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Canyon de Chelly Navajo (1904). Edward S. Curtis Collection.

Native American Canyon-de-Chelly-Navajo-1904

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A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. Ametia says:

    How in the Sam Hill does Hillary Clinton get to declare VICTORY? HOW?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. eliihass says:

    Moral of tonight..

    You can hire the ‘best’ and most expensive and ‘experienced’ team in the world, but an insincere, inauthentic, mediocre candidate will still be mediocre and the results, marginal and mediocre..

    It’s not the ‘team of experts’…it’s the candidate that makes for success and enthusiasm…

    I’m already hearing folks who never ever acknowledged my FLOTUS, talking about how POTUS *and* FLOTUS will be out in full force to campaign and support and get us all to rally behind Hillary..

    Because clearly, that’s all the historic first black POTUS and FLOTUS are good for…getting the great white woman hope into the Oval office…you know the same woman who has never really reached out to them or fully embraced them – even as part of that small exclusive club of living Presidents and First Ladies…and specifically as Democratic Presidential couples…

    But the folks who insist that FLOTUS now suddenly matters (momentarily at least… until she’s done serving her purpose slaving away getting Hillary elected), are the same folks who now scream ‘sexism and misogyny once Hillary stepped out on the campaign trail…and the same folks who’ve never managed a squeak in defense of FLOTUS – or expressed any outrage even as FLOTUS was mercilessly maligned, disrespected and assaulted…

    Because you know, sexism and misogyny only happens to Hillary – and only when Hillary is legitimately questioned on policy…but the real and offensive and blatant sexism, misogyny and racism FLOTUS has faced and continues to face every day for 8 years – even from some vocal Hillary supporters, is you know, meh…

    And don’t even get me started on my many memories of the Clintons and their so-called ‘friendship’ with POTUS…I don’t include FLOTUS because everyone knows better than to push those memes to suggest that FLOTUS is a ‘dear friend’…They can wing it with POTUS…but FLOTUS, nah…

    They were such ‘great friends’, the Clintons didn’t even have the courtesy to fake invite the Obamas to Chelsea’s wedding – even if they the Obamas wouldn’t have gone anyway so as not to complicate things at the wedding for the hundreds of other invited guests…courtesy, courtesy, courtesy..

    When our FLOTUS has a better and more respectful relationship with Laura Bush than her last Democratic predecessor…and the Bush girls have been nicer to the Obama daughters than Chelsea has…

    No surprise that FLOTUS invites Jenna Bush to interview her even when Ms Chelsea was still employed by NBC ..

    Like I said before, POTUS will probably get FLOTUS onboard – and she’ll do it for him because she loves her man…So if I see my magnificent FLOTUS out there sometime in the future doing the line up behind the Democratic candidate fox trot, I’ll understand…and I’ll forgive her because I love her so dearly…

    But as much as I love and respect her, there’s nothing she can do to get me to vote for Hillary…And that’s saying a whole lot, because you know that I would kill for my FLOTUS in a heartbeat…But no can do on Hillary…

    • eliihass says:

      So much for all the expensive, overpaid brain trust, technology, ‘superior’ ground game, lighting, choreography, make up, wardrobe, effects, speech coach, speech writers, ‘most qualified, experienced, best prepared candidate in history’ bullocks…

      Good ole Bernie strolls in with his one suit and rumpled hair and basically sweeps them..


  3. Breaking News: NBCNews reporting: Iowa Dem race too close to call. #IowaCaucus

  4. Hillary/Bernie too close to call. #IowaCaucus

    Hillary 656
    Bernie 653

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Better tell Hillary that.

    • Liza says:

      Regardless of the final result, Bernie did extremely well in Iowa. This isn’t winner takes all, so their delegates will be about the same. Voters see a tie, and it’s on to New Hampshire.

  5. Liza says:

    After tonight, I fully expect the Clintonites to start their dirty campaigning. To not do so would be very unlike them.

  6. Liza says:

    Hillary just said she is a progressive who gets things done for people. What have I missed? Maybe someone should ask her to define progressive and compare that to the “things she got done.” Well, I can’t listen to her.

