Tuesday Open Thread | Prince’s Paisley Estate Will Become a Museum

Paisley Park 8As Prince fans mourn the loss of the music legend, it has been revealed that the singer’s Paisley Park estate, where he lived, recorded music, and died, allegedly will be turned into a museum. The musician’s brother-in-law Maurice Phillips announced the news just days after the news of the artist’s death.

“Prince was always private, but would have wanted his music remembered,” Phillips told The Sun. “We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory. It would be for the fans. He was all about the fans—this would remember his music, which is his legacy.”

Prince’s collaborator and former love interest Sheila E. confirmed the news, saying that the artist had always wanted to let fans into his home, a 55,000-square-foot compound.

“He’s been gathering memorabilia and stuff from all the tours, like my drums and his motorcycle. There’s a hallway of his awards and things, which he really didn’t care about too much, but he displayed it for the fans because he knows that they would want to see it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s pictures of him all down the halls, some you’ve seen before and some never [seen]… There’s a mural on the wall with his hands out, and on one side is all the people he was influenced by and the other side is all of us who have played with him. It’s beautiful.”

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  1. If the Democratic Party can’t support black women & help elect them to office, then I’m fucking done w/ the party. Find my azz at the polls.

    • Tyren M. says:

      I’m still waiting to hear from the “Special place in hell” crew about Donna. They’ve been hella silent everywhere I’ve asked in the blogosphere.

  2. Under FBI investigation and still able to run for the highest office in the land. Wow! #WhitePrivilege is something else!

  3. The Democrats aren’t worried abt election fraud,voter suppression b/c they’re doing it to us.Voter suppression works for them too. #StayWoke

  4. Black people have ALWAYS been told…wait your turn, time isn’t right, not now. But we’re the most loyal voting block? Time we make a change.

  5. rikyrah says:

    skeptical brotha ‎@skepticalbrotha
    Every time an African American Democrat reaches for the Senate or Governorship in Maryland, the long knives come out. #MDSen #DonnaEdwards

    skeptical brotha ‎@skepticalbrotha
    203 pages into #DonnaEdwards campaign finance report, and i’ve found one member of the Congressional Black Caucus that donated: Robin Kelly.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Nashville juror’s objection on race leads to new trial
    Stacey Barchenger
    1:24 p.m. CDT April 26, 2016

    He stood up and told the judge he did not think it was right for two black men to face a jury with no black members on it.

    The juror’s words to Criminal Court Judge Cheryl Blackburn earlier this month — confirmed by attorneys and others present in the courtroom — led to the delay of a trial and brought Nashville into a growing national discussion about the diversity of juries.

    The action followed a day of jury selection in which defense lawyers accused prosecutors of eliminating potential jurors because of their race, a claim the state denied.

    Under precedent set by the U.S. Supreme Court, attorneys cannot excuse potential jurors only because of their race. The formative 1986 case also said people accused of crimes do not have a right to a jury with members of the defendant’s own race.

    But some question whether it is a true jury of peers if a person’s race is not represented.

    Ludye Wallace, president of the Nashville branch of the NAACP, was not aware of the case until contacted by The Tennessean. But he said race representation on juries was a concern and the NAACP would look into how juries are chosen in Nashville.

    “We may need to see if we can raise this issue to make sure that you don’t just remove somebody from the jury selection process based on their race, creed or religion,” he said. “You can’t do that.”

  7. rikyrah says:

    Found at BJ:

    Birdwatching While Black


  8. rikyrah says:


    It came. Thank you so very much.

  9. See how they boast and mock when they shoot our little boys down in the street like a dog?


  10. Shut the fuck up Harry Reid. We are not controlled by the establishment @Democrats. Bernie Sanders will NOT leave the race.


  11. rikyrah says:

    So much ‘ water is wet’ news in this, but it must be said. Must be pointed out.

