Breaking News: Charlotte police dash cam shows moment #KeithLamontScott was shot

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28 Responses to Breaking News: Charlotte police dash cam shows moment #KeithLamontScott was shot

  1. If the officers involved in the #KeithScott murder is not arrested, there is no such thing as justice in America.

    Charlotte officer did not activate body camera until after Keith Scott had been shot


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Crucial evidence in the police shooting death of Keith Scott is not available because one of the officers failed to activate his body camera as soon as he responded to the encounter, in violation of department policy.

    The department released two videos late Saturday after four days of sometimes violent protests here over the death of Scott, who police said had a gun. Neither video is conclusive on that question.

    The grainy body camera video begins showing an officer who appears to be yelling, his weapon drawn, as he and the officer wearing the body camera stand behind Scott’s white vehicle. Next the officer with the camera can be seen striking Scott’s truck with his baton. Scott gets out of the vehicle, four shots are fired by an officer not seen on the video, and Scott falls to the ground.

    The officer recording retreats back behind the truck, then doubles back toward Scott’s dying body.

    But none of those moments in the first 30 seconds of the bodycam video have audio. All are silent, denying investigators and the public key details of what happened immediately prior to the shooting Sept. 20. That indicates the officer, who has not been identified, did not turn on the camera until after the shooting, when audio begins.

    Officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD are equipped with Axon Flex body cameras made by Taser. The city spent more than $7 million in 2015 to buy and implement the use of 1,385 of the cameras, making Charlotte the first major city in North Carolina to have body-worn cameras on all of its patrol officers. (It also bought 15 of a different model of body camera for its K9 officers).

    These cameras come with a “buffer” function. When a camera is simply turned on, it saves only the 30 seconds of soundless video filmed before an officer “activates” the camera. Audio, however, does not begin to be recorded until the moment an officer manually activates the camera.

    “When you go on duty, you turn the camera on. But when you turn the camera on it is only in the buffer mode,” explained Steve Tuttle, a spokesman for Taser. “What it’s doing is recording nothing but video. It’s recording constantly, but it’s only saving the last 30 seconds of video.”

  2. The media has forever & a day helped perpetuate the lie that black people are bad, scary & criminal by repeatedly showing black people in a bad light and not reporting fairly.

  3. rikyrah says:

    They lied. We knew they lied. They have no trust from the people. And, this is why.

  4. What’s the difference here, folks? Check the distance of the crime scene photo. That dog don’t hunt. Arrest the officers!




    • eliihass says:

      Many thanks to Tracy McLean for doing the right thing and speaking up. Refusing to be scared or intimidated into silence, while the murderous cops get away with brazenly murder yet another unarmed man minding his business.

  5. sunshine616 says:

    It seems facts are really in the eye of the beholder but truth is indesputable. You can’t manipulate truth. If what everyone says about this shooting is truth, fear shouldn’t be a part of this equation. This PD is scared of the truth and it is obvious to people who deal in the truth and not the creation of facts.


    Arrest all those officers involved in the killing of Keith Scott!

    • eliihass says:

      Isn’t it heartbreaking that sometimes it’s one of our own that sells us down the river? And only to keep his own cushy life going. Innocent murdered man and the wife, kids and extended family left to mourn him, and powerless to the corrupt machinations of the tax-payer funded uniformed murderers and those who support them, or are too afraid to challenge and expose them.

      But in the end, what is done in the dark will be exposed. They are not invincible – and they are not God.

  7. sunshine616 says:

    So who are the other officers involved in this shooting? None of the officers serving the warrant have body cams or dash cams? Hmmm??? Only the uniformed officers have video. Why were they so quick to release the name of the black officer but the other ones have no names? How about the cop who tried to bash in the window? What’s his name? What call were the uniformed cops responding to. Was it the undercover or Mrs. Scotts call? I have about a million other questions?

  8. Dallas Newton says:

    It appears that the white cop in red shot Keith Scott. I don’t think he had a gun. That may be why he was backing up in clear view of the cops, so they could see that.

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