Wednesday Open Thread: Marvin Gaye singing, rehearsing and directing his band in Belgium 1981

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: ‘If It’s Time To Speak Up, You Have To Speak Up’

    NOVEMBER 01, 2015 5:09 PM ET

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is still best known as the all-time leading scorer in the NBA, and the center of the Los Angeles Lakers’ basketball dynasty of the 1980s.

    But he is also an actor, an author and an activist. Since retiring from the game in 1989, he’s written several books and become a columnist for Time magazine.

    And ever since he was a standout college athlete at UCLA, Jabbar has been outspoken on issues of race, politics and justice.

    NPR’s Michel Martin spoke with Abdul-Jabbar at a live event in Washington, D.C., and asked whether he had ever paid a price for speaking out.

    “I did,” he said. “But sometimes you can’t pick or choose. When something happens, it doesn’t matter if it’s convenient or not — if it’s time to speak up, you have to speak up. You can’t be afraid.”


    Interview Highlights

    On Michael Jordan’s statement — when asked to endorse Harvey Gantt in his Senate campaign against a candidate with retrograde racial attitudes — that “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

    You can’t be afraid of losing shoe sales if you’re worried about your civil and human rights. He took commerce over conscience. It’s unfortunate for him, but he’s gotta live with it.

  2. Ametia says:

    Look at this FUCKERY

    • Damn, talk about deranged.

    • eliihass says:

      Fam, I wish we didn’t give this vile and viciously evil garbage designed to hurt and do irreparable damage, any attention or clicks …Crap like this remains one of the main reasons I rally and fight hard for FLOTUS…I practically lose it on her behalf…

      You’ll have to forgive me this rant-

      There’s a reason the perpetrators of this incredibly dishonest, wicked and deeply harmful acts of targeted, vicious, slanderous narratives, with their concerted effort to destroy this full blooded, beautiful black woman – a wife, mother and only daughter of her parents – have now desperately resorted to deliberately mislabeling their you tube videos to get unsuspecting supporters and people who love, admire and respect The Obamas, to bite –

      For 8 long years, once they began to sense her power and influence – a power which she in her typically unassuming way never actively sought out or went out of her way to cultivate – or schemed to maintain — they came for her. A very principled, take me or leave me kind of woman, she was always clear and unapologetic about who she was and what her values were, and even if she never uttered a word so as not to arm the haters with something to jump on, and smear her and distract from her husband and his administration’s focus and successes, you always knew exactly were she stood on any issue. Her unconscious power lay mostly in the fiercely passionate yet effortless way she ceded the spotlight, supported and proudly cheered on her husband, and always and continues to love, prioritize and remains protective of her husband and daughters, all while still exuding a confidence and strength usually the reserve of extremely ambitious and professionally successful women and feminists who typically eschewed tradition and the traditional role of wife publicly doted upon, and mother who’d give up everything – and she did give up her professional ambitions – to ensure the well-being of her kids – and to see to it that her family remains whole and thrived together as an unbreakable and functional unit.

      This rare and unique sort of power and influence never before seen…one that quietly and sometimes irreverently and mischievously turned convention on its head, and even as some tsk-tsked, she by being defiantly herself, gave women permission to be fully women in breadth and depth – and not deny themselves any part of that complete expression and enjoyment of their womanhood – or remain trapped by society competing against their male counterparts as contrived and poor imitations of men: Dresses, sleeveless or with sleeves, instead of suits – if that is what one preferred; and that wonderful sense that a strong woman who is also very much an equal to her husband in every way, could still be very bashful and need and want him and his undivided love and attention – and enjoy him asserting ownership by slyly caressing her bum as he leads her up Air Force One or back into the White House after some public function – and completely melting in her husband’s loving embrace every time he tenderly wraps his arms about her and kisses her as he mischievously whispers sweet and naughty things to her even in public… It’s also the power she seizes when after a while everyone and their momma begins to mimic her by over-familiarly referring to him as ‘Barack’ – and she switches things up and starts referring to him instead as ‘my husband’ – and dares any of the floozies and wannabes to try it…

      Her power, together with her husband’s was far more than the perpetrators and the opposition anticipated or bargained for – and would certainly never allow..

      Forever natural, nurturing and completely herself and at ease as she in jeans and sneakers effortlessly jumps rope, hula hoops, gardens and casually lunches on healthy salads prepped and enjoyed with local school kids – or dressed up in an off the rack dress visiting with and discussing next steps with spouses and care-givers of wounded veterans at one of her many Joining Forces events – or at a Reach Higher event hugging and querying young minority and underprivileged teens about school and their plans for college – or ravishing in a couture gown on the arms of her proud, attentive and doting husband at a black tie affair, she’s all around amazing, and a breath of fresh air.

