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Christmas candles 89Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”, also known as “Let It Snow”, is a song written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in July 1945. It was written in Hollywood, California during a heat wave as Cahn and Styne imagined cooler conditions.

One of the best-selling songs of all time, “Let It Snow!” has been covered countless times. Due to its seasonal theme, it is commonly regarded as a Christmas song. However, the song makes no reference to the holiday in its lyrics.

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  1. Loretta Lynch has been the BIGGEST disappointment EVER!

  2. rikyrah says:

    J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Backlash To ‘Black Hermione’
    BY LAUREL RAYMOND DEC 21, 2015 1:36 PM

    A black actress has been cast as Hermione in the upcoming “eighth” Harry Potter story, the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, prompting a firestorm on social media. Actor Jamie Parker has been cast as Harry Potter, Paul Thornley will play Ron Weasley, and Noma Dumezweni, an Olivier-award-winning actress born in Swaziland will play Hermione.

    The play is an entirely new Harry Potter story penned by Rowling, following Harry’s troubles as an overworked government employee and father of three, including his son Albus Severus Potter — who is struggling under the weight of his family legacy (and, probably, his ridiculously grandiose name).
    Although the real bombshell here ought to be that Paul Thornley, the actor playing notorious ginger Ron Weasley, doesn’t have red hair, it’s the casting of a woman of color as Hermione that has fans all a-twitter. In the books, Hermione’s main descriptors are her bushy hair and large teeth (pre Goblet of Fire, that is), but in the movies she’s played by Emma Watson — a white actress. Citing “continuity” — and their own images of “canon” Hermione as white — fans peppered J.K. Rowling with questions about the casting choice.
    Her response:

    J.K. Rowling ✔ @jk_rowling
    Canon: brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. White skin was never specified. Rowling loves black Hermione 😘
    4:41 AM – 21 Dec 2015

  3. This is bullshit on its face. Sandra Bland was murdered & no one is held accountable. Where is the @TheJusticeDept?

  4. rikyrah says:

    they all rolled over and one fell out
    By Liberal Librarian

    News broke this morning that Linsdey Graham, the bachelor senator from South Carolina, has exited the clown car which passes for the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

    The frightening thing is that Lindsey “I Want To Be At War With Everyone” Graham is the “moderate” in the race. Normally, a man who wants to bomb anyone who so much as says “boo” to the US would be considered a war-mongering radical. But because he has come out forcefully against the Trump and Cruz lean of the modern GOP, he’s been lauded as a truth-teller in the Republican Party by the media with whom he’s so cozy.

    So let that sink in. A guy who literally wants to bomb everyone is the moderate. This is an indication of how far the Republican Party has shifted to proto-fascism, if not outright fascism. And, let’s be frank: This has happened in the eight years since we elected Barack Obama. It’s gone into overdrive since we re-elected him in 2012. The GOP said it learned lessons from 2012, promising to be more inclusive and open. But, if it learned those lessons on an elite level, the lesson which the proletariat learned was that nothing but the hardest of right wing ideology would do to defeat the pernicious Obama regime and its liberal enablers. Thus, Il Douche and Punch-Me-Face Cruz are the leaders in the primary polling.

  5. Rikyrah and Ametia. MAIL.

  6. Ametia says:


  7. rikyrah says:

    Data: Meet the finalists that could design the Obama Presidential Center
    By Blair Kamin

    The Barack Obama Foundation on Monday named seven architectural firms that will compete for one of Chicago’s and the nation’s most sought-after commissions — the design of the Barack Obama Presidential Center, which will be built in Washington Park or Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are expected to select a winner by mid-2016. Here are profiles of the finalists:

    Adjaye Associates

    Offices in London, New York and Accra, Ghana
    David Adjaye

    Bio: Born in 1966, David Adjaye spent his childhood in Africa and the Middle East where his father, a Ghanaian diplomat, was posted. His family moved permanently to Britain in 1979. His best-known designs include internally focused, spatially inventive houses for London artists, a public library (called an “idea store”) in a heavily Bengali section of
    London, the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, and the National Museum of
    African American History and Culture in Washington, opening next year. Adjaye is featured in a one-man show at the Art Institute of Chicago that illuminates how he incorporates multiple cultural and visual references into his buildings. The show closes Jan. 3.

    Notable project: National Museum of African American History and Culture (under construction)

    Inside story: Speculation about Adjaye and the Obama library began after Adjaye sat with the president at a 2012 state dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron. The socially conscious character of Adjaye’s buildings and his transnational background appear to mesh well with Obama, a former community organizer whose own multiethnic background includes being raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

  8. rikyrah says:

    said it from the beginning – a result of GOP Plotting.


    Flint toxic water tragedy points directly to Michigan Gov. Snyder

    Rachel Maddow reports on the poisoning of Flint, Michigan residents when their water supply was switched, and shows explicitly how responsibility for the tragedy falls to Governor Rick Snyder and his radical, anti-democratic policies.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Why Lindsey Graham’s departure matters
    12/21/15 10:42 AM
    By Steve Benen
    The massive Republican presidential field hasn’t seen many departures lately, but that changed this morning when the field shrunk from 14 members to 13. MSNBC reported:
    Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is dropping out of the presidential race. “While we have run a campaign that has made a real difference, I have concluded this is not my time,” he said in a statement Monday.