    • I muted her azz. I can’t stand listening to her voice.

    • eliihass says:


      Ignore her please…She’s merely reciting what members of the Obama team who now work for her made her cram…they told her what the winning buzz words and talking points are and rehearse with her daily – reinventing her right before our eyes…
      As if we don’t all know who she is already, and she only appeared on the scene last month…

  7. Donald Trump—–>LOSER!

  8. MSNBC says too close to call. Bernie Sanders closing in.
    Hillary 640
    Sanders 638

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Thanks for the great reporting, SG2 and Liza!

      I’ve been watching your posts for the last half hour :)

      • Liza says:

        YVW, Yahtzee. I am not believing this right now. We’ve got a .2 percent spread. It’s already effectively a tie, but it would be great if Bernie moved to the top especially after Clinton declared victory.

  9. Liza says:

    Hey, y’all. I read that Clinton declared victory and then the gap narrowed to .6 percent.

  10. Just look at the Clintons trying to declare victory and the race hasn’t been called. Got damn thieves.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, just read that. But the gap is still narrowing. And the hell of it is, victory by half a point ain’t much. This is a caucus in one state. Voters basically see a tie.

  11. Liza says:

    Shaun King being cute.

    Amazing that Bernie is basically traveling the world w/ @KillerMike & Hillary has the entire establishment, and is just down 50-49.— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 2, 2016


  12. Ted Cruz is the projected winner of the Republican Iowa caucus. #IowaCaucus

  13. Liza says:

    Well, well, well. Maybe Hillary will win by less than a point. Voters will see a tie.

    Bernie is now down just 0.9 percent!AMAZING!— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 2, 2016


  14. Bernie/Hillary too close to call.

    • Liza says:

      I would so love to see Bernie on top, but this isn’t too bad. Voters will see a tie and everyone moves on to New Hampshire where Hillary gets clobbered.

  15. Liza says:

    Well, y’all, it is beginning to appear that Hillary may win Iowa by maybe a point or a point and a half. From the perspective of voters, that is effectively a tie. I wish it were Bernie on top, but it is what it is. On to New Hampshire.

    • I don’t know, Liza. Bernie is gaining. It ain’t over yet. Lose Hillary! Lose!

      • Liza says:

        Ha ha. I would LOVE it for Bernie to win.

      • eliihass says:


        Oh SG…You have assumed Ametia’s naughty persona tonight…

        You had me laughing out loud…

        I’ve been in such a grouchy mood today – combination of it being that time of the month for me which sometimes leaves me irritable – and a real annoyance at the blatant manipulation and lies – and the attempt to mercilessly slander one candidate (they were even coming for Nina Turner with made-up lies about her ‘attacking’ PP and NARAL!), only to prop up the establishment’s preferred, entitled candidate who has been and done infinitely worse – together with her vapid, awful, entitled supporters…

        Thank you for the laugh…I feel better now..I desperately needed it…

      • bwa ha ha ha ha

  16. Liza says:

    Damn, so close. I wanted Bernie on top, but a result this close isn’t bad.

    JUST IN: Clinton 50.5%, Sanders 48.9% after 72% of precincts reported #IowaCaucus— The Hill (@thehill) February 2, 2016


  17. Liza says:

    BREAKING: Martin O'Malley to suspend his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination – Dow Jones— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) February 2, 2016


    • Liza says:

      Yeah, that might be the order in which they finish. I’m actually surprised somewhat that Trump didn’t win. Well, on to New Hampshire for those folks. Rubio is likely to get a bounce. Cruz will be the Huckabee candidate and fizzle out.

  18. Liza says:

    With 61% now reporting, it's GETTING CLOSER. CLINTON: 50.9%BERNIE: 48.5%#FeelTheBern— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 2, 2016


    • Liza says:

      Do it. Do it. O’Malley ain’t viable at 3 percent. Kill that margin for error and let Bernie win.

      Please, Lord, hear our prayer.

