Saturday Open Thread | Back Lash After Bill Clinton, Attorney General Meet

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  1. Parker went home. She blew me kisses as she left. :)

  2. rikyrah says:

    Damon Young, 6/30/16


    If anything, my biggest takeaway wasn’t the woman’s rant but a reminder of how dangerous it can be to be a live news reporter. (Something I admittedly take for granted.) Their jobs occasionally demand them to be where violent crimes just took place.

    Sometimes at night. Sometimes when the suspects still haven’t been caught. Sometimes when the community will be hostile. And it’s not like they travel with some type of security firm or secret service detail. Sometimes, when they’re on assignment, the police either haven’t arrived yet or arrived but already left and it’s just the reporter and the cameraman by themselves. Emmy Victor (and photojourno Zachary Hayes) were literally just doing their jobs; jobs that placed them in the bullseye of a recently devastated and (probably) racist woman.

    All that said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that Emmy Victor totally had a Draymond Green moment. At the 0:26 mark in the video, the remarkably professional Victor breaks for a moment with “Don’t ever” — which was totally a shortened version of “Don’t ever forget that I will totally whoop your ass if you come at me like that again” — before remembering she was on camera and can’t risk losing her job and defaulting on her student loan payments.

    You could almost see the thoughts going through her head:

    “I really, really, really want to mush this chick in her stupid fucking face, but I have a trip to Aruba planned for next month, and I can’t get fired and have all this juicing and yoga I’m doing to stunt on the gram go for naught. And I won’t be able to use my KCCI badge to get free brunch anymore either.”

    In that moment, Emmy Victor was each of us. We’re all Emmy Victor.

  3. rikyrah says:

    America is Going to Miss having an Introvert in the White House
    by David Atkins
    July 2, 2016 3:47 PM

    There is no question that Bill Clinton was guilty of a colossal error in judgment when in strolled over to have a chat with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. That the former President was attempting to make a secret arrangement regarding his wife’s email server issue seems incredibly unlikely: the two were friends, had each others’ contact information and could easily have found a less visible way to have a meddling, inappropriate conversation about the case. And while some may feel it’s within Bill Clinton’s character to attempt to massage the case with some friendly talk, that doesn’t at all seem to be the Attorney General’s style–which would help explain why the Attorney General has been far more apologetic in the wake of the incident, despite the fact that she didn’t cause the problem.

    Maybe subconsciously Bill Clinton thought a long-winded, friendly conversation with Lynch over random personal matters might grease the wheels in the way that networking types so often do–much to the discomfort of their introverted associates. Maybe he just wanted to say hello. But it was poor judgment either way. Now Lynch will feel the pressure to be harder on Hillary Clinton than she might otherwise have been simply to lessen the perception of impropriety.

    This incident provides an interesting contrast to today’s New York Times profile of President Obama. In it, the president comes across as a careful, thoughtful introvert who cannot wait to end the day’s social obligations and retreat to his quiet space alone or nearly alone, where he can focus on reading, analyzing, relaxing and writing. President Obama is famously disciplined in almost all his ways: he ran efficient and effective campaigns, has managed an eight-year presidency amazingly devoid of anything that might be considered a major personal or professional scandal by himself or his staff, he has kept his emotional composure and maintained his personal physical health all while making mostly excellent decisions as President. Americans from all political perspectives can grouse about things President Obama might have done differently, but no one can seriously question that he took the job seriously and tried to do the right thing from a studied perspective.

    Bill Clinton takes a very different approach–and while both can be effective in their own ways, there is no question that Mr. Clinton’s freewheeling, backslapping extroversion comes at a cost. Where President Obama spends his time poring over documents and crafting speeches, Bill Clinton would spend hours on the phone with associates and allies in garrulous conversations that would force his aides to scramble to figure out what he had arranged verbally the night before. Where President Obama maintains a regimen of personal discipline in all respects, Bill Clinton famously did not.

  4. rikyrah says:



    Ambassador Gaspard @patrickgaspard
    Reading “birther” story in the NY Times and wondering why there’s still a reluctance to call birther movement exactly what it was – Racism.

