LAPD shoots a man 10 times at protest site

Hat tip: The Free Thought

Los Angeles, CA– Not even 24 hours after solidarity die-in’s for Eric Garner wrapped up on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, the Los Angeles Police Department has repeatedly shot a man, reportedly in the head, on the exact same corner. The incident occurred shortly before 7pm on Friday evening.

The only information released so far is that the man was transported to the hospital in critical condition and was allegedly armed with a knife- a fact that witnesses are already disputing.

While his condition is currently unknown, one witness, Jordan White, wrote on Facebook:

“He died right in front of me, then a squad of police rolled up and put his dead body in handcuffs, what the FUCK LAPD”

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  1. rikyrah says:


  2. Liza says:

    We gotta pray…

  3. Thank you so much. And who are we at war with? Do we really think it’s just the LA; PD?
    I looked at the picture. This man was White. No one is safe if they protest; complain; breathe in public. If you are Black it isn’t safe to breathe anywhere; even in your own home. How can people see these atrocities and still defend these worthless fucking Pigs.
    Had a knife? Probably not.
    Had a knife? And it took a gun to “disarm” him?
    Disarm is not in their playbook.
    “Surrender and be tortured”
    “Surrender and be locked in a box”
    “Surrender or be destroyed”

  4. Man Allegedly Armed With Knife Fatally Shot by LAPD Officers at Hollywood and Highland

    A man was shot and killed by police at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue on Friday night after allegedly approaching officers with a knife.

    Officers responded to the intersection around 6:45 pm. after receiving a report of an assault with a deadly weapon, according to Officer Jane Kim with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section.

    When they arrived on scene, officers found a man armed with a knife, according to LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar.

    “When he saw the officers, he approached them and an officer involved shooting occurred,” Aguilar said.

    The man was transported in critical condition to a local hospital where he later died.

    The deadly confrontation occurred in the middle of a busy intersection in the heart of Hollywood and was witnessed by dozens of stunned people.

    “I heard like five shots go off and then all of a sudden I saw police run across and they’re pointing a gun at this guy that’s lying on the ground,” said local resident Neil Barnett.

    A number of tourists staying at a nearby hostel were stunned by what they saw.

    “We heard a couple of gun shots … and we ran to the window and we just saw the cops standing there aiming their guns [at] the guy,” said tourist Hanna Forspend.

    • Liza says:

      Dear Lord.

      The cops are mad. They want the protests to stop. They aren’t all that keen on the First Amendment to begin with.

      Another victim, another devastated family, this time in LA.

  5. Latest report I’ve seen is the protestor
    was unarmed.

  6. Y’all know LAPD is wicked as the day is long. We’re at fking war. God help us

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