    • Liza says:

      Interesting. If Cruz wins Iowa I think the chances of Rubio coming from behind in future primaries actually improves.

    • Liza says:

      I hope that tightens up. Actually, I hope Bernie moves ahead by the end of this. Looks like O’Malley is going to be close to zero, folks don’t want to waste a vote.

  19. Lord, I hope Hillary loses Iowa so she can GOSITHERASSDOWN

    • Liza says:

      I won’t be surprised if Rubio comes from behind in future primaries. He does appear to be one of the less scary and perhaps most electable of the sorry lot of them.

      It isn’t the end of the line if Hillary wins Iowa. But unless it is is very, very close she might get a bounce. Voters may sigh and resign themselves to her so called “electability.” I am praying that doesn’t happen. Also, I wonder who O’Malley’s supporters will gravitate toward when it turns out he isn’t viable. I really don’t know anything about his supporters. But if they are young, they might go to Bernie. Fossils go straight to Hillary.

  20. Josh: Mom, try new things. Lets just try this restaurant.

    Me: No Josh, I don’t like change. :)

  21. Still in Bastrop. I’ll be headed home soon. Josh wants to feed his mom. He’s so sweet.

  22. Liza says:

    Somehow, this video really affects me. Hillary is asked to comment on Walter Scott, murdered by a cop, and she gives the questioner the back of her head. And this is BEFORE she is elected. Anyone out there think that Hillary has any intention of dealing with police killings of innocent, unarmed people? Or any other problem in the criminal justice system, for that matter.

    Hillary Clinton immediately looks away when I ask her about the police killing of unarmed black man Walter Scott— Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) January 30, 2016


  23. Liza says:

    If Hillary wins Iowa tonight her speech will be unbearable. It will be the prelude to her coronation.

    Bernie Sanders stood up and said no to the Democratic Party’s plan to clear the path for the great Hillary Clinton, role out the red carpet and throw rose petals as she accepted her unchallenged nomination. Bernie challenged her, and in my opinion, that ought to be worth something.

    People of Iowa, please vote for Bernie Sanders.

    • Liza says:

      Hillary is probably going to win by about 3 points, but turnout matters. If young folks turn out, Bernie might pull it off or get it very close.

      The Return of the Clintons is just an unbearable thought.

      • eliihass says:

        For someone who started with *every* advantage together with her former President husband calling in every favor and strong-arming and threatening Clinton vengeance otherwise..propped up and the apparatus rigged and jimmied to ensure she wins…I ca assure you that right now there’s hijinks going on right now in Iowa to ensure a particular result…Because right now, if she fails the shame would not just be hers, but also the DNC’s, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s and every high profile Democrat who’s been out there shilling for her…They can’t have that…

        For someone who was polling 50 points ahead and has not just the endorsement but the enthusiastic support of every hierarchy of every arm and sub-arm of the Democratic party – Senate Leader, Minority Leader, Party poobahs, every Senator, congress man and woman lining up to pay homage, every governor, every State official – every last elected Democratic official…Every traditionally aligned Democratic group and enterprise – NOW, Planned Parenthood, HRC, NARAL, Randy Weingarten and her Teachers Union, Union groups that normally don’t endorse until after the primaries – all out and about shilling for Hillary…

        We have freaking Cabinet Secretaries leaving their job to get on the campaign trail for Hillary…When did that ever happen before..? Julian Castro who’s been promised something, Tom Vilsack who was a Clintonista from way back and one of those beneficiaries of the Podesta hiring during the transition, Tom Perez …all looking to ensure they stay employed through another Democratic administration..

        We have the entire Obama 2008 and 2012 team working for her and setting up offices all over the country since over a year – and we have some of them even now boasting that ‘the Clinton’ ground game in Iowa is the most superior in american history ‘and by far greater and better than the Obama campaign’s’…This is only just the start of taking the President’s accomplishment’s, tweaking them and claiming it all as hers…

        And with all the advantages, endorsements, rigging etc. she still runs neck and neck with the guy without a PAC or any advantage or any high-profile endorsements, who on a whim a few months ago, strolled in from nowhere and decided to run for president…

        That is not a win Liza…no matter how much anyone tries to spin it..


