Thursday Open Thread

Just having fun today. It’s been a draining race, just wanted something fun and upbeat today

I subscribe to this channel. I think Elle is adorable.

ICYMI Solange on SNL. She has really come into her own.

And, my latest guilty pleasure on Netflix: The Crown.

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  1. eliihass says:

    Well there you have it…

    For those who were praising and co-signing the likes of Ana Navarro and that greedy. malicious, self-loathing, spiteful, nutty-still Ted Cruz circa pre-Trump Glenn Beck loving, opportunistic louse, GOP useful black idiot Tara Setmayer…

    Well, the useful GOP black idiot is back doing what she does best…hating the Obamas…and blaming them for the damage the repugnant party that’s paying for her foul mouth and her ugly soul has done to our country and union..

    • eliihass says:

      They’re all so pathetic…desperate to keep spinning to confuse and bamboozle to absolve themselves and their racist relatives …and to distract from the havoc they’ve wrought..

      Even Joe Scarborough…world-class slimy, narcissistic racist a-hole…all red-faced and just about to burst an artery yelling the same ‘how dare you…it wasn’t racism’ crap…even as his multiple confederate flags are boldly peeking out from under his desperate to be accepted by the ‘cool’ east coast ‘progressive’ elite wannabe east coast preppy attire..

  2. Liza says:

    Trump Cabinet Shortlist: Christie, Giuliani, Sessions & Gingrich

    As Donald Trump heads to the White House, Trump’s aides say he’s also beginning to assemble his Cabinet. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the head of Trump’s transition team. The New York Times is reporting that likely Cabinet members include former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Steven Mnuchin, who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs. Trump’s aides say he’s also preparing to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

    • eliihass says:

      Sorry, but once again, after all these years of working for the historic POTUS, I continue to have real concerns about, and frustrations with the White House photographers and Communication team with regard to our historic FLOTUS..

      Don’t tell me that nobody taught these bloody photographers that you never take shots of your subject, mouth open in mid sentence…very basic stuff that even amateur photographers soon figure out quickly on their own…

      Photography 101…

      And you take as many snaps as possible …especially with the speeds cameras offer in this day and age…

      Hard to believe that this photograph with FLOTUS, mouth open in mid-sentence, was really the best image the ‘skilled’ photographer employed by the White House, could muster …and the singular image the White House chose to release..

      Peruse the historic FLOTUS’ Instagram page and you quickly notice the same pattern is true…off-kilter shots from wierd and often unflattering angles …And this is from the White House and not from some random malicious paparazzi looking to push poor images and a negative narrative…

      I keep asking…who is looking out for and protecting this historic FLOTUS…

      Where is the FLOTUS’ team…her Chief of Staff…her Communications and Press aides …off doing their own thing …and everything else but what they were actually hired to do…or just not equipped or savvy enough to actually do their jobs …which is to make sure that these images which remain for posterity, as pictorial documentation, are the absolute best..

      After all these years, hard to believe that the bloody White House photographers still do such an awful job of capturing their subject…especially after having access to her for years which would give more thoughtful and excellent photographers the opportunity to study and get to understand their subject and how to capture their best shots …how ironic that to this day, the very best images of this historic FLOTUS remains to this day, the captures made by random/independent photographers who are not part of the White House team…

      It not only makes me mad…it’s extremely disconcerting …and unforgivable..

  3. Ametia says:

    Tee hee hee

    Trump to Create Jobs for Unskilled White Males

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Fulfilling a promise that was a hallmark of his campaign, President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Thursday that on Day One of his Administration he would create jobs for two unskilled white males.

    Appearing at a press conference flanked by the males, Trump assailed an economy that had left the two men behind.

    “These two guys are completely unskilled, unemployable, and angry,” Trump said, as the two males glowered at the press corps. “I, and I alone, can create jobs for people like them.”

  4. rikyrah says:

    One of my oldest friends was in town last week, and we had lunch while she was on a layover for a business trip.. She moved out of the country 6 years ago so that she and her husband could take care of his elderly mother. The mother has passed on, and she has seriously considered moving back. She asked me if I thought that Ferret Head could win, and I told her no. I haven’t contacted her since the election. I’m still too angry, and she won’t come back now, and I won’t blame her.