      Refreshingly unaffected, whip-smart, grounded, sensible and comfortable in her own skin – an incredibly appealing mix of strength, vulnerability, innocence and earnestness – and even as relatable as she is, she’s enigmatic still, and has a sexiness about her which she appears to be completely oblivious to – and an un-manufactured realness clothe in a comfortable but palpable greatness and a powerful presence. Genuine, perceptive, insightful and effortlessly brilliant and capable — as she became a role model for the world, and adored and looked up to, she quickly became even more of a threat to the status quo, and the perpetrators immediately went to work trying to discredit, to chip away at her, to blunt her influence and power, to stem her rise and eventually to try to destroy her. And as time went on and she only grew in stature and people around the world, women old and young, very openly admired, gushed about her, aspired to be like her – – and she even dared to become the ultimate standard internationally, – a standard against which other women were measured – and previously exclusively reserved for white women – imperfect, but carefully air-brushed and propped up – with swaths of their biography revised and chopped off to gloss over or completely erase questionable and dodgy aspects of their personal and professional privileged and entitled white lives that didn’t neatly fit into the overall narrative of perfect ultimate white woman perched atop the gold-throned pedestal, and role model to be aspired to by all. She on the other hand, of course had every aspect of her life dissected and her accomplishments and successes that would otherwise be celebrated in a white woman, were instead deconstructed and queried, torn apart, belittled, trivialized and dismissed. The perpetrators only ramped up their attacks, crossing every line of decency and humanity to not only break, but to permanently snuff out the woman who would become the historic first black First Lady of these United States.

      But for a while there, a black woman was placed on that previously elusive pedestal and she became the international symbol of the complete woman. A wife so publicly and unabashedly and passionately loved, doted on, respected and desired by her powerful husband who had eyes only for her – and could never keep his hands off her; A mother of two smart, precocious, well-raised, well-adjusted, well-loved, well-behaved daughters who were the hauntingly perfect and beautiful mix – and alternately spitting images of their gorgeous mom and good-looking father…An only daughter who so valued, honored and looked out for her widowed older black mother who she moved into the White House … Imagine that … The whole world was in complete awe – and people from Africa to Asia to Europe and the Middle East instantly related and obsessively followed their every move… Countries clamored for them to visit hoping for their very own Barack and Michelle Obama…And like Xerox, Chapstick and Thermos, “Michelle Obama” became a verb, an eponym – and countries including erstwhile ‘first lady dormant’ China demanded their very own ‘Michelle Obama’ – and many a Head of State who were more known for their adulterous affairs and disregard of their wife, instead began to up their chivalry game with their First Lady in the image of Barack and Michelle Obama..

      When the usual negative stereotypes typically wielded against black women – angry, bitter, mean, emasculating, ugly, aggressive, classless, unattractive and unworthy of chivalry or love, etc. failed to stick/catch on with Mrs Obama or have the desired and deeply damaging effect they were going for – and her reputation and popularity remained largely intact, the perpetrators took it up a notch. They started with the name-calling and demeaning and dehumanizing comparisons to animals: sasquatch, mooshelle…And these were not restricted to American blogs and airwaves, but the determined trolls spilled over into foreign blogs and comment sections of online publications in countries like the U.K where the Obamas were popular – The plan was to plant these negatives seeds and turn people against or off the Obamas..And for years the trolls stayed on it – emboldening expatriate racists to attack and disrespect the President and First Lady – including those who did so right here on American soil as guest of our country…Trolls filled up comment sections with lies and negative comments in minutes, via links posted by partner right-wing blogs like Drudge report, Breitbart etc., once a story about the Obamas was posted…as the First Lady’s poll numbers remained high and she remained a popular and effective surrogate for the President, and fantastic campaigner and fundraiser for the Democratic party … and even though she’d made it clear that she abhorred politics and would never run for office, popular talk of wanting to see her to run for office – to be president precisely – and evidence that she was thought of more highly than all the potential candidates planning to run to succeed her husband’s very successful historic 2-term presidency – the perpetrators – and potential political candidates – turned their attention completely on her then..And determined to take her and her numbers down, went to war entirely against her and her reputation…ginning up hostility and resentment against her and perpetuating the myth of her as lazy and greedy and perpetually vacationing and squandering scarce tax payer resources on luxurious vacations to such inviting destinations as Cambodia..and the turbulent Mideast..