        I promise you…If the President could run again – and were he on the ballot, most of these Democrats would not be out there effusively supporting and campaigning for him…They’d take a cowardly let’s wait and see attitude – and there’d be disclaimers and mealy-mouthing galore…

        The thing is, the Clintons are good at pay to play and do threats and vindictive very well…

        So you either get on board and hope to be rewarded for your enthusiastic ‘support’…or risk their wrath…There’s no middle ground…

        See DeBlasio…He had the nerve to not only hold out endorsing Hillary, but actually had the nerve to make a demand that she articulate her vision better…

        Even though he later went on and sheepishly endorsed her, his goose was cooked…He was already penned into the black book of not just the Clintons, but all the flunkies who stand to benefit financially from their Clinton hustle…

        How dare DeBlasio try to ruin it for all of them…

        So now he’s a pariah…And looks a double fool because truth be told, Bernie Sanders is more his speed – and it was the Bernie crowd who helped propel him to the Mayorship…not the Clinton Democrats…

        And now deBlasio looks like a weasel to progressives who thought he meant what he said when they helped elect him… and the Clinton crowd no longer view him as ‘trusted friend’…

      • Liza says:

        The Clintons don’t care how this gets done, they just want it done. Hillary is obsessed with winning the presidency that she thinks was stolen from her in 2008, so damn the citizens, damn the country, Hillary is Democratic royalty. I guess we can all eat cake.

        I remember 2008 when PBO won Iowa, 8 points ahead of Edwards who came in second. There was immense joy, folks were excited.

        Now I feel a sense of foreboding. Like folks are realizing this is getting real and it isn’t good. And you’re right about Hillary, for all that has been done on her behalf they still can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

    • Ametia says:

      Bernie chllenging that witch Hillary is worth something, Liza.

      Bernie is not a DEMOCRAT, so his GOOSE was cooked from day one. You can’t expect DEMOCRATS to vote for you, if you’re not even a DEMOCRAT!

      But yes; giving that bitch a run and letting her know that she’s not going to roll up on the nomination unchallenged means something.

  24. Liza says:

    Well, I can’t go. It’s too damn cold.

    Canada's gonna have to build a wall and make America pay for it.— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) February 1, 2016


  25. rikyrah says:

    uh huh

    uh huh


    #OscarsSoWhite: Why Black Films Have to Be About MLK and White Movies Can Be About a Mop Inventor

    by Marc Bernardin 1/28/2016 9:55am PST
    Where is the black ‘Revenant’? Or the Latino ‘The Kids Are All Right’? Or the Asian ‘Black Swan’? THR’s Marc Bernardin wonders why those movies don’t get made.

    This story first appeared in the Feb. 5 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

    The fact that, for the second year in a row, there are no actors of color nominated for Oscars in the acting categories has triggered a tanker-full of Internet think pieces because that’s what the Internet does. There have been calls for a boycott. There have been suggestions that Chris Rock should recuse himself from hosting the ceremony Feb. 28, although he doesn’t plan to do so. And it has led to changes at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences designed to diversify its membership, which is 93 percent white and 76 percent male.

    But those responses address the symptoms and not the disease — it’s like prescribing skin cream for red blotches instead of dealing with the underlying condition. The real root cause behind the all-white acting nominations is that no one is making black Oscar bait.

    There currently are two types of movies that get diverse casts: popcorn movies and homework movies. The international marketplace has shown that such popcorn movies as the Fast & Furious and Ride Along series, and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens — big, shiny genre movies with United Colors of Benetton call sheets — perform well, even exceedingly well. But those films are not necessarily designed to win Oscars in any categories beyond visual effects and some of the crafts. They are designed to make a billion dollars. And that’s fine.