    “I am suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the American people,” he said.
    The timing is not coincidental: in Graham’s home state of South Carolina, today is the last day in which presidential candidates can be removed from the first-in-the-South primary ballot.

    Graham also released a two-minute YouTube video this morning to announce the end of his White House bid.

    The senator’s departure was, for all intents and purposes, inevitable. He was out of step with much of his party on a variety of issues, leading to weak fundraising and anemic support in the polls. Graham failed to qualify, for example, for any of the prime-time Republican debates this year.

    The Republican lawmaker did his best to position himself as the anti-Trump – two weeks ago, Graham argued, “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell” – and he even had a confrontation in which Trump gave out Graham’s personal cell-phone number to the public, but his campaign nevertheless struggled for relevance.

    When a candidate averaging 0.7% in national polling exits the stage, it’s tempting to think the impact will be non-existent, but in this case, Graham’s departure may be more important than widely assumed.

    Keep in mind, Senate Republicans have, by and large, stayed on the sidelines in the GOP presidential race. Of the 54 Republican senators in the chamber, only 11 have made endorsements (one, John McCain, backed Graham, which actually brings the overall total down to 10 as of this morning).

  10. rikyrah says:

    This Governor is a hot mess.

    Governor’s role in hotel disturbance draws national attention

    by Uriel J. Garcia and Milan Simonich The New Mexican | 84 comments

    Gov. Susana Martinez, newly elected chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association and recently touted as a possible contender for vice president, found herself attracting a different sort of national attention Friday after the release of a recording in which she told law enforcement dispatchers that police should not investigate disturbance complaints against her group at a Santa Fe hotel.Martinez’s recorded dealings with police, dispatchers and hotel employees made her a wide target for criticism Friday. Her detractors and political enemies accused her of trying to bully other government employees to thwart an investigation.

    The confrontation began about 1:30 a.m. Sunday following the governor’s holiday staff party in a hotel ballroom when an employee of the hotel called police to report troublesome guests “partying” in a room and to ask that police escort them off the property.

    “They’ve been warned already and they’re still not quieting down. They were told to leave and we were told to call you guys,” the employee said. A dispatcher asked if the guests had weapons. “I just know that they were throwing bottles off the balcony, I believe, earlier,” the employee replied.

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  12. Don’t use google.

    Now on the first day of Christmas my homeboy gave to me…..

    Who sings this?

  13. Ametia, check email.

  14. rikyrah says:

    If you are unaware about the difference that political POLICIES can have upon your life…

    Why am I, or anyone else, supposed to beg your azzes to get informed and vote.
    The sense of entitlement with this child is reeking and about to snap my last Black nerve.

    • Ametia says:


      So it’s all OBAMA’s fault.

      That magical negro couldn’t wave that fucking magical wand and bring the MIRACLES!

      Where were these negroes during the reign of the prior 43 POTUS’ asking for change?

  15. Ametia says:

    UH UH UH

  16. Ametia says:

    DRIP, DRIP, DRIP! When are we going to get the FULL TRUTH of what happened on the Las Vegas strip, hmm?

  17. rikyrah says:

    From Steve Benen over at Maddow Blog, with his observations about the latest GOP Polling:

    ased on the latest, overall national averages, Trump isn’t just the leading Republican candidate, he’s actually dominating by more than 20 points. These same overall averages show the frontrunner, at least for now, with more support than Cruz and Rubio combined.

    When was the last time a Republican presidential candidate led by more than 20 points in late December and failed to win his party’s nomination? Never. It just hasn’t happened.

    Now, some caveats are probably in order. When I say “never,” I’m referring to the modern era: election cycles in which polling existed and in which Republican primary and caucus voters chose the GOP nominee in contested races.

    In other words, we’re basically looking at 40 years’ worth of presidential elections (for Democrats, it’s 44 years, but since Nixon ran effectively unopposed in 1972, it’s 40 for the GOP). In that time, no Republican had a national lead this big and ended up losing.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Latest GOP Polling:

    A Fox News poll, conducted entirely after last week’s debate,

    1. Donald Trump: 39% (up from 28% in November)

    2. Ted Cruz: 18% (up from 14%)

    3. Marco Rubio: 11% (down from 14%)

    4. Ben Carson: 9% (down from 18%)


    There’s also the latest survey from Public Policy Polling, which was also conducted entirely after last week’s debate:

    1. Donald Trump: 34% (up from 26% in November)

    2. Ted Cruz: 18% (up from 14%)

    3. Marco Rubio: 13% (unchanged)

    4. Jeb Bush: 7% (up from 5%)

    5. Ben Carson: 6% (down from 19%)

  19. rikyrah says:


    that is who they are.