      And with military precision, they went after the one thing she held sacred above all else; something everyone including their enemies and the opposition agreed upon and reluctantly conceded was beautiful, swoon-worthy, aspirational; something everyone political or not, envied and admired most about them: Their marriage, deep love, bond and commitment to each other. The stories were told of how after days apart traversing the country on the campaign trail separately for maximum impact, they’d finally meet up in a city and even in the midst of staff and throngs of other people, they’d create an invisible intimate cocoon in the middle of the chaos and direct their attention fully towards each other – as people described it, it was as if they were all alone in a room full of people…something we all got to see and witness first hand again and again, as their lives played out on television through 2 presidential campaigns and a 2-term presidency…

      The unrelenting attacks on their marriage their greatest asset was now in full force. Their happy marriage was declared a fraud. An act. He was gay, she was his beard. Their 2 daughters weren’t really theirs. It was a marriage of convenience arranged by the America-hating black Army veteran pastor of their former church who paired up black gay men who may or may not also be Muslim or even American for that matter, with black professional women who were obese and ugly; failed out of Princeton University with Honors, and somehow graduated from competitive Harvard Law school and got recruited right out of law school by top law firms too, but would never find a mate and marry otherwise.

      Online sites and gossip rags prominently displayed in grocery and pharmacy aisles blared front-page stories of their marriage in trouble – divorce papers already filed and both living separate lives…one week the President was having gay relations with his body man, getting drunk, having fits of rage, unstable and losing his mind, the next week he was lusting after one Hollywood actress or other – and even having an affair or two with several – or smitten with the Thai prime minister, or the flirty prime minister of Denmark who took a selfie with him and David Cameron at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. Funny thing was that nothing was made of the Danish p.m’s stroking of Cameron’s face as she held him closer for the selfie. David Cameron and Samantha and their marriage somehow managed to escape any speculations about the state of their marriage, nor was their marriage ever declared in trouble following that. Our First Lady on the other hand was depressed and drinking too, threatening to move back to Chicago – or kick the president out of the White House! She even had the Secret Service filling her in her husband’s escapades when she wasn’t around, and she’d banned several female celebrities from the White House for being overly flirtatious with him, including those who were creepily studying her and copying her every mannerism and had befriended the President’s staff as a way to have constant access to him. She was slapping the President around too, had hired private investigators to build evidence on the President’s affairs for her divorce filing; and starved for attention by her husband, she was also having several affairs of her own. And also planning on running away with Valerie Jarrett when this was all over.

      But that selfie became proof-positive that the Obama marriage was indeed over. That he always liked white women and lost his mind around them. Meanwhile the First Lady was savaged. She was unattractive and could never measure up to the average-looking, leathery-skinned bleach blonde woman who was immediately declared “attractive”. The First Lady who throughout the memorial remained low-key and appropriately solemn and returned to the U.S hand in hand with the President as the exited Air Force One, and Marine One and walked to the White house, was declared ‘jealous’ and ‘insecure’ and even scolded by some for trying to publicly ’emasculate’ her husband by forcing him to change seats with her. Never-mind that photographs taken out of sequence and context were used to support these various narratives – and those of us who watched the memorial live and without any commercial interruption, saw and knew better.

      After that selfie incident, the Obama marriage became a free for all…and their every move was closely studied and monitored and interpreted and watched for confirmation of a strain and distance. People became emboldened in their attacks on her – even their common enemies delighted in him potentially cheating on and leaving her for another woman – preferably, a white one…FLOTUS on her trip to China with her mom and daughters, was faced with a Chinese media who actually believed the t.v series Scandal was about her marriage…and questioned her about it.. A senior Japanese Politico publicly attacked their marriage when POTUS visited Japan without FLOTUS on a State visit – And as much as we pooh-pooh the efficacy and impact of these lies and rumors, they do soon begin to register after a while, and indeed do great harm – and in the end, it is the unelected black First Lady viewed through the prism of the negative stereotypes that have been used to clobber and hurt black women and girls like the young school in South Carolina, who gets to bear the brunt of the many varieties of hit jobs – including those done via sophisticated former/current White House staff who are for all intents and purposes, no less racist than the likes of Deputy Ben Fields…

      Some celebrity supporters who previously became political activists on the sly and volunteered on the President’s campaign only to try to get close to the popular candidate, but were cowered by his love for and public doting on his wife and would never dare, soon bought into the rumors too, and started making very bold and public overtures. They started offering to host high-priced fundraisers on behalf of the DNC on the condition the President personally showed – and then they shamelessly batted their eyelids at him when he did show, and flirted up a storm, gushing as they flirted and exclaimed at just how handsome he was and how he left them speechless – one even offering to take him to a strip club to show him a good time…And any time mention was made of Mrs Obama or she showed up someplace in her stunning glory, they all scurried away quickly like rats…