  5. Ametia says:

    All perfectly timed of course…

    Clinton campaign says she was interviewed by FBI about emails
    The Democratic candidate gave a voluntary interview about how she handled emails while she was secretary of state, a spokesman said.

  6. I got cupcakes for Haley, Jay & Parker. Flag cake will be ready tomorrow.


  7. Ametia says:

    Read Alice Walker’s Powerful Poem Inspired by Jesse Williams’ BET Speech

    Here it is

    2016 by Alice Walker

    Here it is
    the beauty that scares you
    -so you believe-
    to death.
    For he is certainly gorgeous
    and he is certainly where whiteness
    to your disbelief
    has not wandered off
    to die.
    No. It is there, tawny skin, gray eyes,
    a Malcolm-esque jaw. His loyal parents
    may Goddess bless them
    sitting proud and happy and no doubt
    at what they have done.
    For he is black too. And obviously
    with a soul
    made of everything.
    Try to think bigger than you ever have
    or had courage enough to do:
    that blackness is not where whiteness
    wanders off to die: but that it is
    like the dark matter
    between stars and galaxies in
    the Universe
    that ultimately
    holds it all

  8. Parker crying on picture day. That’s ok. She’s still an adorable little doll.

    Parker crying on picture day

  9. rikyrah says:

    Inside the Six Weeks Donald Trump Was a Nonstop ‘Birther
    JULY 2, 2016
    Joseph Farah, a 61-year-old author, had long labored on the fringes of political life, publishing a six-part series claiming that soybeans caused homosexuality and fretting that “cultural Marxists” were plotting to destroy the country.

    But in early 2011, he received the first of several calls from a Manhattan real estate developer who wanted to take one of his theories mainstream.

    That developer, Donald J. Trump, told Mr. Farah that he shared his suspicion that President Obama might have been born outside the United States and that he was looking for a way to prove it.

    “What can we do to get to the bottom of this?” Mr. Trump asked him. “What can we do to turn the tide?”

    Mr. Farah recalled that Mr. Trump even proposed dispatching private investigators to Hawaii, Mr. Obama’s birthplace, to resolve the debate.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone
    JULY 2, 2016

    WASHINGTON — “Are you up?”

    The emails arrive late, often after 1 a.m., tapped out on a secure BlackBerry from an email address known only to a few. The weary recipients know that once again, the boss has not yet gone to bed.

    The late-night interruptions from President Obama might be sharply worded questions about memos he has read. Sometimes they are taunts because the recipient’s sports team just lost.

    Last month it was a 12:30 a.m. email to Benjamin J. Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, and Denis R. McDonough, the White House chief of staff, telling them he had finished reworking a speechwriter’s draft of presidential remarks for later that morning. Mr. Obama had spent three hours scrawling in longhand on a yellow legal pad an angry condemnation of Donald J. Trump’s response to the attack in Orlando, Fla., and told his aides they could pick up his rewrite at the White House usher’s office when they came in for work.

    Mr. Obama calls himself a “night guy,” and as president, he has come to consider the long, solitary hours after dark as essential as his time in the Oval Office. Almost every night that he is in the White House, Mr. Obama has dinner at 6:30 with his wife and daughters and then withdraws to the Treaty Room, his private office down the hall from his bedroom on the second floor of the White House residence.

    There, his closest aides say, he spends four or five hours largely by himself.

    He works on speeches. He reads the stack of briefing papers delivered at 8 p.m. by the National Security Council staff secretary. He reads 10 letters from Americans chosen each day by his staff. “How can we allow private citizens to buy automatic weapons? They are weapons of war,” Liz O’Connor, a Connecticut middle school teacher, wrote in a letter Mr. Obama read on the night of June 13.

  11. rikyrah says:

    He so wrong for this :)

  12. rikyrah says:

    10th Anniversary of one of my favorite movies:

  13. The media need to stop excusing Bill Clinton’s bad behavior with Bill Clinton being Bill Clinton or Trump being Trump. Stop encouraging bad behavior. You don’t hear them say “Bill Cosby being Bill Cosby”. White men’s bad behavior is excusable?

  14. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😆, Everyone 😄
    Off to swim 👙and run errands. 😇

  15. Good morning, everyone. Parker is with me today. I gave her a stuffed animal and look what happened.

    Parker with stuffed puppy

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