Thursday Open Thread | Cubs Win World Series

Congratulations, Cubs!


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  1. Rikyrah and everyone

    Thank you so much for thinking of us. God bless y’all so much. We appreciate your thoughts, kind words, donations and prayers. Thank you!

  2. rikyrah says:

    uh huh
    uh huh

    Iowa cop killer Scott Michael Greene is a proud Trump supporter and boasts a sign endorsing the Donald posted on his front yard

  3. Ametia says:


  4. eliihass says:

    Ok…someone needs to come get Melissa Harris Perry… Seriously..

    This coward who crumbled and groveled to the Romneys, really thinks she can take on FLOTUS…try to insult/embarrass FLOTUS by insinuating that she’s lying..?!!

    And of all things, about being a freaking Cubs fan since she was a kid…and only because of her dad..

    Someone needs to post this video of FLOTUS from 2012 answering kids questions at Take your kids to work day …with children of White House staff..

    In 2012… Long before the Cubs looked even marginally poised to ever win anything…

    At about the 11 minute mark, a kid asks FLOTUS if she was a White Sox fan like her husband, and FLOTUS talks about being a Cubs fan…because of her dad…it was something she shared with her late father as a child, and holds onto it for sentimental reasons…she also jokingly describes hers as a ‘mixed marriage’ because of their support of opposing teams…

    A simple google search would have revealed this about FLOTUS…but the know it all professor who endlessly preaches and pays lip service to ‘sista-hood’…and is forever blathering on about the unfair treatment and demeaning of black women, has no qualms rudely questioning the historic FLOTUS’ honesty…putting her integrity on the line to score herself a brownie point…and for what? For FLOTUS simply rooting for the Cubs and sharing how her father nurtured her support of the Cubs as a child…a rather gracious move on her part especially seeing as the Cubs are owned by a big time republican donor who bet against her husband…while the Sox owners donate some to Democrats…

    The condescending and dismissive undertone inherent in Melissa’s tweet, is infuriating…

    The idea that somehow FLOTUS’ Southside upbringing boxes her into certain narrow/limited and stereotypical options, is not only insulting, but is reminiscent of the same demeaning projections and condescending assumptions most other races are quick to make of black people…

    No different really from the many instances of black folk being subjected to tired stereotypes that demean and cast them as less than…never ever given the benefit of the doubt – no matter how educated and removed from those stereotypes their own unique lived experiences…Melissa Harris Perry – she of the tiresome and overly defensive, ‘black people are not a monolith’ …and she of mixed race who has often complained of being subjected to some of those oppressive stereotypes black folks know well… to see her publicly question and trying to challenge the historic FLOTUS on her own lived life experiences – childhood memories, …insinuate that she’s somehow lying…exaggerating…fronting …and calling her out and denigrating her on social media …and about something so ridiculous…is beyond unbelievable…And to have her keep the tweet up – and only because she’s gotten more than her usual number of likes from folks always looking for ways to put down this historic FLOTUS…seriously has me furious…As if this First Lady doesn’t already have enough people looking to chip away at her …cast aspersions on her person and character ..

    It’s always bothered me that this almost 53 year old Princeton and Harvard educated First Lady is still very narrowly defined and viewed entirely through the very limited prism of her as – and consciously and unconsciously treated and dismissed as only and merely a ‘poor girl from the Southside’ – nothing more, nothing less…by folks who somehow allow others to automatically outgrow and shed and encompass the extensive and expansive sum total of the many different phases of their well-lived ..and even contrived, faked and manufactured lives — and beyond whatever initial perceived limitations they may have faced early on – or even later – in life…

    They never seem to define anyone else…or deign to apply the same limitations that only focus on the seemingly ‘lowest point’ or assumed ‘negative’ in anybody else’s life …the President for instance was raised on food stamps as a child at some point – FLOTUS was not…. but somehow, to hear it told, or to watch the various treatment and assumptions and imaginings projected on each of them… you’d think it was actually the FLOTUS who was…as folks prefer to consciously or unconsciously ascribe more of an idyllic and ‘upscale’ and ‘acceptable’ upbringing and life to her husband…perhaps subconsciously and even overtly encouraged by the immense value placed on his white relatives…

    It is only in recent days – since FLOTUS suddenly became a ‘valuable’ campaign surrogate – that she is even remotely acknowledged for her brain and ability…and even then, every effort has been made to contain and water down any admiration for her, her intellect, and her ability, by immediately identifying and giving a random speech writer credit for FLOTUS’ lived experiences and the same words and sentiments she’s long shared from her heart and spoken without notes on the campaign trail since the early days – and long before the campaign even assigned her any staff…

