when it comes to who is really serving their own best INTEREST.

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