      To the extent that these insidious and unbelievably despicable and damaging narratives and you tube videos that promote and personally target in such a nasty and scurrilous ways and assassinate the integrity, humanity and character of the First Lady by actual and psychologically warfare – Casting doubt and aspersions on the First Lady…Leaving people forever wondering… questioning her gender, her sexuality and her husband’s – and also the maternity and paternity of their 2 daughters …and only to demean, dehumanize her and to crush her, her spirit and that of her daughters who are now old enough to read – and to hurt, and to have millions of Americans and non-Americans alike including the spiteful and the genuinely uninformed and unaware, speculating and wondering and even categorically spreading the lie..

      It must take a truly strong spirit to get up and fully function every day knowing that the internet and magazines are full of such horrid, awful and damaging lies about you – some of which even some well intentioned people soon start to believe after being bombarded with it for a while – But as hard as it is for the adults, how much harder must it be for their young daughters who in spite of efforts to protect them and to teach them good coping mechanisms, are still young and prone to unbelievable hurt and pain .. One often wonders if those who push this wicked tripe ever stop to think just how much hurt they cause – or if their hate is too far gone and trumps all else..

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:



        I love First Lady Michelle Obama! She is outstanding in her beauty and beautiful heart. Her inner light of caring, compassion, and goodness shines out for all to see.

        God bless her!

      • Ametia says:

        And your RANT is precisely why I posted that video.

        THANK YOU!

      • Liza says:

        One of the things that I like most about FLOTUS is her dedication to the belief that we should ALL be taking care of our bodies. And yes, that means lifting weights for women who are approaching menopause and facing bone loss and osteoporosis. And, it means lifting weights for the rest of your life, as long as you can, or prepare yourself for a hump in your back and other problems brought on by thinning bones. Like fractures in the vertebrae and broken wrists and hips when you fall.

        Anyone who would try to turn this choice, the choice to be healthy and fit, into this absolutely evil, absurd, crock of lies that a woman who is muscular and toned is really a man, and in this case use it to attack Michelle Obama, is beyond my comprehension. I see plenty of women at the gym who are muscular and toned, especially the trainers. And they look really good. The First Lady is gorgeous, a beautiful, tall woman who is in excellent shape and looks great in clothes.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      I think that whoever created this ridiculous video used a computer voice program of the type that translates foreign languages or reads computer words to the blind.

  3. Ametia says:

    If only that NEGRO hadn’t been elected POTUS , and for TWO TERMS, THE NERVE

    How badly has the Obama era damaged the Democratic party?


  4. Patrece says:

    WOW! Marvin Gaye was a true genius.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Marco Rubio’s Immigration Reversal Is Complete: He Promises To Deport Dreamers
    BY ESTHER YU-HSI LEE NOV 4, 2015 3:21PM

    long, long time ago, Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) got on the Senate floor and made a heartwarming speech about giving millions of undocumented immigrants the chance at a pathway to citizenship before casting a decisive vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that he helped craft. As many bills do in a contentious, bicameral Congress, the bill died. Wounded from defeat, Rubio retreated from his own bill, stating that he’s learned his lesson, sharply tipping his support instead towards improving border security measures and piecemeal legislation.

    Now as a Republican presidential contender in a field dominated by candidates supporting mass deportation and the end to birthright citizenship (currently a constitutional right granted to kids born on U.S. soil), Rubio wants it known that he will end the only protection that some undocumented immigrants have — the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was created through executive action in 2012 by President Obama. The executive action has since granted temporary deportation relief and work authorization to as many as 680,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children.

    During a Young Professionals event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Rubio said that he would eventually end the DACA program, even if Congress didn’t act on a permanent legislative fix, according to at least two reporters, MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin and The Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui.

  6. rikyrah says:

    let me pull out my teeny tiny violin.



    A Rich White Man Killed Himself With Pain Killers: Chris Christie’s Melodramatic Hypocritical White Victimology Blues Speech

  7. rikyrah says:

    ZANDAR brings it to you:

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    Welcome To Bevinstan

    Posted by Zandar

    So what the hell happened last night? How did Matt Bevin win so easily? Turnout was higher this year than in 2011 by a big number of raw votes and by percentages.