    Then there are the homework movies — movies intended to teach America about some fundamental part of the African-American experience: Selma, 12 Years a Slave, Malcolm X, The Help. Movies that attempt to wrestle a massive issue to the ground and make it understandable to a mass (read: white) audience while still revealing the inner life of its protagonists. And those are good. Those are important. But they can’t be all there is.

    Rock had a joke in his 2008 Kill the Messenger HBO special about the town he lives in, Alpine, N.J. There are hundreds of houses in this neighborhood, and there are, in his words, only four black people: him, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z and Eddie Murphy. Some of the best in their field. And the person who lives next to Rock? A dentist. Not the dentist who invented fillings, just a regular dentist. Rock’s point: “The black man gotta fly to get to something the white man can walk to.”

  26. Ametia says:

    Frederick Douglass’ Hair on Google Welcomes You to Black History Month
    Awesomely Luvvie — February 1, 2016

  27. Liza says:

    Yeah, like those table top filters can substitute for a water treatment plant. This has already gone too far. Do not add to the clusterf**k. This is a national emergency. Bring in FEMA, bring in the Army Corp of Engineers. Fix Flint and put John Snyder under the f***ing jail.

    The government filters in #Flint ARE NOT WORKING. A national emergency!Read & share this.From @MichaelSkolnik— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 1, 2016


    • Liza says:

      I’m talking about a federal takeover by FEMA, not just “support” or “assistance with the recovery efforts.” People have been irreparably harmed and it will continue as long as this band aid approach is the preferred method of “managing” the crisis.

      I am livid about this.

    • Liza says:

      Okay, so I’ve read they are installing faucets with water filters in some homes in Flint. The old faucets can certainly be a source of a some lead. And the filters are apparently those that attach to the plumbing. But, I did see awhile back where they were handing out those Brita table top filters. Anyhow, NONE of these filters are going to work and it is totally reckless to think they will.

      New tests show some homes in Flint have lead levels 10x the federal action limit
      By STEVE CARMODY • JAN 29, 2016

      State and federal officials say water tests at some homes in Flint are coming in at 150 parts per billion or more for lead. That’s ten times the federal action level of 15 parts per billion.

      They say they’re still testing homes, and of the 4,000 samples collected since December, 26 had levels at 150 parts per billion or higher. In at least one case, the home’s drinking water tested at 4,000 parts per billion.

      Since last year, the state has been handing out water filters designed to remove lead. The filters are certified to screen out lead up to 150 parts per billion. Officials say special filters are not enough in some Flint homes to screen out high levels of lead in the drinking water.

      “We’re telling you we still have confidence in the filters,” says the EPA’s Mark Durno, adding: “If you have not had your water tested, get it tested now.”

      Lathan Jefferson listened to the news conference at city hall. He’s skeptical about assurances that the water filters will work.

      “It’s going to take them going in and putting new pipes in,” says Jefferson. But that’s going to be a long process that has not even begun. Meanwhile, Flint residents are still being urged to use the filters. Many ignore the filters and just drink bottled water.

      • yahtzeebutterfly says:

        This is a horrific act intentionally denied by the governor and his appointed people that managed Flint’s water for three years.

        Every public pipe and every house pipe should be replaced by the state government with the help of national personnel….army corp of engineers?

        What still has not been addressed is where the sewage went. Where did the waste water filled with lead go? to a treatment plant and then the river or a landfill? If a river, what towns, farms, and cities are downstream from Flint? If a landfill, is it being declared toxic?

      • sunshine616 says:

        What in the ever living fuck is this???? Fixing a cannon ball sized wound with a callous sized bandage??? Does the indecency know no end??

      • Liza says:

        Who in the blazing hell switches their source of potable water, pumps it through their entire water distribution system without verifying via chemical treatment and analysis that it would meet the standards set forth by the EPA for drinking water? Y’all there was nothing new here, absolutely no mystery is involved. They knew the Flint River water quality (or should have via chemical analysis) and the composition and condition of those pipes. Well, the one mystery there might be is why did they think they could get away with it. The folks in Flint turned on their faucets and the putrid water came out and this was a problem from day one of this debacle and they knew it.

