Dorner Hostages Clear The Record

Jim and Karen ReynoldsMail Online
The Reynolds said that  despite early reports, it was them – and not their housekeepers – who had  encountered Dorner in the home.

They said that he tried  to keep them calm and told them repeatedly that he was not going to kill  them.

Mr Reynolds, who has been  married to Karen for 36 years, added: ‘He said he just wanted to clear his  name.’

Mrs Reynolds added: ‘He  said he needed transportation out of big bear. He continued to say to us quite  frequently he would not kill us and just asked us to do what he  asked.

‘He knelt down beside  me and said “you’re going to be quiet, right?”

After  taking some time to grab his belongings, he fled the home in their  car.

They  waited for  several minutes until they were sure than he had gone, and then  helped  each other pull the pillowcases off their heads and call 911.

Hours  later, he was killed in another home that burned to the ground after a firefight  with San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies.

Despite the turmoil, Mrs Reynolds said  that she did not wish Dorner any harm,  saying: ‘I didn’t wish him dead at any  point. I prayed for him.’

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  1. Chris Dorner was killed by a lynch mob…

    First I want to say thanks to everyone and this great community called Daily Kos. There are truly some great people onboard this website. Recently, I decided to sign up and participate in this great community. So please bear with me as I adjust to the norms of this community. Thanks once again to all!

    Last night, after the State of the Union speech, I tuned into another broadcast. One in which police officers were yelling “Burn the motherfucker!” I thought to myself if there were video technology available back 100 years ago would this have been what a true lynch mob looked like? When the news came out about the murders I thought to myself that Chris Dorner was a complete monster. Then the LA Police officers started shooting at innocent people and rounding up Black men. It couldnt be! How could we go back to a time of Judge Dredd justice or the old fashioned term for it is “lynch mob”?

    Lets look back at the Nuremberg trials where the Nazis were tried in a court of law. These were people who killed 23 million Russians, MASSACRED 8 million Jews and the list of casualties keeps going. Europe looked like a wasteland and entire cities leveled and destroyed. The Russians tried the Nazis Judge Dredd style lining them up against a wall and shooting them in the head. The Israelis sent out a hit squad for whoever was left. However, the United States made the decision to try these Nazis in a court of law. They did this because the Nazis were white men. Meanwhile Black men got the lynch mob back at home. Today, Black men instead get a kangaroo court or in Dorner’s case the lynch mob.

    Today, I am not proud. I am not proud of the LAPD and with the way they handled this situation. Certainly, the officers who shot at those innocent people should be tried in a court of law. Certainly, the officers who violated innocent Black mens rights by rounding them up and falsely arresting them should be tried in a court of law. However, all that will be swept under the carpet. In contrast, Chris Dorner was fired from the LAPD because he “thought” he saw his partner giving some guy a swift kick in the ass. Now we all observe different things in different situations. Sometimes we think we see things that didnt happen as is always the case in situations of multiple witnesses. Dorner was given the stick while the lynch mob will continue on policing getting paid six figures in their overpaid profession so they can go about the streets violating other people’s rights.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; the LAPD & San Bernadino PO PO. Wants everyone to know that if you fuck with them PERSONALLY, and kill a few citizens in the process, THERE WILL BE CHARRED BODIES!

  2. IF this execution of Christopher Dorner is not investigated then anything goes in America and no one is safe.

  3. Ametia says:

    More media BULLSHIT, calling on EX girlfriend- funy how she didn’t try to Dorner any help in 2005 huh. Apparently his current girlfriend is white, according to FaceBook.

  4. The evidence so far

    So here’s what we know:

    1) The LAPD engaged in a wild, frenzied attempt to execute Dorner. This resulted in LAPD officers engaging in the attempted murder of innocent civilians, including one surfer and two women in a pickup truck. (Question: Why are LAPD officers who shot at innocent citizens not being charged with attempted murder?)

    2) Once Dorner was holed up in a cabin, the LAPD chose to fire tear gas canisters into the home instead of waiting him out and forcing a surrender after a long standoff.

    3) LAPD officers know full well that tear gas canisters can set off fires.

    4) Once the fire broke out, Dorner was a dead man. If he fled the fire, he would be shot down by the LAPD. If he stayed in the cabin, he would be burned alive. This is the new brand of “justice” the LAPD is dishing out in 2013.

  5. Ametia says:

    San Bernadino Po Po & LAPD’s theme song for Dorner!