    I have said and mean it:

    They long for the delusional world of Mad Men, where they pretend that they were big fish in a pond, when the truth is that they were fish in a pond where 90% of everyone else was shoved into sardine cans.


    When Was America Greatest?

    Margot Sanger-Katz
    APRIL 26, 2016

    Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” His supporters, it turns out, disagree on when that was.


    Other polls have asked Americans whether they prefer the past to the present. In March, Pew asked people whether life was better for people like them 50 years ago — and a majority of Republicans answered yes. Trump supporters were the most emphatic, with 75 percent saying things were better in the mid-1960s.

    Democrats, though, were less enthusiastic about the past. Forty-eight percent said life was better now than it was 50 years ago, while 17 percent of Democrats said it was the same, and only 28 percent said it was worse. Political science research suggests that Americans’ optimism can be influenced by whether their political party is in the White House.

    No, political scientists.
    Has nothing to do with who is in the White House.
    The 90% of the rest of the folks were in sardine cans 50 years ago – they are out now, and, they’re not going back.

  12. I have lost all respect for Joy Reid. The most groveling negro I have ever seen. It’s disgusting AF!


  13. rikyrah says:

    Nobody likes Rafael.




    John Cornyn: Ted Cruz Only Came To The Senate ‘To Run For President’

    Published APRIL 26, 2016, 11:58 AM EDT

    Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who has long had a contentious relationship with his Texas colleague Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), again declined to endorse Cruz’s presidential bid on Monday, and instead dissed his colleague for coming to the Capitol simply to launch a presidential bid.

    “Clearly, he didn’t come here to remain in the Senate. He came here to run for president. And I think that perhaps explains the difference in tactics,” Cornyn told Texas radio station KERA News while discussing how he differs from Cruz.

    Cornyn has so far declined to endorse a presidential candidate in the Republican primary, and he made it clear on Monday that he will not be endorsing Cruz or any of his opponents.

  14. rikyrah says:


    Never shoula happened in the first place

    DC Quickly Enacts New Rule To Allow Dancing 107-Year-Old To Get Photo ID

    Published APRIL 26, 2016, 1:52 PM EDT
    Following a Monday report in the Washington Post that Virginia McLaurin, the 107-year-old DC resident who danced with the Obamas, had been unable to obtain a new photo ID, DC has relaxed its ID requirements.

    DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on Tuesday announced a new regulation that allows residents over the age of 70 to obtain a photo ID without their birth certificate, according to the Washington Post. The regulation that adds to the list of documents accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles is effective immediately.

    Bowser and two other DC officials met with McLaurin on Tuesday to help her complete the paperwork for a new ID. She has received a temporary ID while she waits for the photo ID to come in the mail, according to the Post.

    McLaurin first made headlines in February when a video of her dancing with the Obamas at the White House went viral.

    • Ametia says:



  15. rikyrah says:

    Chaos’ In Kansas: ACLU Says Two-Thirds Voter Registrations On Hold

    ByROXANA HEGEMANPublishedAPRIL 26, 2016, 8:02 AM EDT 15081 Views
    WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Voting rolls in Kansas are in “chaos” because of the state’s proof-of-citizenship requirements, the American Civil Liberties Union has argued in a court document, noting that about two-thirds of new voter registration applications submitted during a three-week period in February are on hold.

    Kansas is fending off multiple legal challenges from voting rights activists, and just months before the state’s August primary, the status of the “dual registration” system remains unclear. Federal judges in separate voter-registration lawsuits unfolding in Kansas and Washington, D.C., could rule at any time. There’s also greater urgency because registrations typically surge during an election year.

    Kansas is one of four states, along with Georgia, Alabama and Arizona, to require documentary proof of citizenship — such as a birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers — to register to vote. Under Kansas’ challenged system, voters who registered using a federal form, which hadn’t required proof of U.S. citizenship, could only vote in federal races and not in state or local races. Kansas says it will keep the dual voting system in place for upcoming elections if the courts allow its residents to register to vote either with a federal form or at motor vehicle offices without providing proof of citizenship.