    Here’s what I have so far:

    Democratic turnout in Lexington and Louisville wasn’t the issue. In 2011, Steve Beshear won easily with 26% turnout. In Fayette County in 2011, Beshear got 32k, Conway got 38k last night. In Jefferson County, Beshear got 107k in 2011, Conway got 112k last night.

    But, in Jefferson, Bevin got 30k more votes than David Williams did in 2011, and in Fayette, Bevin got 27k to Williams’ 14k, a 13k difference. Some of that came from Drew Curtis getting 10k votes in those 2 counties as an Independent when Gatewood Galbraith got 22k in 2011, but what this means is a healthy chunk of Republicans showed up in Louisville that didn’t vote in 2011.

    In total, 975k Kentuckians voted last night for governor, as opposed to 833k in 2011.

    To put it simply, what happened is this: In 2011, Steve Beshear won 93 of 120 counties.

    In 2015, Jack Conway won just 14 counties. In Pulaski County, where the percentage of uninsured dropped from more than 17% to under 5%, Beshear won 51-40%.

    Last night Matt Bevin won it by 47 points.

    Conway lost county after county that Beshear won. 79 of them, to be exact. In every case, turnout in these rural counties was higher and they turned out for Bevin.

    Tens of thousands of people who voted for Steve Beshear in 2011 in fact turned around and voted for Matt Bevin last night.

    Next door in Kenton County, in 2011 Beshear won comfortably, 51-45%. Conway lost 57-40% last night. And turnout was higher by 5,000 votes.

    Conway just got smoked in coal country and everywhere else. The pollsters were badly, badly wrong, all of them. Beshear voters turned on him in droves.

  8. rikyrah says:

    Monday, November 2, 2015
    Yes, We’re Still a Nation of Cowards
    Back in 2009, Eric Holder got in a lot of trouble for saying that – when it comes to talking about racism – we are a nation of cowards. His analysis came to mind as a theme developed in some articles I’ve been reading lately.

    For example, Marc Fisher interviewed a group of Donald Trump supporters and attempted to draw some conclusions about what animates their attraction to his slogan about making America great again. There were a variety of responses, but the theme expressed here seemed pretty common.
    Cimbal, a loyal Republican, wants people to think about how to curb illegal immigration and protect Second Amendment gun ownership rights, but she’s mainly drawn to Trump because she thinks his plain talk can get things done. Her goal is to restore a time “when there wasn’t as much animosity toward each other, when everything wasn’t about race and people just got along.”
    Hmmm…when was that time “when everything wasn’t about race and people just got along?” That is an assumption we’ve heard from white people for decades – things were better when people of color knew their place and didn’t get so uppity in demanding equal treatment.

    Then there’s E.J. Dionne, who spent some time with a focus group of Republicans in NH watching the last debate and gathers some conclusions about what is dividing the GOP.
    But the most instructive part of the evening came toward the end when Ross Terrio, a Manchester school board member, took the conversation to a different place, describing his response to President Obama’s time in office. “I have gotten so pessimistic,” he said. “I used to be such an optimistic person. Maybe Obama just sucked the life out of me.” Terrio, who works as a pharmacist, has no complaints about his personal situation but wonders how his neighbors with much more constrained incomes can make it.
    So Terrio is doing fine economically. But having Obama as president turned him from being an optimist into a pessimist and just sucked the life out of him. Kinda makes you wonder what that’s all about, doesn’t it?

    Finally comes Sarah Wheaton who – in reporting on the release of 6,000 non-violent offenders this weekend due to the retroactive application of the Fair Sentencing Act – couches the concerns she heard from critics in the mold of a potential repeat of the racist Willie Horton ad of the 1988 election.

  9. Ametia says:


  10. rikyrah says:

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015
    Infantilizing the Electorate

    It comes as no surprise to anyone that an awful lot of pundits are over-analyzing an off-year election in which the results were pretty affirming of the status quo. A lot of that is fueled by the fact that Kentucky elected a Republican Governor for the first time since 2003. Of course, one has to balance that with the fact that Kentucky went for Mitt Romney at 60% in 2012 and regularly sends two Republicans to the Senate – one of whom is the current Majority Leader.

    But it will also probably not surprise you that the pundit that I think did the worst job of drawing conclusions from this election is none other than Ron Fournier. His article is titled, Kentucky’s Trump. But the subtitle makes his point, “If the next president doesn’t heal our politics, angry voters may reach further to the dangerous fringes.” Here’s how he articulates that in the article:
    Should the next pres­id­ent—like the past two—break his or her prom­ise to unite the coun­try and ad­dress the na­tion’s long-term prob­lems, the an­ger will boil hot­ter, voter back­lash will hit harder, and the path to power for a hate-spew­ing me­ga­lo­ma­ni­ac will be easi­er.