  6. Ametia says:

    THIS: ” If the San Bernardino Sheriffs employed the AN-M14 TH3 or something like it against Dorner – and it appears they did – they have good reason to attempt to cover their actions up. Without even a token attempt to establish communication with the suspect, who was, to be sure, a wanted killer hell-bent on murdering cops, they attacked him with what was likely a military grade weapon designed to destroy fortified structures. By burning Dorner alive, then misleading and deceiving the public about the operation, the sheriffs may have validated the rogue ex-cop’s sharpest indictments of the culture of American law enforcement.

    Yet no element in the Dorner drama was more disturbing than the performance of mainstream media. At every point, major news outlets complied with law enforcement calls for self-censorship, and still demonstrate little interest in determining how and why a lethal fire started on a snow-covered mountain in the dead of winter. As a quintessentially American tragedy reaches its denouement, the truth remains buried beneath a smoldering pile of ashes.”,b>

  7. LAPD pulls ‘Waco’ on Christopher Dorner to silence him forever

    The LAPD has pulled a Waco. Barely two hours after ordering the media to remove their helicopters from the area and cut all live feeds, the LAPD managed to set fire to the cabin occupied by Christopher Dorner and burn him alive inside it, according to media reports.

    Mission accomplished for the LAPD, an organization that has run its manhunt more like a rampaging street gang than a professional police department. As Natural News has already documented, LAPD officers have engaged in attempted murder of innocent citizens in their freakish frenzy to try to kill Dorner.

    Their motive explains why LAPD officers fired tear gas into the cabin where Dorner was staying, knowing it would ignite flammable materials in the home and set the place on fire.

    “…tear gas was fired into the house before the fire broke out,” reports the Los Angeles CBS affiliate. This is the same sort of tactic that was used to burn down the Branch Davidian community in Waco, Texas in 1993. The Waco raid, we all know by now, was a politically-motivated ATF assault against innocent men, women and children, all conducted for the purpose of increasing the visibility and importance of the ATF by creating a crisis where none existed. Click here to see an informative video on the subject.

    Law enforcement knows full well that tear gas rounds often set homes ablaze. In fact, a California fire department issued a report in 2012 that supports precisely that conclusion. As the San Jose Mercury News reported last year:

  8. Ametia says:

    WHO DOES THE POLICE THINK THEY’RE FOOLING WITH THEIR LIES? They’re trying to convince us folks with EYES & EARS that we didn’t SEE or HEAR what went down.

    How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive
    HIghly disturbing behavior by newspaper and Live TV sources in complying with the San Bernardino Sheriffs.

    February 13, 2013 |

    At approximately 7 PM ET, I listened through a police scanner as San Bernardino Sheriffs gave the order to burn down the cabin where suspected murderer Christopher Dorner was allegedly hiding. Deputies were maneuvering a remote controlled demolition vehicle to the base of the cabin, using it to tear down the walls of the cabin where Dorner was hiding, and peering inside.

    In an initial dispatch, a deputy reported seeing “blood spatter” inside the cabins. Dorner, who had just engaged in a firefight with deputies that killed one officer and wounded another, may have been wounded in the exchange. There was no sign of his presence, let alone his resistance, according to police dispatches.

    It was then that the deputies decided to burn the cabin down.

    “We’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burner,” one sheriff’s deputy told another. “Like we talked about.” Minutes later, another deputy’s voice crackled across the radio: “The burner’s deployed and we have a fire.”

    Read on:

  9. ‘Burn it Down’ – Dorner’s hideout deliberately torched by LAPD as dramatic manhunt ends

    US Police were heard on Los Angeles TV and over LAPD audio yelling to burn down fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorner’s cabin, revealing a deliberate, considered plan to torch the building in which Dorner was believed to be hiding.

    ­Local news channel Kcal9 has played a recording in which police were heard to yell “burn this mother*****r down,” and another shouting, “f*****g burn this mother*****r,” as Dorner was barricaded inside his hideout.

    The news followed an LAPD audio recording in which a police officer is heard to say, “Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” and continued, saying, “like we talked about,” as his colleague confirmed he is in agreement.

    During a Wednesday press conference, the San Bernadino County Sheriff claimed that law enforcement did not “intentionally” set fire to the cabin.

    Dorner had barricaded himself in the cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear, Los Angeles. The drawn-out and dramatic manhunt culminated with a siege and shootout.