    Donna Summer invoked at Clinton rally.

  17. rikyrah says:

    The way Kelly Ripa and her PR changed the narrative to make it about respect and consideration in the workplace is hilarious.

    ᴅᴏʟʟᴀʀ ‎@callmedollar
    They’ll report it as Strahan voluntarily stepping down, but I know better. Kelly Ripa made those producers force him out to appease her.

    ᴅᴏʟʟᴀʀ ‎@callmedollar
    I really hope y’all (✊🏾) have paid attention to this entire Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa mess.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Nyssa’s goblin ‎@CNRush
    @callmedollar blowing my mind that ppl are acting like Kelly Ripa was his boss when she was just his coworker. he didn’t owe her anything.

  19. Tyren M. says:

    Good afternoon 3Chics,
    I wanted to send you some pictures of my visit to the Purple Palace. Please email suggestions. Thanks.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Damon Young, 4/26/16


    But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that there is a certain and specific type of entitlement that exists with (some) White people. It stems from an inherent belief that everything that can be seen, touched, heard, tasted, or smelled can — and should — also be accessed by them. And, it’s not just a pervasive ownership. It’s never just being a guest. Or even acknowledging the possibility that being a guest — that being somewhere that will remain unauthorized until authorization is granted — is something they can possibly be.

    And for the people who possess this belief, the very worst thing you can say to them; the one thing that goes against their every idea, thought, and action — ideas, thoughts, and actions reinforced since childhood — is “No.”

  21. Liza says:

    Not Justice & Not Enough: #TamirRice Family Gets $6M Settlement for Police Killing https://t.co/hWNw7FXHho pic.twitter.com/Ft7Q7LEt1k— Democracy Now! (@democracynow) April 26, 2016


  22. Liza says:

    Fat cats on Wall Street they got a bailout I think it was AIG$700B but my old n'hood, ain't nothing changed but me pic.twitter.com/BvbFE0q5QI— Jeanette Sandernista (@JeanetteJing) April 24, 2016


  23. rikyrah says:

    I don’t mean to be negative..

    But, is anyone else beginning to worry about the Rio Olympics?

    I don’t worry about the Athletes – they’re always taken care of…

    But, for the regular traveler going?

    I think I’d have to take a pass….than go into a country where the government’s collapsing……..Mama said follow your first mind, and my first mind says…make other plans…..

    • rikyrah says:

      I didn’t think that was real. I thought someone was playing a joke. I looked at the picture and just got so sad. She hates herself so much. That’s bad enough. But, now, she’s someone’s MOTHER. What.da.phuq. is she imparting to her child?

  24. Liza says:

    KING: Hillary Clinton camp now paying online trolls to attack anyone who disparages her online
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, April 25, 2016, 4:09 PM A A A

    David Brock, head of a Hillary Clinton Super PAC, launched Barrier Breakers — an online mob of paid trolls who attack any person who says a cross word about the presidential candidate online.

    Many moons ago, David Brock, now the head of a Hillary Clinton Super PAC, used every resource available to ruin the life of Anita Hill and anyone who supported her. He would lie, cheat, and blatantly misrepresent facts if it meant getting Clarence Thomas through the Supreme Court nomination process.

    Brock openly admitted it.

    Now, it appears Brock, who is no doubt great at what he does, is using his same old tools, but for a new cause in a new technological era.

    As head of the Correct The Record Super PAC for Hillary Clinton, David Brock has launched something called Barrier Breakers — an online mob of paid trolls designed to attack any and every person who says one cross word about Hillary Clinton on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or elsewhere.

    This isn’t a conspiracy theory. They openly spin their strategy on the Correct The Record website and state that they are putting over $1 million behind their efforts.

    All of this, of course, muddies the waters to the point of us not being quite clear who’s a crony, who’s a donor, or who’s a staffer for the Clinton campaign. So much money is exchanging hands that it is impossible to tell who’s been bought and sold.