  5. eliihass says:

    Are my missing something here…

    Why is the media dishonestly reframing what really happened…pretending that the President and Donald Trump are somehow equally to blame for the one-sided acrimonious relationship that happened because Trump and Trump alone went on a lying rampage against the President for years…and the complicit media stood by and cheered him on…until years later when they turned on him for a minute to try to help out Hillary..

  6. Liza says:

    I'm just gonna play this clip on repeat for the next four years. #Election2016— #J20 (@Delo_Taylor) November 10, 2016


  7. Ametia says:

    LOL Where are James Carville (AKA ‘Skeletor’), old Ed Rendell, John Podesta, Donna Brazille, David Brock, and nem now?

    • eliihass says:

      Man proposes, God disposes Ametia…

      And God’s just getting started with the disruption of illicit plans..

    • eliihass says:

      I predict that by the time this is all over, Trump will be seeking out and begging the Obamas for forgiveness…and their friendship…And running as far away as possible from the weasel McConnell and slippery bug-eyed Ryan…Ryan is desperately looking for a way to set up his own 2020 presidential run…while Mike Pence is looking to inherit the presidency as soon as possible…LOL..

      If I were Trump, I’d sleep with one eye open…and I’d never leave my food or glass unattended…and it will behove him to have a food taster…especially when his fellow republicans invite him to dine with them..

  8. eliihass says:

    One keeps expecting President Obama to burst into laughter at any moment…you can tell that he’s stifling a big guffaw…like, what the hell is this…Trump..?!! Really….?!

    I’m sure they can’t believe the American people settled for Trump…oh, to be a fly on the wall in the residence at night …

    This is all too surreal …in the worst and funniest way possible…and yet the media is desperately trying to whip up excitement and make this a thing…LOL..

    You know that Trump in true leaky mouth form will be extensively (over)sharing exaggerated and lie-filled versions of this White House/DC visit before the day is over…versions of which will change as often as he needs to make any variety of points over the next years…

  9. Ametia says:
  10. eliihass says:

    The rubbish press corps is asking why they didn’t have access to the arrival and greet with FLOTUS…

    And they’re insinuating that the formal front door arrival and greet photo-op was nixed by FLOTUS …references to her recent speeches …and asking if she’s unwilling to forgive Trump…trying to spin and box FLOTUS into the angry/grudge-holding black woman narrative to fit their limited stereotypes and narrow assumptions…

    If FLOTUS did nix the photo greet, I’m really good with it…

  11. Ametia says:

    Obama Says First Meeting With Trump At White House ‘Excellent’

    Trump Calls Obama ‘A Very Good Man,’ Looks Forward To President’s ‘Counsel’
    November 10, 2016 12:45 PM

  12. eliihass says:

    Just watched the clip of President Obama and Trump and you realize that all this birther stuff was really all about Trump wanting to be pals with the Obamas and feeling rejected, went on this childish but damaging tantrum that turned into a character assassination of the historic President..

    Deep down, Trump – pre-birther and even now – would have given his right arm to be pals with or even just acknowledged by the Obamas…but in his typical childish reactionary form, went on a lie laced rampage at the first sign of what he thought was a rejection…he’d offered the White House to build the outdoor tent for one of the earlier State dinners…and her been politely turned down…left him reeling …overly fragile ego..

    Trump looked uncomfortable/nervous, small, crow-stuffed…and even slightly regretful…

    The unnecessary and long-term damage a runaway fragile ego can do when an impulsive and immature man gets carried away…and just because he felt rejected when the White House for security reasons, turned down an offer to build a tent…

  13. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Sick and demented people:

  14. Liza says:

    Private Prison Companies’ & Military Contractors’ Stocks Surge After Trump Wins

    In financial news, global markets have rebounded after plummeting upon the news of Trump’s victory. Stocks of some companies surged, including the largest private prison contractor, Corrections Corporation of America—which recently changed its name to CoreCivic—and is up 43 percent since Trump’s victory. GEO Group, another private prison contractor, is up 21 percent. The Intercept reports stocks also surged for many military contractors, including Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