    Republicans grope for way to kill Paris climate agreement

    Republicans are running out of ways to undermine the Obama administration’s commitments as part of the Paris climate agreement.

    GOP lawmakers acknowledge that they won’t get a vote on the international accord, which they vehemently oppose. But Republicans and their allies are still pursuing channels in each branch of government, as they look to torpedo the agreement.

    Many hoped that the Green Climate Fund was their best chance to do just that.

    As negotiators were hashing out a final climate deal, Republicans vowed to block American contribution to the fund, an international pool of public and private money directed to help poorer nations prepare for climate change.

    But the omnibus spending deal passed this week allows Obama to find GCF funding elsewhere in the federal budget, effectively taking the matter out of Congress’ hands.

    “The prohibition about doing it was very outspoken,” Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a vocal Obama critic, told The Hill. “You heard me say that: ‘No you can’t do it.’ But then they say, ‘Well, we can do it within accounts.’ So, that’s where it is.”

    Even so, critics of the deal say there are ways to eventually disrupt his climate promises.

    2017 appropriations: While the White House, Democrats and greens expect Obama to be able to meet at least part of his current commitment to the Green Climate Fund, Republicans said they could challenge that in the 2017 appropriations process.

  20. rikyrah says:

    the news this morning said that they believe she DID IT ON PURPOSE?


    Jovana Lara @abc7jovana

    Police confirm woman suspected of driving onto Las Vegas Strip sidewalk, hitting 37 people, is in custody

  21. rikyrah says:

    Parents at West Side school volunteer — to clean restrooms and classrooms

    In light of Chicago Public Schools’ financial challenges, parents expect to be asked to pitch in more at their children’s schools. But janitorial work usually isn’t on the list of volunteer opportunities.

    On Saturday, a handful of parents of pre-kindergarten students packed yellow rubber gloves and spray bottles of vinegar and baking soda solution and headed to Suder Montessori Elementary Magnet School, 2022 W. Washington Blvd., on the Near West Side, where they spent the morning cleaning their children’s washrooms.

    The parents felt they didn’t have a choice: Upon entering the bathrooms, they found pools of day-old urine on the floor, feces smeared on the walls and clogged, stinking toilet bowls. In the past few weeks, the school had an E. coli outbreak, and more than half of the kindergarten students missed school because of various illnesses, including a stomach bug, diarrhea or vomiting, said Michelle Burgess, head of the school’s parent-teacher association.

    “These are preschoolers. They go to the bathroom and miss. The boys play in the urinals. And sometimes can’t get to the toilet fast enough. It’s understandable,” said Angela Morales, the parent of two children who attend the school. “But they need to clean. We can’t have our kids be in this filth.”

    Parents claim the unsanitary bathroom conditions, overflowing garbage cans and soiled napping cots are the result of inadequate custodial care following the Chicago Board of Education’s decision last spring to award multimillion-dollar custodial management contracts to two firms, Aramark and SodexoMAGIC.

    The decision to privatize much of the custodial work was made in light of “daunting financial challenges” faced by the district, CPS officials have said. Surveys conducted by principals and parent organizations at the beginning of the school year aired numerous complaints of filthy conditions inside some school buildings after the custodial changes.CPS group rips ‘Magic’ custodian deal, contributions to Emanuel campaign

    Aramark and Chicago Public School officials could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday.

    Questions about school cleanliness grew further in early September when district officials announced that close to 480 subcontracted custodians who work in CPS buildings would be laid off by Aramark.

    CPS officials in March signed a minimum three-year contract worth up to $260 million with Aramark. SodexoMAGIC also received a minimum three-year, up to $80 million contract for facility upkeep earlier this year.

    The reduced contracts, Suder parents say, have led to the school operating with two full-time custodians and one part-time custodian as opposed to operating with four full-time custodians as it had in previous years. Parents claim that since the reductions, janitors have done a poor job maintaining regular cleaning duties and, for the past three months, have mopped the floor with water—and nothing else.

    One of the school’s janitor closets revealed empty cleaning solution bottles, which parents say Aramark has yet to resupply.CPS promises to clean up custodial issues

    Parents also said the school’s principal, Alexander Phillips, has had limited success trying to improve the circumstances, which they say are out of his control. Saturday was the first time the parents decided to clean the classrooms and bathrooms themselves.

    “With us pitching in, though, what happens to the long-term efforts? We’re concerned that this is sending a message that Aramark is inadequate, and that parents will always be there to fill in the gaps,” said parent Sylvia Wood, who has a son in pre-K. “The reality is that we’re tired of our kids getting sick.”

    Morales, one of the parents, said she’s grateful for the quality of education her children receive. The school is driven by parent volunteers, who recently helped build an edible garden at the school with a greenhouse, chicken coop, vegetable garden and outdoor classroom and lunch area.

    But parents shouldn’t have to put volunteer hours into cleaning classrooms or bathrooms.

    “This is where our kids come to learn, where they spend their day,” she said. “It’s all horrible. Just horrible.”

  22. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

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