  11. Ametia says:

    Seriously, RUSSIA, you are not LOVED


    Russian plane crash: New clues emerge from wreckage, victims’ injuries
    By Holly Yan and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
    Updated 12:31 PM ET, Wed November 4, 2015

    British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said Wednesday that, while investigators continue their work and it cannot be said categorically why Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, “as more information has come to light, we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device.” As a precautionary step, British authorities have decided to delay flights starting Wednesday from the United Kingdom and destined for Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, while UK aviation experts assess security arrangements at Sharm el-Sheikh’s airport, Cameron’s office said in its statement.

    • Ametia says:

      OMG, SICKENING! & BLACK LIVES MATTER was blamed for this POS’ death.

      • rikyrah says:

        only folks that talked of suicide in the beginning were the callers into the local Black talk radio station – they called that shyt within a few days. It was the whole 2 White Guys and a Black Guy shot me… would be easier to find a leprechaun than a Black person in that area.

  12. rikyrah says:


    Town • a few seconds ago
    1. People are going to vote for the candidate who is ‘one of us.” If you’re not one of us, you better pump up the vote of people who you are one of.

    2. You need to know who you are one of. <——-this is the trap Hillary and the Democrats fall into. You are NOT one of "white working class voters"! Stop chasing them!

    3. People don't care unless it directly affects them. White married women DO NOT CARE about abortion or birth control or sex education in schools. Stop appealing to them on that basis. They don't care. You better ask Terry McAuliffe & Wendy Davis if you don't know!

    4. Gun control is a dead issue. Stop beating it. Nobody cares. If killing 20 little white babies & young white girls on live TV didn't stop it, nothing will. It's over. White folks want their guns because they are afraid people who look like Obama are going to rob/rape/kill them. The only way you will get gun control in this country is if you expel ALL of the non-white people out of this country. That's not going to happen so stop campaigning on gun control.

    5. Democrats need to stop talking like Republicans. Why would somebody vote for a fake Republican when they could vote for the real thing?

    6. If Democrats refuse to stand by the leader of their party, they deserve to lose. If you're a Democrat campaigning on "I'm gonna stand up to Obama" and I voted for Obama, why should I vote for you? Voting for you would be the same as voting for the Republican & if I don't vote Republican then I'm not going to vote at all…same outcome. If you don't know you better ask Creigh Deeds, Alison Grimes & others who ran away from Obama!

    Lastly, Lil Debbie needs to go. If any black Democrat were the head of the DNC and suffered losses on their watch they'd be shown the door at 11:51 pm on Election Night.

  13. Keeping turning up the heat on Democrats, Wassaman Shultz and Hillary, Chicas!

  14. rikyrah says:

    Cruz’s silent super PACs a growing worry for campaign
    Four pro-Cruz super PACs are sitting on huge sums of money, but have run virtually no TV ads so far.
    By Shane Goldmacher
    11/02/15 05:08 AM EST

    The super PACs backing Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential run have yet to reserve any TV time in the early primary states — or anywhere else — despite a combined $38 million war chest that ranks second among presidential contenders only to Jeb Bush’s $103 million operation.

    The total absence of ads has created confusion and growing consternation inside the Cruz campaign, which cannot legally communicate with its allied super PACs and has had to watch as its rivals lock in tens of millions of dollars in ads before prices spike, as they typically do as elections near.

    Read more:

  15. rikyrah says:

    Steve Benen @stevebenen
    Ky’s uninsured rate cut by over 40%, state unemployment rate near 14-year low. Maybe voters were tired of success & wanted something new?

  16. rikyrah says:

    Lee Fang ✔ @lhfang
    Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin, which has killed huge numbers of Kentuckians, helped fund Bevin’s campaign via RGA.

  17. rikyrah says:



    Cop Who Allegedly Abused Black Women Faces All-White Jury
    Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is on trial for 36 charges — including rape, sexual battery, stalking, and indecent exposure — based on allegations from more than a dozen black women.

    posted on Nov. 3, 2015, at 5:57 p.m.
    Jessica Testa
    BuzzFeed News Reporter

  18. Ametia says:


    Neuropolitics, Where Campaigns Try to Read Your Mind
    By KEVIN RANDALLNOV. 3, 2015

    In the lobby of a Mexico City office building, people scurrying to and fro gazed briefly at the digital billboard backing a candidate for Congress in June.

    They probably did not know that the sign was reading them, too.