  15. Liza says:

    “Not My President”: Tens of Thousands Nationwide Protest Trump’s Election

    Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the United States Wednesday to protest the election of Donald Trump, who surged to victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election. In California, at least 13 people were arrested as hundreds blocked traffic on both the 101 and the 110 freeways. Thousands more gathered at Los Angeles City Hall, where some burned a giant effigy of Donald Trump. In nearby Santa Ana, California, police fired rubber bullets and pepper spray at hundreds of protesters after the crowds took over major intersections. In Oakland, police also deployed tear gas and flashbang grenades against crowds of thousands of protesters, who blocked traffic with their bodies and by lighting fires and burning Trump piñatas. In Seattle, thousands took to the streets for a protest called by Socialist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, while in Chicago thousands rallied outside Trump Tower, where at least five people were arrested. Protests were also held in Portland, Oregon; Miami, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Richmond, Virginia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Austin, Texas; and outside the White House in Washington, D.C. In the Northeast, at least 4,000 people descended on the Boston Commons, more than 1,000 people rallied outside Philadelphia’s City Hall, and as many as 10,000 people surged through New York City’s streets and surrounded the barricaded-off Trump Tower, where Donald Trump lives. The crowd shouted “Not my president,” while workers in uniform cheered on the marchers. At least 65 people were arrested. This is one of the protesters in New York City.

    Natasha Elena: “I think it speaks to the disenfranchisement of the people that someone like him could be seen as offering anything to the masses. I mean, I think Hillary is no savior either. I think she has an imperialist track record. I think she’s a very dangerous candidate. But I think Donald Trump’s ability to mobilize perhaps latent racist thoughts is incredibly terrifying, and it’s urgent to be out here today.”

    Crowds also gathered for anti-Trump protests in Britain and the Philippines.

    • eliihass says:

      They’re all shameless …and self-loathing opportunistic greedy rats..
      Didn’t Ben Carson disown and unceremoniously discard him as his political Svengali…

      It’s going to be evil clown time at D.C high starting next year…

      Palin. Newt. Rudy Guilliani. Mary Fallin. Chris Christie. John Bolton. Pamela Bondi. Janet Brewer. Jeff Sessions as Sec of Defense….lol..God help us…

      You couldn’t make this crap up…LOL..

      It’s such a mess…and if it weren’t such a nightmare, it would be amusing…

      Every time I hear Trump and president-elect mentioned in the same sentence, I laugh and cry…it’s such a joke…and every minute I expect to wake up from this comedic nightmare…

      The repubs who were all making public tsk tsk declarations and penning faux self-righteous ‘I’m appalled and disown and won’t be voting for that despicable thing’ op-eds are all suddenly lining up auditioning for a position in the admin for the thing…even that self-loathing, cockeyed shameless spawn of Dick Cheney Ron Christie who only just last week was making a big to do about how ‘despicable’ the thing is, and how he would not be voting for him…was eagerly auditioning to fill the desperately needed black face in the racist thing’s admin..

      By the time this is over, the streets of D. C will be littered with the carcasses of so many of the Orange thing and so many of these evil clowns…dueling for a spot next to the thing and backstabbing and doing in each other..there is no honor between thieves…

      I’ve always contended that God has a sense of humor…with the benefit of knowing how it all ends even before it begins…and by the time this is all over, we will all understand why He’s allowed this to play out the way it has – since the primaries…and before..

      Bottom line is you can’t outwit God…and in the end, he’ll remind everyone who’s in charge…and he’ll often do it in the most unusual and unexpected ways…

      E.g inevitable Hillary gets the popular votes but loses..Trump gets the electoral college..and loses…in the end..

      Trump et al are all up for the biggest shock of their lives…and we all get to have a front row to his and all their undoing..

      For what it’s worth, I’m glad Trump was denied a front door arrival and photo op with our historic and magnificent First Couple…

      • Liza says:

        I’m trying to figure out where I am with this. On Tuesday night I suppose all of us were just watching in horror as Trump was leading in key battleground states and then blue states. I developed a migraine and couldn’t sleep.

        The next day, yesterday, I just felt this terrible fear all morning. I wrote my rant and then I was mostly angry.

        Today I’m still angry. But I have to say that most of my anger is directed toward the Democratic “leadership” and their determination that the nominee had to be Hillary. I’m angry that they are so insulated from the real world that they couldn’t see that her train left the station without her in 2008. I’m angry that they are beholden to the House of Clinton at the expense of the entire country.

