The First Family Enjoys Christmas in Washington

Hat tip-The Obama Diary

Our First Family is just so wonderful. Let the haters suck it. Our First Family is just dazzling!


XMas in Washington 2014-5

XMas in Washington 2014-10

XMas in Washington 2014-1

XMas in Washington 2014-2

XMas in Washington 2014-3

XMas in Washington 2014-4

XMas in Washington 2014-6

XMas in Washington 2014-7

XMas in Washington 2014-8

XMas in Washington 2014-9

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5 Responses to The First Family Enjoys Christmas in Washington

  1. vitaminlover says:

    God I just love them. I am so pathetic! They are fantastic!

  2. It truly is a prideful thing to have our nation represented by such as these. The last time the first family was so likable, approachable and vital was in 1963 before the assassination. The last time we had a first family that was so Black was…….Oh, Yeah. Never which makes them the first and that is an American thing. That is a truly American thing and an example of the good things about America that I and probably others find it so easy to forget; not forget; but ignore. I don’t feel guilty or unreasonable for this lapse because the BAD shit going down all around us is so mind twisting and soul wrenching that one might be excused for being “Over-occupied” with it. So I guess what I am saying is that seeing these photos is a breath of fresh air; a reminder that we have done good things and a hope that we might do more. I mean; if Barack Obama can be elected President; perhaps Elizabeth Warren can be elected President. If that can happen…well…well…maybe; it is possible for a young White boy from Kansas to climb to the top of the Boxing world and become “WORLD CHAMPION” they said he couldn’t do it. They said he could never hang but this kid is coming on strong where strong is an adjective and this is one guy who doesn’t see why…….ah, never mind. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GO…I mean; eh.. ‘ave a-noy’ce ‘oliday me foy’ne young misshes.

  3. rikyrah says:

    They are just so lovely.

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