    Inside the ad, a camera captured their facial expressions and fed them through an algorithm, reading emotional reactions like happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness.

    With all the unwitting feedback, the campaign could then tweak the message — the images, sounds or words — to come up with a version that voters might like better.

    All over the world, political campaigns are seeking voter data and insights that will propel them to victory. Now, in an increasing number of places, that includes the contentious field known as neuromarketing — or in this case, neuropolitics.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Ever since LBJ put pen to paper re: the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Working Class White folks been running to the GOP…

  20. rikyrah says:

    NoChillMood @ritaag
    All Libs blaming PBO for Conway’s loss show their White Privilege bias i.e blaming the black guy for the white guy’s mediocrity. Nuff said

    • rikyrah says:

      NoChillMood @ritaag
      Grimes who bragged of being a ‘Clinton Democrat’ lost against McTurtle, Conway bragged abt the same & still lost BUT SOMEHOW ITS PBO’s Fault

  21. rikyrah says:

    Which group deserves more contempt in Kentucky:
    1. You got healthcare because of KYNECT, but you couldn’t be bothered to show up to vote.
    2. You got healthcare because of KYNECT, but you voted for Bevin.

    Who is crazier?

  22. Ametia says:

    Half of black millennials know victim of police violence

    Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press
    Updated 4:02 am, Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Years before the high-profile deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, more than half of African-American millennials indicated they, or someone they knew, had been victimized by violence or harassment from law enforcement, a new report says.

    The information, from the “Black Millennials in America” report issued by the Black Youth Project at the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at the University of Chicago, reflects starkly different attitudes among black, Latino, Asian and white millennials when it comes to policing, guns and the legal system in the United States. Researchers, who have surveyed millennials several times during the past decade, point out that the disparities existed well before the “Black Lives Matter” movement began.

    In the 2009 Mobilization and Change Survey, 54.4 percent of black millennials answered yes to the question “Have you or anyone you know experienced harassment or violence at the hands of the police?” Almost one-third of whites, 1 in 4 Latinos and 28 percent of Asian-Americans surveyed said yes to the same question.

    Read on:

    • Ametia says:

      I’d like to see the ACTUAL REPORT

      “But even while being the wellspring of those movements, a clear majority of black millennials – 71 percent – said in that same survey they believe police in their neighborhood were “there to protect you.” Eighty-five percent of whites, 76 percent of Hispanics and 89 percent of Asians also said police were in their neighborhood to protect them.

      “We know that young blacks are more likely to be harassed by the police. We know that they are more likely to mistrust their encounters with the police,” said Cathy Cohen, chair of the political science department at the University of Chicago and leader of the Black Youth Project. “But we also know from actually collecting data that a majority of them believe that police in their neighborhood are actually there to protect them, so I think it provides us with more complexity.”


    • rikyrah says:

      I absolutely believe this.

    • Liza says:

      WAKE UP is right. I wonder if this falls into the category of not really believing something until it happens to you. As in some erroneous belief like, “this couldn’t happen to me.” Other false beliefs might include, “it’s just a few bad eggs, most cops are good,” or “most of the victims did something, they must have done something.”

      I’m not a psychologist but I’ve seen people cling to these kinds of rationalizations or false beliefs all my life, mostly to deflect some reality, that they are just as vulnerable as the next guy.

  23. rikyrah says:

    SG2, I hope you retweet him.


    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Okay here goes… I am sick of the coddling of White Working Class Voters in this country… The rest of us pay the price for their BS.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    I mean… Who gleefully ushered in the Reagan Revolution? Not just elected him but reelected him in a landslide?

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat until that Democrat “Felt their pain” and started cribbing from St. Ronnie’s notebook?

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Who after that Dem left office with an economy in decent shape turned the USA over to the most criminally incompetent administration ever?

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    And after that criminally incompetent administration damn near drives this country into a ditch we have a moment of sanity in 2008…

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    We finally get someone who genuinely tries to fix the mess his predecessors left behind but then…

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Who decided that change wasn’t coming fast enough and saddled him with the most inept Congress in history?

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Get mad if you wish but we can’t move forward the way we could because we’re constantly having to account for butthurt White folks..

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    And this shit isn’t new KY is just part of the same bullshit story that unfolds all over. KS, WI, IL, FL, MI, and here in TX.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Matt Bevin is a clown. And yet all he had to do was basically go “OGGA BUGGA SCARY BLACK MAN!” and he gets the keys to the Govs mansion.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    And I am going to be a hard ass about this. Because every other ethnic group had to get the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” speech…

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    So yeah I hear y’all about low turnout, sorry leadership at the DNC, RW media/billionaires… I get it and it’s all valid however….

