Sandra Bland Funeral

Sandra Bland FuneralSandra Bland Funeral 2

The funeral for Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old Chicago-area woman who died in a Texas jail cell almost two weeks ago, is being held in Lisle Saturday morning. Friends and family gathered for a wake at 9 a.m. and a funeral to follow at 11 a.m.

The services, held at DuPage African Methodist Episcopal Church, are private and cameras will not be allowed. Church officials say they expect about 1,000 people to attend.

Sandra Bland, the woman found dead in a Texas jail cell, was remembered Saturday as a courageous fighter for social justice.

Family and friends gathered at her wake and funeral in Lisle, Illinois, the Chicago suburb where she grew up. The service was held a day after an autopsy report was released, which found that Bland, 28, used a plastic bag to hang herself three days after her controversial traffic stop July 10.

Her family has raised questions about the findings, saying she was about to start a new job that she was excited about and that it is unlikely that she would have taken her own life.

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  1. Hey ladies! Check these instagram images. Sandra Bland had on a dark maxi dress. The woman getting out of cop car does not look like Sandra Bland. Way larger. Bland had on sleeveless dress. Dress lighter.

    • Bland going to change into detainee clothes. Notice the sleeveless dress?

    • now you’re really grasping for straws…lol the bottom of this story has completely fell threw the foundation of truth and you’re gonna say she attacked him with a cig… question….while the arresting officer was fishing for the story line ,why wasn’t a cig mentioned?hats all i have got to say.if someone had burnt him with a cig he would have been burning,and defiantly had said something.
      i have a question for everyone………dont you think all the footage of Sandra Bland s trip to the jail should have time stamps running in all video?ive been arrested before for a $18 dollar check that i cashed on a closed account .just grabed the old check book by mistake but i know it had time stamps on it the whole time …and ive watched the arrest of others …all having the time stamps on them..just a thought for today.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    deray mckesson ‏@deray 49m49 minutes ago
    It appears that Instagram has limited the #SandraBland hashtag to “Top Posts” only.

  3. rikyrah says:


    I just can’t get past this.

  4. Liza says:

    I just read the transcript for the roadside encounter between Brian Encinia and Sandra Bland.

    Now I’m wondering. We know absolutely nothing about Mr. Encinia except what was on his LinkedIn profile before it was scrubbed. I’m not aware of any other social media profiles he may have had, but at this time he has no internet presence prior to the false arrest of Sandra Bland.

    So, the question I have is how did this guy become a cop? I believe his previous employment was in an ice cream factory and then a fire department? He’s been a cop for less than two years. Did he have a “friend” at the Waller County PD? Is there someone there in a higher position who has some interest in protecting him? And why would the Waller County PD allow this bogus arrest to keep moving forward when anyone around there with some level of authority could review the dash cam video and see that there was no probable cause for arrest. All that blathering by Encinia at the end of the transcript is clearly indicative that he was reaching to make something up.

    Wow. Just wow. So, if they arrest someone without probable cause, and they determine that the person might cause them some trouble, do they just take care of it like it’s 1940 around there? And why the closing of the ranks around Encinia? Why all of the secrecy? Who the f**k is that POS? Who does he know?

    • rikyrah says:

      you are absolutely on point.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      On another topic, Sandra’s purse was left in her car and was towed away with the car.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        At timestamp 44:17 to 44:50 of the above video you can see Trooper Encinia take Sandra’s purse out of the car, rummage through it and then put it back in her car.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        Just saw your question.

        The Black lady cop picks up the clipboard with the traffic warning and Sandra’s cellphone off the trunk of her car at timestamp 20:39

        Then proceeds to open the trunk and search it. At timestamp 21:29 she closes the trunk, puts the clipboard back on it and apparently still has the cellphone in her left hand as she returns to the open front passenger door.

        Walks around to the driver’s door with it where other cop is looking inside. Walks back to the trunk and then, I think you can see it well in her left hand at timestamp 22:47. At timestamp 22:53 she walk away with it on the right going back (away) out of range.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    “Spoken word poem for Sandra Bland”


    ” How much more of a freedom fighter was she destined to become?

    “And, how much more of a dream inspirer would she have been for her family and her loved ones?

    “And, could she have known that her legacy would shake awake her sisters…those of us who can’t stop seeing our own lives as we gaze into her picture resolving with all sense of fortitude and unity to fearlessly ride with her.

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