    His hideout cabin was apparently set alight after attempts to force him out using smoke bombs and teargas failed. The message “surrender or come out,” had been blasted into the building by law enforcement officials, and the media was ordered to shut off their live feeds during the stand-off.

  10. Officers yell “Get the gas, burn it down” during Dorner, police shootout

    At about the 1:24 mark, you hear someone say “Burn it down”. Another says “go get the gas”. Another says “yea, burn it down”.

    • Ametia says:

      They are claiming they didn’t use PYROTECHNIC TEAR GAS

      Pyrotechnic Tear Gas: LAPD Did NOT Use It On Dorner, But Department Does Have It
      By Dennis Romero Thu., Feb. 14 2013 at 7:06 AM
      Categories: Crime

      Conspiracy theorists have come out of the woodwork to argue that police in a firefight near Big Bear yesterday purposefully introduced incendiary tear gas into a cabin to burn suspect Christopher Dorner alive.
      Many blame the LAPD for the apparent demise of the ex-cop in an Angelus Oaks cabin, but the department confirmed to the Weekly that its officers were not involved in the action: They were only on standby in the area to “offer support,” we were told:

      This was the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s war. (And if you think that’s an exaggeration, note that Sheriff-Coroner John McMahon called the area a “war zone”).

      Pyrotechnic tear gas is known to be flammable and has been criticized following its use in the FBI’s deadly Branch Davidian siege in Waco, Texas in 1993.

      And 11 people died in what is being called the MOVE standoff with police in Philadelphia in 1985 after tear gas canisters set a residence occupied by activists on fire.

      SEE VIDEO:

  11. Cops torch cabin where Christopher Dorner was held up

  12. Ametia says:

    Black Support for Dorner Shows Lingering Mistrust of Police
    by Mansfield Frazier Feb 14, 2013 4:45 AM EST

    Some black Angelenos were hesitant to criticize the fugitive cop who went on a shooting spree, in part because of their own experiences with the LAPD. Mansfield Frazier explains.

    As one of the biggest manhunts in recent U.S. history concluded Tuesday night with the apparent death of Christopher Dorner, one of its unintended consequences has been to bring to the surface tensions between minorities and the Los Angeles Police Department that have long simmered just out of sight. While everyone is in agreement that the killing of four innocent people is wrong under any circumstances, some people sympathized with Dorner—and some were even hoping that he would get away—because of their own experiences with members of a police force that for years has had a reputation for being exceptionally brutal to black and brown citizens.

    It only got worse after police searching for Dorner mistakenly shot two women who were delivering newspapers in the early-morning hours last week. Some L.A. residents began wearing t-shirts that proclaimed they were not Christopher Dorner. Soon bumper stickers appeared, and a friend of mine who lives just outside the city told me that under no circumstances was he leaving his home until the manhunt was over.

    Joe Jones, a former black LAPD officer who served nine years in the same department as Dorner, briefly posted his own manifesto on Facebook on Tuesday morning, stating that his experiences on the police force was very similar to those Dorner described in his. Jones too claimed that when he reported abuses by other officers he was punished and ostracized, and also was forced to leave the department.

  13. Ametia says:

    Firstly, the Reynolds had to have feared for their lives, even when Dorner tells them at gunpoint that they don’t want to harm you. Afterall, Dorner had already allegedly killed 3 people. I’d be frighten too!

    Secondly, however Dorner conducted himself with the Reynolds, they remained calm and heard his pleas to tell his story. It’s a miracle they are alive. Another innocent person dying from this ugliness would be so tragic. I’m glad they got to tell their side of the craziness.

    Thirdly, how do the cops confuse and bungle the Reynolds to be housekeepers in their own home? They had to feed the media a hell of lot of distorted scenarios, to keep them at bay. And like clockwork, the media tries to feed us the bullshit.

  14. Mrs Reynolds said that she did not wish Dorner any harm, saying: ‘I didn’t wish him dead at any point. I prayed for him.’

    Imagine that? Christopher Dorner’s hostage prayed for him. He didn’t want to harm them. LAPD painted Dorner as a monster but multiple hostages confirmed he was calm and he assured them he wasn’t going to harm them. He ONLY wanted to clear his name.

    The killing of Christopher Dorner was a modern day lynching in broad daylight with the world watching.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; Dorner’s a crispy critter. Of course the police wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t KILL another person(s), but their #1 GOAL was to FRY him so he couldn’t further EXPOSE them for the filthy, LYING, scumbags they are.

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