Hearings in the #FreddieGray case

freddie gray hearings 22Baltimore judge on Tuesday ruled that statements made by one of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray‘s arrest and death are admissible as evidence in her trial, and possibly the trials of her peers.

Judge Barry Williams denied a motion by Sgt. Alicia D. White’s attorneys to suppress her statements to police investigators, which they had argued were obtained improperly.

Ivan Bates, one of White’s attorney’s, suggested that investigators on the Baltimore Police Department’s Force Investigation Team had “tricked” White into providing a statement by making her think she was just a witness — not a suspect — and by suggesting to her during her interrogation that her signing two sheets waiving her Miranda rights and her rights under the state Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights was not tantamount to giving up her rights when it was.

Prosecutors said the statements were obtained properly. Deputy State’s Attorney Jan Bledsoe at one point during the hearing called the defense suggestion that a police sergeant did not understand her rights when agreeing to give a statement “a serious problem.”

Williams said there was no evidence that White had been coerced, compelled or threatened prior to giving her statments, and that the state had met its burden of proving she did so voluntarily.

“Sgt. White had the opportunity to say ‘No'” to poice investigators multiple times, but she didn’t choose to do so, Williams said.

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