    I recently read a comment by one of the President’s old women ‘naughty mat’ ‘supporters’…the same ones who see the president as personally theirs… A surrogate lover/husband – and prefer to fantasize that his black wife doesn’t exist…or exists in very, very limited ways – not to be admired herself, or heaven forbid, to be praised – and especially not to be praised above him for anything at all – and that his wife never ever obscures their preferred (naked) view of him…the ones who’ll only acknowledge him…projecting all their exaggerated assumptions and imaginings upon him….but who’d rather not ever acknowledge his wife,…and if they decide to even comment on her – slickly conceal/camouflage their resentment of her, by mostly condescendingly reducing the double Ivy league educated FLOTUS to her clothes and ‘vegetable garden’… If even that…The ones who immediately get annoyed and poo-poo any talk of ‘Michelle for President’ with ‘she’s not qualified’ or ‘maybe after Hillary’ or ‘she can run for senate’ ….as if anyone really believes that if she were at all interested in politics, that the Senate isn’t for all intents and purposes, a major demotion for this brilliant, capable, insightful, and uniquely experienced historic First Lady who has fully and intimately lived, experienced, participated, witnessed sitting front seat, and deftly navigated 8 years and counting of this historic presidency…enduring unprecedented attacks on her person, and walking around for the rest of her life with a permanent target on her back…what exactly she would stand to ‘learn’ from those petty crabs in the barrel opportunists in the Senate, completely escapes me…

    The President’s supporter wrote that since the Obamas will be staying on in D.C, the double Ivy educated First Lady might perhaps make herself useful ‘helping out’ a president Hillary in the White House garden’…while POTUS goes on to do even greater things in the world …

    The insult and disrespect this historic FLOTUS has had to contend with, has not been at all only limited to racists in the republican party…the racists within the Democratic party – including some of the President’s own supporters, are as guilty – if not more so…As are some black folks …folks who are so psychologically messed up, they are not only self-loathing, but completely lacking in self-respect and self awareness…including the ones who run around pontificating about the black experience and furiously hash tagging #staywoke…all while existing with their eyes and their minds shut tight…and taking out their frustrations and jealousies on – and undermining and sabotaging other black folk …even as they jig and coon and run interference on behalf of high profile folks of other races…

  5. Ametia says:


    SON-IN-LAW writes:

    When I picked up my son up from aftercare on Friday afternoon, the woman in charge pulled me aside and informed me that she had to speak to my son about hitting folks. Apparently while all the kids were outside, (SON) got a little handsy and hit this kid a few times. I told her thank you and my son and I walked back to the car. Once we got back to the car, I asked him what happened and he said that a kid had hit him twice on the playground and he was retaliating. I told him that was no excuse and then I politely reminded him of the rules of engagement where fighting is concerned:

    No hitting unless someone hits you, then you hit them as hard as you can, and go tell the teacher what happened. No exceptions. He said he understood.

    My wife cringes when she hears me say that to (SON), but that advice is absolutely necessary in the mean streets of Pre-Kindergarten and aftercare. I’ve seen firsthand how kids around that age just hit people randomly and they keep going if they don’t get a sufficient amount of resistance. I also know that the adults in charge rarely see the kid who hits first, just the one who keeps retalitating. So I figured the best thing for (SON) to do in those situations is to retaliate, get his money’s worth with the hit(s) while doing so, and then tell the teacher: a) yes, I hit the kid b) I deserve whatever punishment you hand down, but c) he definitely hit me first. Who knows how well this will work, but I’d like to give it a try. I can’t have the aftercare and Pre-K staff thinking my son is a troublemaker.

    So this morning before I left (SON) in the classroom, we had a brief meeting by his cubby and I reminded him of the rules where hitting involved. The conversation went like this:

    Me: (whispering): So no hitting right?

    SON: (also whispering): Right daddy

    Me: And if someone hits you, what do you do?

    SON: (at the top of his lungs): HIT THEM BACK!

    Me: (still whispering): Please, whisper man. And after you hit them what do you do? LOL

    SON: (back on the whispering wagon): Tell the teacher.

    I did not know that (SON’S) teacher was within earshot, but when I turned around, she was standing over there laughing uncontrollably. I gave her the background story about what happened in aftercare, I asked her if (SON) had ever hit anyone in class (he hasn’t thank god), and asked if she was ok with the advice I had given my son. She said yes she understood but her face told a different story.