        Certainly we have to analyze election outcomes and try to understand what happened especially when the outcome is as dire as this. But any analysis that overlooks or glosses over what the Democrats have done to us is incomplete. And we’re already seeing some of these die hard Democrats attempting to assign blame elsewhere.

        Also, until there is new leadership in the Democratic party and some of these fossils are put out to pasture, how can we look to them for the way forward?

        Trump will most definitely stock Washington with the worst of the worst. Who else would work for him? And I see terrible things happening. Scalia clones appointed to the Supreme Court, the decimation of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, attempts to repeal the ACA and dismantle healthcare reforms, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy that increase the deficit because they do not create jobs, and God knows what they will try to do to Social Security and Medicare. The list goes on and on.

        Honestly, I can’t even comprehend it all right now. I didn’t believe this would happen and I am totally unprepared.

      • Ametia says:

        @Liza, the Democratic Party does BARE BLAME.; there’s no doubt about it.

        See lame, baggage-filled Hillary & that snake-in-the-grass DWS. Hillary couldn’t win in 2008, what made them think she could win this year? BECAUSE IT’S HER TURN!

        Trump & Clinton, two “DESPICABLES’ candidates.

        In the end, the white fear and entitlement ruled on both ends.

    • Ametia says:

      The “Skinnin’, grinning, buckin’, and shucking commences!

  16. eliihass says:

    And just like clockwork, the revisionism, shining up and elevation of Trump once again, has begun…

    By the very same folks and media who just 72 hours ago were telling of the scary and despicable man …

    In much the same way they all talked up, praised, egged on and cheered Trump as he made his birther rounds for years …

    Joe Scarborough and Mika are back on as shameless best buddies and cheerleaders and turd polishers for Trump…now regaling folks with glib revelations of their intimate phone calls with Trump in the past week…while ‘Democrat’ and shameless opportunist Harold Ford is jigging and auditioning for a spot in Trump’s admin along with great minds like Sarah Palin, Jeff Sessions et al…Harold is only outdone in the jigging by Paul Ryan who thinks he can begin to audition for 2020 and play Trump on the sly…and let’s not even talk about the likes of Katy Tur who were adversaries on behalf of Hillary, but are now talking up the Trumps and their wealth and how the White House isn’t up to par for what they are used to…and reframing Melania in the most positive light…white women always looking out for their own…

    These folks are all pathetic fam…and they are exactly why our democracy is failing us…

    All I’m focused on right now is lifting up my historic POTUS and FLOTUS in prayers…praying God’s unending blessings and graces and divine favor upon them…and looking forward to them exceeding this office…and shining even greater in the world…more than ever before…and rise to even greater heights that will make the presidency pale in comparison…heights that nobody else could ever dream of…and fake and accidental ‘presidents’ like Trump could never ever even dream of or reach…and will be left distracted and forever green with envy …and permanently deflated…

  17. Eliihaas says:

    And like clockwork, the shining up, revising and elevation of Trump once again, by the very same media and folks who just 72 hours ago were all emphatically drawing the scary picture of the despicable man..

    In much the same way they endlessly feted him and praised him and cheered and egged him on as he made his birther claims for years to their cheers …

    Suddenly the unsavory stories of this questionable character have all but disappeared in favor of fawning revisionism under the guise of ‘tradition’ and ‘peaceful transfer’ of power..

    Joe Scarborough and Mika are back being Trump best buddies and defenders and turd polishers again – with glib disclosures of their shared telephone calls with Trump..
    And everyone including ‘Democrat’ and shameless opportunist Harold Ford, jigging and auditioning for a spot in a Trump administration..

    These folks are all despicable…

    And all I’m focused on right now is lifting up our historic first black POTUS and FLOTUS in unceasing prayer…and asking God’s unending blessings and divine favor upon them both…may they continue to soar even higher …and may they exceed this presidential office…and May God take them to even higher heights of greatness that no other politician or accidental ‘president’ like Trump could ever dream of..

  18. rikyrah says:

    A commenter at BJ posted something, and this was my reply.

    The primary cause of my despair Tuesday night and Wednesday until dinnertime was this: this election revealed that half of America, and well more than half of white people (of which I am one) do not believe and never believed in the ideals of our country as were taught in school. They don’t even pay it lip service. To them, America is nothing more than their personal economic situation and need to feel superior to others and they will gladly harm themselves to keep that sense of superiority

    Thus, this was always true.