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    We’ve been dealing with this bullshit since Nixon. White Working Class Voters consistently voting against their own interests.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    I was already incredulous over that NY Times story about White folks wanting a “gentler drug war” this KY thing just added to it.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    There’s more I can and probably will say later but I’m tired.. I’m tired of good people in states like KY having to suffer b/c of dumb MFs.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Last thing: If you think you hurt Obama by voting against your own interests you’re a fucking idiot and deserve what’s coming to you.

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    Barack Obama is going to be good. Especially after he leaves office. His and his family’s health care is secure….but the rest of y’all?

    Mr. NFTG @Kennymack1971
    That’s it. I’m done. Maybe one day Working Class White folks you’ll wake up and join the rest of us who get it… One day.

    • Ametia says:

      This is indicative of where the country has been, has always been & will fight tooth & nail to maintain this way of life. SMGDH

      KY HICKS
      Bevin with Kim Davis and her husband in September (Courtesy Matt Bevin)

  24. rikyrah says:

    [caption id="attachment_65726" align="alignnone" width="300"]President Barack Obama greets a boy after speaking about strengthening America's education system, at the Wright Middle School in Madison, Wis., Nov. 4, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House. President Barack Obama greets a boy after speaking about strengthening America’s education system, at the Wright Middle School in Madison, Wis., Nov. 4, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
    This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.[/caption]

    • Ametia says:

      Yep, add Joy Reid to the list too. and they have relegated Al to Sundays only & MHP to weekends.

      MSNBC loaded on an extra hour for Murdering JOKE, for a total of 4 hours 6 am-10 am


      While Chris Hayes stays on every weeknight, and they gave Chuckie Toad a slot every evening, a spinoff of MTP, including Sunday’s DISMAL MTP.

  25. rikyrah says:

    GOP win in Kentucky sets up unprecedented Affordable Care Act fight
    By David Weigel November 3 at 10:40 PM

    When people called Greg Stumbo to talk “Obamacare,” it was usually to say they were against it. The Democratic speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives knew just what to say. President Obama had nothing to do with their health care, not really. They were eligible to find insurance on KYnect, the exchange created by popular outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear (D-Ky.).

    “I’d tell em we’ve got Beshearcare,”said Stumbo in an interview Tuesday night, “and they’d be fine with that.”

    The disconnect between Obamacare and KYnect was one of the great paradoxes of American politics. In polls, Kentucky voters rejected Obamacare at roughly the rate they rejected the president, 2-1. But they were fond of KYnect, which Beshear created by executive order, bypassing a gridlocked Kentucky legislature. Month by month, Kentuckians took advantage of the state’s Medicaid expansion or the plans offered on the exchange, and the state’s uninsured rate plummeted from 20.4 percent to 9 percent. Beshear predicted that “the Democratic nominee will make this a major issue and will pound the Republicans into the dust with it.”

    On Tuesday night, it was the Democrats eating dust. Attorney General Jack Conway, who was expected to replace Beshear, lost in a rout to Tea Party activist Matt Bevin. Conway defended KYnect; Bevin called it a disaster. While his prescription for changing it shifted, he ended the race with a promise to undo Kentucky’s successful experiment.

    “I plan to use the open enrollment period in 2016 to transition people from the state-level exchange to the federal exchange,” Bevin told the Cincinnati Enquirer last week. “Once all are transitioned, I would shut down the exchange.” When it came to Medicaid, Bevin pledged to “repeal the expansion as it currently exists, and seek a Section 1115 waiver from the Center for Medicaid Services.”

  26. rikyrah says:

    tee hee hee


    Obama will decide on Keystone pipeline before he leaves office

    By Juliet Eilperin November 3 at 4:36 PM
    White House officials said Tuesday that President Obama intends to decide the fate of the Keystone XL oil pipeline during his tenure, rather than suspend the federal review process at the request of the project’s sponsor.

    Speaking to reporters, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the president “would like to have this determination be completed before he leaves office” and was not inclined to extend the seven-year review process even longer just because one section of the route is still awaiting approval in Nebraska.

  27. rikyrah says:


    If Jeb Bush were a stock, he’d be the entire stock market his brother left us in 2009.
    6:49 AM – 4 Nov 2015

  28. Ametia says:

    It’s HUMP DAY!

    Thanks so much for the rehearsal JAM session with Mr. Gaye & Comapny, SG2. I want you, but I want you to want me too I like that,” MERCY! LOL

  29. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

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