    She’ll get over it though, I can’t have my son turning into some punching bag. Once he gets a smart mouth like his dad, he won’t have to hit anymore…hopefully.
    ( Mother-in-law & grandma to (SON) I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT!)

    I 100% Concur. DON’T START NONE, WON’T BE NONE.

    • Funny thing you mentioned this. We have a problem with a high school girl hitting Haley. I just got off the phone with Haley’s school principal reporting this student for hitting and bullying a little girl. I’d like to beat the living ISH out of her but I can’t…she’s a minor. It’s outrageous a high school student hitting a little girl. I didn’t sleep well, I was so upset.

      • Ametia says:

        SG2, it starts with family. WE must protect our children. PERIOD.

        their little black bodies are under constant siege, and no way in HELL are my daughter & son-in-law going to allow folks to use their son as a punching bag to suit these bullies fancy.

        I appreciate how my grandson is being taught to protect himself. Hit those bitches back, and they’ll learn.

      • eliihass says:

        Kids can be cruel SG…and if it’s not nipped in the bud, they turn into old cowardly bullies picking on even younger kids…

        This high schooler clearly has issues…and it most probably stems from a home situation…she’s probably been bullied herself at school…is certainly struggling with any number of insecurities…and is taking it all out on Haley who must remind her of everything she (believes) she doesn’t have – and she believes Haley does…and envies her for…

        You should ask the school principal to facilitate a meeting between your family and the girl’s parents/legal guardian …it will not only shed more light on what’s going on at home with the older kid, it’ll also put her on notice that Haley’s family is aware of what she’s doing…and that it will no longer be tolerated…

        You might actually end up changing this kid for the better…and you might also glean the root cause of the problem by meeting and observing her family…and her interaction with them…who knows, what you’ll find…

      • rikyrah says:


        DA HAIL?

      • Rikyrah, my blood was boiling.

    • eliihass says:


      The kid also has your blood running in his veins Ametia…so, he’ll be sweet and kind and caring and fun…but he’s not going to let anyone punk him either..

      • Ametia says:

        True that, eliihass. Thank you! He’s all of this and then some.

        My grandson does not suffer fools lightly. And the day he told his mother to use her words, when she responded to a question he asked her with “UH HUH,” that was the day I truly knew this boy came back this lifetime to play the game for REAL.


    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      True. If an individual does not stand up to a bully, that individual becomes a victim facing more abuse. = self defense

      Good advice of your son-in-law to your grandson which also included telling the teacher afterward and facing the punishment. Message is that fighting is wrong, but the punishment is worth it if you can end the abuse of the bully.

  6. racerrodig says:

    Game 7…….a lead… tied again…….dramatic comeback. Couldn’t get any better.

  7. Ametia says:

    BWA HA HA HA Where are you, SG2? Did you see Bey on the CMA?

    Beyoncé performed ‘Daddy Lessons’ at the CMA Awards as we pulled out our cowboy hats & boots

    • I sure did. Dixie Chicks! That’s what I’m talking bout!

    • sunshine616 says:

      Watched it loved it then the CMA erased Beyoncé from website and social media due to this country’s racist ilk. Good job being inclusive CMA after once again being a white entity that used a black body to put more money in your pocket. CMA is racist vile disgusting and the most in American thing I have ever witnessed. Not to mention it took an auditorium full of mediocre performers to even bring the amount of ratings that a 2 minute song from the Queen got.

      • Ametia says:

        Ain’t that some shit! Typical of these mofos to use the BLACK to collect the GREEN.

        $$$$$=It’s truly the only language these folks understand.

        One would think Beyoncé went in with her eyes wide open. Try as they might, they can never ERASE QUEEN BEYONCE.

      • Ametia says:

        Also too, typical of white supremacy to co-opt, erase, redefine, white-wash, etc., etc., etc.

        MEMO TO CMA

        Some Black folks are some COUNTRY ASS PEOPLES. LOL I was raised in the country on a farm. What I wear, listen to watch, dance to is my business.


  8. rikyrah says:

    I learned baseball from both of my parents. Two of my mother’s favorite words were Spring Training. Not only would they have loved the series, but as an individual game. …could you get more drama? It was the essence of why they loved baseball. Love you, Mama and Daddy. 😢😢

  9. rikyrah says:

    I never thought that I would write these words:
    The World Champions Chicago Cubs 😄😊😄😊😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning 😌,Everyone 😍

  11. Good morning everyone. May the sun shine in your part of the world even if it’still raining.

  12. vitaminlover says:

    I am so glad for them! Hoooorrrraaaayyyy!!!!

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