Happy Thanksgiving!

3ChicsPolitico wishes all of our commenters, readers, followers, friends and guests a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy family, good friends, good food, good football, good drinks, and stay safe.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Just finished the redbox of Draft Day. If you like sports movies, and football, I think you’d really like it. I enjoyed it.

  2. vitaminlover says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

  3. Y’all just don’t know….I am tired!

    • Ametia says:

      LOL SG2, almost the same menu as yours…..

      honey baked ham
      green beans
      potato salad
      mashed potatoes
      candied yams
      mac & cheese
      Pear tarts
      sweet potato pie
      pecan pie
      birthday cakes
      homemade cookies
      sparkling water

  4. rikyrah says:

    The pictures made me so sad…self hatred is a pitiful thing to see


    Color Struck: Black Wife Of Oil Tycoon Says She’ll Do Anything To Look Whiter ‘When My Skin Is Lighter, I Just Feel Prettier’

    Former Model Irene Major Says She Talks Bleaching Skin

    Via Daily Mail UK reports:

    Former model Irene Major is a wealthy woman who knows all about looking after her skin. The wife of Canadian oil tycoon Sam Malin, she has tried everything from super-expensive Creme de la Mer moisturisers to the services of the most exclusive Harley Street dermatologists.

    But Irene, who’s originally from Cameroon, West Africa, has a
    shocking admission; she also regularly uses skin-lightening creams to
    alter the color of her complexion. ‘When my skin is lighter, I just feel
    prettier,’ she admits with startling candor. ‘It’s a taboo subject, and
    people get judgmental about it, but that’s how I feel.’

    Last month, High Street health store Holland
    & Barrett came under fire for selling a legal skin-whitening
    product called Dr Organic Royal Jelly Skin Body Whitening Cream, which retails for £9.99.

    A skin-lightening regime has been part of my life practically since
    birth,’ she claims. ‘There are many different types of African skin —
    from dark charcoal to a lighter version — and you grow up knowing that the lighter ladies are the prettier ones. It’s just a fact.’

    Her younger sister, Elsa, 27, agrees, explaining how disturbing
    hierarchies of skin color are still influencing African girls. ‘Being
    lighter shows you belong to a different place on the social ladder. All
    the rich, successful black African men marry
    either a white or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew up
    thinking that the lighter is the most pretty. It doesn’t matter how dark
    a man is, of course — the pressure is all on women.


  5. rikyrah says:

    Putin’s allies channelled billions to Ukraine oligarch

    PUBLISHED: 07:52 EST, 26 November 2014 | UPDATED: 07:52 EST, 26 November 2014

    By Stephen Grey, Tom Bergin, Sevgil Musaieva and Roman Anin

    MOSCOW/KIEV, Nov 26 (Reuters) – In Russia, powerful friends helped him make a fortune. In the United States, officials want him extradited and put behind bars. In Austria, where he is currently free on bail of $155 million, authorities have yet to decide what to do with him.

    He is Dmitry Firtash, a former fireman and soldier. In little more than a decade, the Ukrainian went from obscurity to wealth and renown, largely by buying gas from Russia and selling it in his home country. His success was built on remarkable sweetheart deals brokered by associates of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, at immense cost to Russian taxpayers, a Reuters investigation shows.

    Russian government records reviewed for this article reveal for the first time the terms of recent deals between Firtash and Russia’s Gazprom, a giant gas company majority owned by the state.

    According to Russian customs documents detailing the trades, Gazprom sold more than 20 billion cubic metres of gas well below market prices to Firtash over the past four years – about four times more than the Russian government has publicly acknowledged. The price Firtash paid was so low, Reuters calculates, that companies he controlled made more than $3 billion on the arrangement.

    Over the same time period, other documents show, bankers close to Putin granted Firtash credit lines of up to $11 billion. That credit helped Firtash, who backed pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich’s successful 2010 bid to become Ukraine’s president, to buy a dominant position in the country’s chemical and fertiliser industry and expand his influence.

    The Firtash story is more than one man’s grab for riches. It demonstrates how Putin uses Russian state assets to create streams of cash for political allies, and how he exported this model to Ukraine in an attempt to dominate his neighbour, which he sees as vital to Russia’s strategic interests. With the help of Firtash, Yanukovich won power and went on to rule Ukraine for four years. The relationship had great geopolitical value for Putin: Yanukovich ended up steering the nation of more than 44 million away from the West’s orbit and towards Moscow’s until he was overthrown in February.


  6. rikyrah says:

    Here’s the difference between rich black people and rich white people
    Published On November 25, 2014 |

    by Dr Boyce Watkins

    Some of us are led to believe that the experience of a wealthy person is the same, without regard to race. This isn’t true, as wealthy African Americans often face other structural imbalances that may lead to a different wealth management strategy than whites. There are gaps in access to capital for black businesses, family concerns to deal with, struggles with liquidity and other potential imbalances in financial literacy that must be considered.

    A new study, done by Credit Suisse, finds that rich African Americans tend to be generally more conservative with their wealth than whites with similar wealth and/or income levels.

    The study was done in conjunction with the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University and focused on the wealthiest five percent of African Americans. To be in this group, your net worth has to be greater than $357,000. The study determined that members of this collective tend to take very few risks with their money, keeping their funds in low-risk instruments, such as CDs, savings bonds and insurance policies.

    It was also found that members of the black financial elite tend to invest more heavily in real estate than their white counterparts. Pamela Thomas-Graham, Credit Suisse’s chief marketing and talent officer, says that the strategies are likely related to the experiences of African Americans with banks and other financial issues of the past.

    The destruction of Black Wall Street is just one of many examples where well-to-d0 blacks had their wealth stolen by angry whites from surrounding areas. In this case, whites went into the homes of affluent black families, looted them and burned them to the ground. Afterward, the blacks in the town were unable to rebuild because insurance policies would not pay for damage caused by “riots.” The problem is that the Black Wall Street incident was not a riot, it was a massacre.

    There are many other examples throughout history where African Americans have had property stolen from them, their money taken away, and other wealth-building opportunities yanked from their grasp. So, the conservatism is certainly understandable.


  7. rikyrah says:

    The Independent ✔ @Independent

    Ridley Scott says Exodus would not have been financed with ethnic minority actors in key roles http://ind.pn/1FsATIa pic.twitter.com/SRGB23RM3j

  8. Ametia says:

    Altright, everyone, what’s on your MENUS?

    • rikyrah says:

      Turkey (both baked and fried)
      Mustard/Turnip Greens
      Mac & Cheese
      Candied Sweet Potatoes
      Dinner Rolls
      Sweet Potato Pie

    • Turkey
      Honey baked ham
      broccoli, rice and cheese casserole
      mustard greens
      green beans
      potato salad
      mashed potatoes
      pasta salad
      candied yams
      mac & cheese
      red velvet cake
      marble cream cake
      sweet potato pie
      pecan pie
      peach pie
      Dr Pepper

  9. racerrodig says:

    God Bless all of you and travel safe if you’re visiting……if you don’t have plans…..we have plenty of turkey and fixin’s…….so……if you’re in the area, stop on in. Eagles on at 4:30……Go Birds !!

  10. Liza says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    Enjoy this day and God bless.

  11. I have a house full this morning. My kids …”Mama put the Turkey on, Mama put the Turkey on”. Can’t I get a cup of coffee first? “Just put the Turkey on, Mama”!

  12. rikyrah says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
    Enjoy the day with family and friends.

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