        By Leah Shaffer Posted January 26, 2016

        What’s in the Flint River?

        Lots of chloride ions, for starters. Chloride can occur naturally in rivers but may also be added by road salting, according to Marc Edwards, the lead Virginia Tech researcher testing Flint Water. Because of the chloride ions, the Flint River is 19 times more corrosive than the city’s previous source of water. The river water corroded city pipes, and the corroded pipes leached lead into drinking water.

        Flint officials could have avoided the crisis by adding orthophosphate to neutralize the chloride, says Edwards. Half the water companies in the country add this chemical to community water sources to prevent pipe corrosion, but Flint officials skipped that step (which costs $100 a day).

        What other problems come from corroded pipes?

        Besides lead poisoning, corrosion can bring more bacteria into the water supply. Corrosive water inactivates chlorine (Cl2), a city water supply’s main defense against pathogens (not to be confused with chloride). Even upping its levels of chlorine, which Flint tried doing, doesn’t help, says Amy Pruden, one of the primary investigators in the Flint Water studies.
        “It’s kind of futile because the chlorine gets eaten up by the corrosivity of the water,” says Pruden.

        The corroded pipes cause more water main breaks, which can bring in more bacteria from the surrounding soil, she adds.

        The water chemistry also plays a part in making a comfy home for pathogens. For instance, one hypothesis is that iron can stimulate Legionella bacteria, the bug responsible for Legionnaires’ disease (which causes pneumonia and can especially effect immuno-compromised individuals). Flint, with its corroded pipes, provides plenty of iron and there has been a spike in Legionnaire’s cases the last two years. A total of 10 people have died in those outbreaks.

    • rikyrah says:

      Maddow had a plumber on last week that said that he could get 1000 plumbers in Flint if they got the word that the pipes would be replaced

  28. Ametia says:

    Did anyone catch this last night?

  29. rikyrah says:

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    Yes, we’ve seen too much dog-whistling and not just from Trump or Republicans, but also from Sanders and Clinton.

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    1. Here’s why the “Bernie Bro” thing is key for me, one who does not support Clinton. These dudebros were a problem before Bernie’s Campaign

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    2. By “Dudebros” I don’t suggest that all are male, or that all are white, but it’s nonetheless an easily recognizable term….

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    3. I’m referring to a certain type of “activist” who cares more about being “right” and “pure” than about winning. They harm all they touch

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    4. I would actually enjoy seeing Sanders win Iowa – I want a protracted primary – but I believe the Bernie Bros have made that less likely..

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    5. The “Netroots” used to be an interesting motor for progress. Then the dudebros took over and its a cesspool…

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    6. The Sina Qua Non of a successful progressive movement is that it must be multi-racial in the US. That’s simple demographics…

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    7. But when white activists go around harassing Black Lives Matter, Michele Obama, Ta-nehisi Coates et al they force us to shun them…

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    8. This is why from the start I have said that both Sanders and Clinton campaigns must train their troops, a la Camp Obama….

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    9. People who have been trained don’t go around insulting natural allies. They persuade, not berate, and learn skills to do it…

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    10. So, dudebros, BernieBros, whatever name I use, you’re never going to get a free ride here. You are harming all you claim to support.

    AlGiordano @AlGiordano
    11. And if you don’t want to be identified as such you have two choices: A. Go get training or B. Return to hiding under white sheets.

    • eliihass says:

      I’ve always appreciated Al’s perspectives…

      But after 8 years, hard to imagine that Al doesn’t know that the First Lady’s name is spelt ‘Michelle’ and not ‘Michele’…

    • eliihass says:

      Funny how so many of the same people who had no problem with Cornel West all these years, including those who approved of him and his endorsement of Hillary as he complained about and talked down the President, are now just so offended by him and his endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

      Looks like not too much has changed and nothing was learned over the past 8 years – and it’s all right back to the dishonorable, con, slimy, gutter politics of yore…Lie, turn a blind eye, embrace blatant double standards and falsehoods, distract, feign outrage at mild transgressions inadvertently committed by the other candidate that are far less offensive than the grievous deliberate and very consciously damaging offenses committed by the establishment candidate, and disingenuously do and say whatever it takes to crown Hillary president…