    And, this is why all of you talking about being concerned about the White Working Class can kiss my ENTIRE Black Ass.

    I asked this towards the end of a couple of threads ago, and I’ll ask it here:

    What policies towards the White Working Class SPECIFICALLY should Democrats have proposed?

    What policies for the WORKING CLASS that Democrats have proposed would have worked AGAINST the White Working Class?

    I say that the policies for the Working Class would help ALL the working class – WHICH IS THE ENTIRE PROBLEM.

    The White Working Class DOESN’T WANT policies that help ALL the working class. If helps someone NOT WHITE, then how good can the policy be?

    Because, when you point out – the obviousness that GOP ECONOMIC POLICIES aren’t for the Working Class, then they bring up Jesus, abortion, gun rights, whatever shiny object that they can use to justify voting against their own economic self-interest.

    • Liza says:

      I’ve been thinking about this too.

      My sister who lives in Columbus, Ohio, called me on Monday and asked if I was getting ready to move to Canada. She believed Trump would win. l said, “Naw, can’t be, too many things have to happen and it isn’t likely that ALL of them will.” But she talked about those folks in the rust belt who lost their jobs and are voting for Trump because he has been out there telling them he’s going to get their jobs back. Something he can’t actually do because those jobs are never coming back, they’re gone.

      Well, I knew Ohio would go for Trump but I honestly didn’t expect the same thing in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and for Michigan to be so close. But in hindsight, of course, it makes sense from a demographic perspective even though the polls were telling us a different story.

      Presidential elections are won or lost for a multitude of reasons. I can accept the angry white working class in the Midwest but that is just one piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t explain Florida and North Carolina. It doesn’t explain the effects of voter suppression strategies employed by the GOP or the effects of gutting the Voting Rights Act. It doesn’t explain the effects of running an unpopular Democratic candidate who was totally inappropriate and out-of-sync with the voters and the times. It doesn’t explain the effects of any of the other local issues, for that matter, and all states have them. And it sure as hell doesn’t explain the effects of white supremacy.

      The answers are buried deep in the electorate and exit polls just scratch the surface. How many people would admit they voted for Trump because he’s a racist like them? How many folks would admit they just don’t give a damn what Trump does to people who aren’t white? There are things that you can know and quantify, and there are things that you just know but you can’t measure.

      But there is one thing that I want to say about policies for working class, specifically policies that create better jobs. The economic “system” in this country does not have a great capacity for massive re-allocations of resources. When thousands of people have been put out of work, especially in more recent times, they are mostly left to take care of themselves.

      So, we can look around at the work that needs to get done and we certainly do not see a shortage. Existing infrastructure is in horrible disrepair almost everywhere. Why does it take four months to get a doctor appointment in some places? Why aren’t we building high speed rail systems? Why aren’t we producing residential solar panels that more people can afford? We could go on and on.

      Our more enlightened politicians understand this and certainly more of them have been speaking about these needs within the framework of policy. It’s a hard sell because it requires imagination and long term investment and higher taxes on the wealthy and many things that many people just refuse to accept. And it just keeps getting later and later and we keep falling further and further behind.

      The majority of folks seem to want the quick fix. And that is understandable if you are the one who is out of work, who lost a decent paying job and now you work one at Wal-mart and another someplace else. And you don’t see much future for yourself or your family while you struggle to pay the bills. And, in truth, no one has lent you much of a helping hand because those policies that the politicians talk about are never brought to fruition on a scale that begins to address the problem. That in itself is a problem largely attributable to GOP obstruction in Congress for the last six years.

      So, is this how folks become one issue voters? Perhaps. There is some logic to it. Even if there were realistic programs for displaced workers being proposed, could those former coal miners and factory workers imagine themselves moving their families and starting a new occupations? Even so, why would they listen to Trump and vote for him? He is the worst presidential candidate ever, a racist, a misogynist, and he can’t anymore bring their jobs back than he can change the direction of the wind. Maybe all those folks heard was no TPP, no more trade agreements and that was enough.

  19. Good morning to all.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Morning, Everyone 😞😞

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