    All of this speaks to the horrendous role Super PACs and big money play in our political system. It’s a real mess.


    • Liza says:

      So what have we here? Hillary Clinton, the Internet Troll Candidate. If elected she will turn internet trolling into an real occupation. God knows she will need an army of trolls to create the perception that she’s doing a great job for the country.

      And I’m supposed to be afraid of Donald Trump?

  25. rikyrah says:

    This jail is so troubled that prisoners are hurting themselves to get away from it

    Matt Zapotosky, Mark Berman

    13 hrs ago

    The way the Justice Department tells it, conditions at the jail in Orleans Parish, La., are so bad that inmates are hurting themselves in hopes of getting transferred. Violence has spiraled “out of control” — in just the first 11 weeks of this year, there were 114 prisoner-on-prisoner fights and 12 assaults on staff — and there are no suicide-resistant cells or other necessary safeguards for those on suicide watch.

    In one particularly egregious incident, a 61-year-old boxing instructor who never saw a mental health provider — even though an intake screening showed he probably should — hanged himself in a shower stall. He was able to lock the stall from the inside, and a nurse had to crawl under the door and remove the noose with a pair of scissors because the jail’s tool to cut down inmates did not work.

    The Orleans Parish jail system has long been troubled: In 2013, a judge ordered widespread reforms as part of a consent decree. But the Justice Department alleges now that the sheriff is not holding up his end of the bargain, and conditions in the jail are not improving. They want a judge to take the “extraordinary” step of appointing a receiver to fully take over jail operations.

    “Prisoners at the Orleans Parish Jail,” Justice Department lawyers wrote in a court filing Monday, “are in grave danger.”

    In a statement, Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman said the Justice Department’s filing “contains numerous inaccuracies and misleading statements,” and he looked forward to demonstrating in court he was “making substantial strides towards consent decree compliance.”

    “We recognize there is more work to be done but will not allow this move by the Plaintiffs to undermine the accomplishments and sacrifices of the hard working deputies and staff at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office,” the sheriff said.

  26. Liza says:

    Hillary Clinton Trolls Shut Down Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups
    Amanda Girard | April 26, 2016

    Some of the biggest pro-Bernie Sanders groups on Facebook were briefly taken down Monday evening in a targeted attack by Hillary Clinton supporters.

    The groups Bernie Sanders Activists, Bernie Believers, BERNIE OR BUST, Bernie Sanders Revolutionaries, Bay Area for Bernie, Bernie Sanders 2016 — Ideas Welcome, Bernie Sanders is my HERO, and Bernie Sanders for President 2016 were all taken down in the attack. The pages in question were reported to be down for about three hours, from 9 p.m. to midnight Monday night.

    Collectively, these groups are home to more than a quarter million Bernie Sanders supporters, and some have been in existence for nearly a year, having been launched shortly after the Vermont senator declared his intent to run for president in 2015.

    The groups were targeted by online trolls, who posted pornographic images and reported the groups to Facebook admins. Some legitimate Bernie supporters even reported seeing images containing pedophilia, according to reporting from Heavy.com.

    Erica Libenow, a Sanders supporter and member of one of the pro-Bernie groups, said, “We had what looked like a kiddie porn posted in one of our groups today. I reported that one. Seriously made me want to vomit.”

    There is at least one culprit to be found in Facebook user Casey Champagne, who bragged about taking down the pages in the pro-Hillary Clinton group BROS 4 HILLARY – #GiveEmHill — though the pro-Clinton page has now also been taken down.

    Other Hillary Clinton fans were cheering on Champagne’s trolling, encouraging him to try to take down Bernie Sanders’ official Facebook page. Another Facebook user openly admitted that her husband frequently reported pro-Sanders posts on Facebook in hopes that they would be taken down, saying his success rate was “about 50/50 on a good day.”

    Facebook user Robert Olivarez told Champagne, “You know they all can see this post?” Champagne cavalierly responded, “You know I don’t care?”


