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LAPD shoots a man 10 times at protest site

Hat tip: The Free Thought Project.com Los Angeles, CA– Not even 24 hours after solidarity die-in’s for Eric Garner wrapped up on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, the Los Angeles Police Department has repeatedly shot a man, reportedly in … Continue reading

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The New Brand of “Justice” by LAPD: “Burn this motherf*cker!”

There is a new kind of justice in 2013.  Christopher Dorner didn’t get a chance to have a trial by jury of his peers. LAPD became his judge, jury and executioner. I don’t want to hear NOTHING about how the Obama administration is … Continue reading

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Dorner Hostages Clear The Record

Mail Online The Reynolds said that  despite early reports, it was them – and not their housekeepers – who had  encountered Dorner in the home. They said that he tried  to keep them calm and told them repeatedly that he … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Christopher Dorner engaged in shootout with authorities

LOS ANGELES — Law enforcement officers have engaged in a gun battle in the mountains of California with a person believed to be a former Los Angeles police officer. The noise of the gunbattle was broadcast by KCAL-TV, whose reporter … Continue reading

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Attorney General Eric Holder: Investigate the LAPD and what Dorner addressed in his manifesto.

In light of  Christopher Dorner’s claims of the LAPD’s handling of his firing and their corruption, along with their extreme and long history of corruption and should not be allowed to reopen and do an internal investigation of Dorner’s firing. … Continue reading

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When The Person Going “Rogue” is a Brotha

Good looking brotha.  Damn, why couldn’t LAPD done right by him? I got this from my friend the Field Negro this morning.  And just like Field, I don’t like it when one of ours goes rogue. But, I guess if … Continue reading

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