    • eliihass says:

      Funny how Vernon Jordan is now presented as somehow more honorable and deserving of respect, where Cornel West isn’t, even when the truth is that they are both for all intents and purposes, hustlers. Their hustles are different, but look out first and foremost for themselves and in Vernon’s case, dance and shill for the one ‘who brung ’em’…

      I’d venture to say that Cornel West at the very least, speaks up for the poor, oppressed and the marginalized, where Vernon Jordan has always been about enriching himself and amassing influence just for himself – not much of which has been put to good use on behalf of the downtrodden – or used to advance or press for a more fair and just nation – or to speak out against unarmed, innocent black people being murdered for no reason…

  30. rikyrah says:

    Utah Republican sponsors bill declaring porn a ‘public health crisis’ — even worse than cocaine
    Tom Boggioni TOM BOGGIONI
    01 FEB 2016 AT 07:10 ET

    Living in a state that leads the nation in adult film rentals, a Utah Republican lawmaker has proposed a bill that would declare pornography a “public health crisis,” and a national epidemic.

    According to State Sen. Todd Weiler, pornography and adult films create a “sexually toxic environment,” which increases demand for prostitutes and ultimately destroys families, reports the New York Daily News.

    “I have read books and I have experts tell me pornography is more difficult to overcome than cocaine,” Weiler said, adding he wants to take on the “pornography epidemic that is harming the citizens of Utah and the nation.”

    Along with its reputation for being one of the most conservative states in the U.S., Utah also has the dubious distinction of being one of the country’s largest consumers of adult entertainment. A study by Harvard Business School professor Benjamin Edelman in 2009 demonstrated that more than 5 out of every 1,000 households in Utah were paying for porn.

    • Liza says:

      Yeah, it starts getting real today. Trump is going to win Iowa, almost a certainty. But if anyone comes from behind, as these elections proceed, looks like it might be Rubio. He appears to be the most “electable” from a GOP perspective.

      And I’m praying Sanders wins Iowa.

  31. rikyrah says:

    So yesterday, the brand new modem,for my new, expanded internet service….went completely out…

    but, this new fangled technology…


    they’re coming today to fix it…

  32. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

  33. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    On this day in 1961 four Black college students staged a sit-in at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    Excerpts from Wikipedia:

    On February 1, 1960, at 4:30pm four black students from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat down at the lunch counter inside the Woolworth store at 132 South Elm Street in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    The quartet consisted of Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and David Richmond (activist), all four had a few things in common: they were young black college students attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

    They sought to change the racist and discriminatory policies at the local Woolworth in their town of Greensboro, North Carolina. Each of the four men dreamed that one day people would no longer be discriminated against for something as simple as the color of their skin. And with that in mind, they devised a plan. The plan was simplistic, yet nonetheless effective: the four men would occupy seats at the local Woolworth, ask to be served, and when they were inevitably denied service, they would not leave. They would repeat this process day in and day out for as long as it would take. Their thinking was that, if they could disrupt the working hours and the customers enough, the damage to Woolworth profits would cause them to desegregate out of necessity (to keep the business afloat).

    The men, later known as the A&T Four or the Greensboro Four, went to Woolworth’s Store, bought toothpaste and other products from a desegregated counter at the store with no problems, and then were refused service from the segregated lunch counter when they each asked for a cup of coffee, at the same store. Following store policy, the lunch counter staff refused to serve the black men at the “whites only” counter and store manager Clarence Harris asked them to leave. However, the four freshman stayed until the store closed that night.

  34. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Good Morning Everyone.

    I love the photograph you posted, SG2!

    It captures the bond which Native Americans had/have with Mother Earth.

    • Ametia says:

      Good Morning, Yahtzee & Everyone.

      I concur. The photo is breathtaking, with a palpable connection to the sacredness of the land.

      In America these days, the land is all about profit

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