  27. rikyrah says:

    Why Donna Edwards Can’t Count on the Congressional Black Caucus
    In her fast rise, Edwards has made enemies within the CBC and the Maryland delegation. That may hurt her Senate chances.
    ALEX BROWN MAR 26, 2015

    Rep. Donna Edwards jumped into Maryland’s open Senate race last month to cheers from national progressive groups. But on Capitol Hill, insiders say she’s made more enemies than friends among two key groups that count her as a member: the Congressional Black Caucus and the Maryland House delegation.

    Some current and former CBC members and aides, none of whom were willing to speak on the record, described Edwards as ambitious and aloof, saying she’s rubbed many in the caucus the wrong way. Others noted her public stances in opposition to other Maryland Democrats—an outlier in an otherwise collegial delegation. Whether it’s from poor relationship-building or a refusal to “wait her turn” within groups that prize seniority, Edwards has ruffled feathers as she’s risen quickly through the House ranks.

    “I don’t think the CBC’s been a real priority for Donna. I don’t think she has particularly great relationships inside of the caucus,” said a former staffer for a CBC member. “I don’t think she’s going to win any popularity contests inside the CBC.”


    • Ametia says:

      This is what happens to you, Ms. Edwards when you don’t tow the Democratic Party

      KISS- ASS- LINE. Ask Nina Turner what happened to her.

      I loathe these people.

      After this year, I’m considering any allegiance to the Dem Party.

  28. rikyrah says:


    Samantha Bee ridicules Fox host’s ignorance about ‘genocidal pr*ck’ Andrew Jackson

    Arturo Garcia
    26 APR 2016 AT 00:50 ET

    Full Frontal host Samantha Bee teed off on Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade on Monday for his clumsy attempt to defend Andrew Jackson’s historical record, the Daily Beast reported.

    Kilmeade was one of several conservatives who was angered by the fact that Jackson was being moved off of the front of the $20 bill in favor of Harriet Tubman, complaining that he was “a key member of America.”

    “Hate to break it to you, Sparky,” Bee responded. “Jackson wasn’t involved in the founding of our country, because the Revolutionary War happened before Old Hickory’s pubes came in. He was not a Founding Father, he was a genocidal pr*ck who forced the relocation of nonwhites and fomented populist rebellion — kind of like a Trump with better hair.”

    Kilmeade wasn’t alone in panning the switch, Bee noted; he was joined by Republicans calling it “political correctness,” as well as racists already planning to boycott the redesigned bill and conservatives arguing that Tubman should instead get her own currency — like, for example, a $12 bill allowing Jackson to remain the face of the $20.

    “That would be something,” Bee said. “Make the black person worth exactly 3/5 of the white person’s value. Gee, why hasn’t anybody ever thought of that before? ”

  29. rikyrah says:

    This is a BIG F(*&ING DEAL.


    End forced arbitration: Big business has been exploiting consumers for too long. It’s time for regulators to crack down.

    By Sonia Gill and Amanda Werner

    04/26/16 05:28 AM EDT

    For more than a quarter century, Big Business has engaged in a stealth campaign to block consumers, employees and small businesses harmed by corporate lawbreakers from finding justice in a court of law. Buried in the fine print of countless contracts for everyday goods and services is language that bars people from holding corporations accountable in court for illegal, and sometimes dangerous, conduct. Instead, individuals are forced to take on companies in an unfair, privatized system of arbitration — a process that tilts heavily in favor of the arbitrator’s corporate benefactors.

    Within the next few weeks, regulators are set to strike back. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the U.S. Department of Education are expected to propose rules to rein in the abuses of forced arbitration, making for a growing number of federal agencies taking action against this unfettered exploitation of American consumers. The long-awaited moves are critical to protecting consumers from the worst practices by Big Business.

  30. rikyrah says:

    Um, don’t you have to actually WIN the nomination?


  31. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😊, Everyone 😎

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